How To Set Up A New Instagram Account


Setting up an Instagram account is very easy. From a business point of view, signing up for an Instagram account doesn’t take time at all. No email or mobile phone verification is required.

Instagram gives users the option to operate either personal or business accounts.

By default, all Instagram accounts are created as personal. This post will guide you on how to create your own account without any itch.

We wrote a post that guides you on How to Create an Instagram Business Account. It focuses on how to convert your existing Instagram Account into a Business Account.

Instagram Personal and Business Accounts

With your personal account, you can post the pictures you took with your girlfriend during your last holiday in Las Vegas, no problems.

On the other hand, your business account is entirely formal. You should be careful not to compromise your business account.

Since business is all about your customers, not you. So, keep your bedroom and holiday pictures off the business scene.

As a matter of fact, it’s highly professional to separate posts related to your personal life from your business account on Instagram.

With the following steps, you can set up your new Instagram account without a compromise.

Download Instagram App

Download the Instagram app on Google Play Store which supports all devices that use the Android operating system.

instagram account app

In case your device doesn’t support android, find out. If your phone is an iPhone or Windows phone, you’ll get the app on Apple iOS or Windows app stores as appropriate.

Set up Your Account

1. Launch the app on your phone and sign up

Since you don’t have an account yet, just click on Sign up.

2. Sign up

You can sign up using your phone number or email address. In this example, we use the two methods.

First, let’s sign up using PHONE. By default, the signup page detects your country’s zip code. In this case, the country zip code is NG +234 for Nigeria.

In the column next to that, where you see “Phone”, place your cursor there and type your phone number. It must be the one connected to the phone on which you downloaded the app.

Alternatively, if you like to sign up using your email address, click on the EMAIL and put your valid email address where necessary.

Both methods will lead you to where you will enter your name and password.

3. Enter your Username and Password

Use a name suitable for your account and create a strong password you can always remember, then click next.

It will take you to a welcome page. Click next and find yourself on a page with suggested people you can follow.

4. Connect with People on Your Phone

By default, Instagram synchronizes your phone contacts with your Instagram account to help you discover every contact on your phone that is already on IG.

Scroll down on your phone, go through the list and follow anyone you like to follow. If you don’t mind following all of them, click on FOLLOW ALL.

Following anyone on IG means, you’ll see whatever the person posts on his or her account.

The moment you follow someone, whenever the person comes online, s/he’ll be notified. If the person follows back, it means, s/he’ll also receive all your posts each time you publish via your Instagram account.

Whether you take this action or not, look at the top-right of your phone and click NEXT to proceed to the next page.

5. Connect with Facebook Friends

This step allows you to connect all your Facebook friends via your Instagram account. You can take the advantage of this feature to convert your Facebook friends into your customers if the account will be converted.

6. Connect to Facebook

So, if you want to do that, click Connect to Facebook, or skip if you don’t want to connect yet.

If you connect to Facebook, you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your Facebook credentials to enable your access via your Instagram account.

Fill the form with your information and follow the instructions. It’s simple and straightforward.

7. Add Profile Photo

Click on Add a Photo to upload your picture. If you don’t have that yet, click on skip.

8. Save Login Info

Save your Login information so that next time you want to use your account, you won’t be prompted to login again. Do as the image says to enable that option. You can skip if you don’t need it.

You’ll be redirected to your account page instantly. And that makes you have your Instagram account set up.



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