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How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Whether you have a business you’re doing, or you’re planning to develop one, there’s no way you won’t have to consider how to market your products or services.

Instagram can help you take care of the marketing aspect of your business.

It’s for that purpose you need an Instagram business account.

Instagram business account has many great features you can tap to market your business at no cost.

All you have to do is to rightly set up your account. Instagram will do the rest of the work to make your business grow.

When Instagram first came, users were only using it for sharing personal pictures. But right now, you can use the channel for any kind of business.

Having realized this prospect, people behind Instagram upgraded the app to suit both purposes.

You can have an Instagram business account alongside your personal account without one affecting the other. That is telling you:

Don’t mix business with pleasure.

It’s highly unprofessional to publish posts that talk about your lifestyle on your business account.

Publish posts that promote your business on your business account and your lifestyle posts on your personal account.

If you stick to standard, the benefit is yours.

Steps in Creating Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account


If you don’t have an account on Instagram before, or you do and it’s not a business account, follow these steps.

1. Create a New Instagram Account

By default, all accounts on Instagram are personal. Users can decide whether to create a new account for their businesses or edit an existing account to convert it into a business account or leave it as it is only for personal use.

2. Convert Personal to Business Account

After you have successfully signed up for your account, follow these steps to convert your personal account into a business account.

Go to your profile from the home page to edit your account.

Click on edit profile. Then you have a list of actions to take to make your profile stand out as a business account.

This includes editing your Profile Photo, Name, Username, Website, Bio, Page, Category, Contact options, and so on.

  • Profile Photo

As for the profile photo, upload your business logo. Your business logo is very important. Find a graphic designer that can help you design a logo and create a brand identity for your business.

While you’re waiting for that, use any picture that depicts what your business is all about.

You can equally do better knowing brand identity tricks that can help you increase your marketing success.

  • Name

Use a unique name for your business. Any name or word that reflects your business idea will easily attract people to your business.

So whatever name you want to use, ensure it describes your business.

  • Username

Your username stands for your IG handle. Make it short and unique for customers to remember it easily.

  • Website

If you have a website for your business, add the URL of the website.

Customers will use the link to trace you back to your website to see more of your business.

  • Bio

Bio can be used to describe your business, achievements, and products in just 150 characters plus space to make customers know what your business is all about.

3. Try Instagram Business

Click on Try Instagram Business to switch some business tools on your account.

Those tools are what your account needs to perform as an Instagram business account. They include business insights, promotion and enhanced profile.

Insights Tool: It tells you about how your followers engage with your business and help you with information to improve on your strategy.

Promotion Tool: This is used to make promotions regarding your business reach more people on Instagram.

Profile Tool: This tool allows you to add contact buttons to your account to enhance your customer relations services. The buttons can link to your email or phone number to make customers contact you straight from your profile.

4. Select Your Business Category

Click continue to enable you to select your business category.

You’ll see a short list of businesses. Select anyone that is closely related to your business and click next to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook business page.

Just follow the instruction and your IG handle will be connected to your Facebook page. This feature will enable you share your promotions automatically on your Facebook page.

5. Choose Contact Options

Email Address: Check your email address if it is suitable for your business, if not replace it with a suitable address.

Phone Number: Add your business phone number which customers can use to reach you from your profile.

Business Address: Add your business location to make your business so real and reliable.

After all these steps, click on the mark at the top-right of your profile to save all changes. Then your account is ready for business.

Instagram Business Account

Remember you can always come back to your profile to edit.

So, now that your Instagram business account is set, start connecting with people to follow you.

Take advantage of your phone contacts and Facebook contacts to bring more people to your Instagram business account. You have all the features on your Instagram page.

Explore all the icons at the bottom of your page to get the best of your account.

Make sure your account is engaging enough to attract people. Get all the right tools, connect your page to other social networks and share your posts on them all the time.


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