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19 Tricky Job Interview Questions In Nigeria And Best Answers

This article contains top job interview questions in Nigeria and the best answer for each.

Making it to a job interview most times is very difficult. Sometimes you must have passed different levels of screening before you will finally be invited for an interview.

Although some recruiting companies invite seeking employees straight to an interview, most times, in this situation, you will find so many people also coming for the interview. They are all looking for what you are also looking for.

The best way you can have the edge over other candidates is to have an idea of the likely questions you will be asked.

Knowing these questions, you will prepare yourself on how to answer them.

It’s great when the questions are not new to your ears – it will ease you and give you more confidence while answering them.

The most likely job interview questions are listed below, with the best to answer each of the questions

Job Interview Questions In Nigeria And Best Answers

1. How much do you know about our company?

This is one question that throws candidates off balance. If it is a popular company like a bank, an insurance firm and so on – you may have a lot to say.

The problem comes in when you know little or nothing about the company.

Once a company sends you an invitation to an interview, the next thing you should do is to visit their website and study the information they have there.

Some good points to give are:

  • What they do.
  • the year they were established,
  • the name of the founder,
  • the company’s objective and vision,
  • the CEO and some executives members,
  • the person heading the department you will work for if employed.

2. Give us a reason why we should employ you?

This is where you have to prove yourself. The kind of answer you will give here can vary depending on the kind of company, what they do, and the job you are applying for.

Your answer should not be direct; you shouldn’t just say “because I believe I am the best for the job” or “I have the best qualification” or “best experience.”

An implied answer is the best here. For instance, you can say something like, “I believe every company needs the help of their staff to achieve its goals, staff that will put the company interest first. Working for this company, I will put the interest of the company first in anything I do here if employed. I don’t mind working overtime if need be – just to make sure this company gets to the place it wants to be”.

3. What is your biggest strength?

You should know your strength, channel them to go in line with the job position. The strength that will help improve the way you will work is always the best.

Don’t list so much of them; one, two, or three is OK – depending on how the question was asked.

For instance, if you are applying for a marketing job and you are good at approaching people and starting up a conversation. That should be a good strength to will help in carrying out your job duty.

Again take good note of singular and plural to know when to give just an answer or more.

4. What is your biggest weakness?

Never say you don’t have a weakness to seem perfect. If you say you don’t have a weakness, it means either you are lying or you don’t know yourself very well.

Give them a weakness you are already trying your best to correct.

For instance, “my biggest weakness is stage fright, I used to find it very difficult to address multitudes, but over time now I have been working seriously on it, am now more relaxed and have higher confidence when talking to crowds.

5. Why did you leave your previous job?

To answer this question, make sure that your included that previous job is included in your CV, else you may be challenged.

You must be very careful here because it is a tricky question. Choose the words you alter carefully. You can’t just say that your previous employer is very annoying, or maybe he doesn’t pay a salary on time.

It is best never to say a bad thing about your previous employer. Else they will feel that someday you may also say bad things about them.

Career-related answers are the best here. You can say something like. “my previous jobs are very nice, but I quit because I need a job that is more challenging, a kind of job that will give me more exposure to pursue my career objective.”

Please note that if you were sacked from your previous job, it is advisable not to mention that, else there is a cogent reason and solid backup for that.

6. What is your biggest achievement in life?

job interview questions

Not everyone has really achieved big things. It’s best for your answer to be career or academically related.

If there is something great you have done in your previous job and awarded for, it should be a great achievement.

In addition to that, other achievements can be your university degree, a skill you acquired, or a big problem you have solved in society. Try to keep this very simple.

7. Where do you want to be five years from now?

This is a personal question; only you know where you wish in five years’ time. It’s good to have big dreams that are realistic.

You may even be asked how you plan to achieve it. This is why your dreams should be realistic. I don’t think this question should at all be a problem.

8. What salary do you expect from us?

If the salary was stated in the job description, then just tell them, “according to the job description, the salary is so and so, and that was my expectations before applying for the job.”

But if the salary was not stated in the job description, then you can bring in smart logic to play.

For instance, you can say something like, “I was receiving N120,000 monthly in my previous job, something better than my previous payments will be highly motivating”.

Before saying this – mind the figures you will mention and know the company’s average pay and strength.

Else they may feel they can’t afford to pay you, or maybe you won’t be satisfied with what they will offer you.

This means once you see a better offer from another company, you will leave them. Be smart.

9. What will be our company benefit if we employ you?

Answer this question by mentioning your strengths, skills, qualifications, and experience. Explain to them how you will put all these to use to help the company achieve its aim and objective.

You may also mention the objectives and visions of the company when answering this question.

10. How will you handle all your responsibilities if we employ you?

Before attending an interview, you must have to know the job position, descriptions, and responsibilities.

The main essence of this question is to know if you actually know the responsibilities of the job you applied for or if you have a better way of solving such issues.

Simple summarize the main job responsibility (not all) and then explain how you were able to tackle such in your previous job. If you have new ideas, bring them here.

If your previous job responsibilities are not related to this, then let them know your passion for such and that you are willing to learn and follow instructions in the course of your duty.

11. If your friends could describe you in one word, what would it be?

This, you must have an answer to before attending any interview. If you don’t know what to say, I suggest you start asking your friends this question now.

Definitely, you will get different answers from your friends. Pick the best answer. The answer you give may not matter much; your interviewers only want to see your approach to the question. Of course, they know one will never say something bad about yourself.

12. What would you like to know about our company?

If you have studied the company before coming for the interview, you should come up with at least one question you will ask them.

It’s best if you can ask them at least a question about the company, this means that you already know much about the company.

13. When will you start working if we give you the job now?

Never say “immediately” this will make it look as if you are desperate. Else your service is needed right away. However, this happens in rare cases.

Your answer should depend on whether you already have an employer or not. Another factor is the proximity of your stay to the company.

Remember, some people travel to another state just to attend an interview. In such a case, you may need a few days before you can start.

It’s best to be real and realistic to this question.

14. What would you do in the first few months of working for us?

To answer this question, you must understand and be grounded in the job you are applying for. You will answer the question based on job responsibilities.

15. Can you work under pressure?

Not everyone can work under pressure. But you should say “yes” or give a positive answer.

Those who can’t work under pressure end up making lots of errors if put under pressure. I believe you won’t like them to see you as such a person.

But if you know, you can’t cope a bit when working under pressure then be very honest with yourself.

16. What would you like to improve about our company?

Here since you don’t really know much about the company, you will have to be careful about what you say.

An answer similar to what I stayed below will be nice.

“Am sure there are limitations for every employee; when employed, I will know my limits and things expected of me. If I have any idea that will improve or benefit the company, I will simply take it to the management to look into.”

17. Do you have any religious convictions?

Don’t say much here. Speak little about what you believe, don’t criticize others’ beliefs, and let them know respect people’s beliefs.

18. Is there any other company you will like to work for?

Don’t answer this directly. If you say yes, that means you may have been making some efforts, and if that company invites you to join them, you will gladly drop the job they will employ you for.

A technical answer is the best here, something like, “If there is, I won’t be here.”

19. Tell me about yourself

This is a very common and simple question, but lots of people end up giving the wrong answer. Sometimes it is to learn it visually so I decided to drop this video from Youtube here.


We took our time to put this article together, we also spoke to me interviewers, and that was how we came up will these questions.

There is no guarantee that the question you will be asked will be among the ones we listed here, but knowing these questions will give you an edge on how to answer other related questions.

We wish you the best of luck and a successful interview.

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