How to Increase your Blog Traffic with Quora


In this article, you will learn how to Build your Blog Traffic With Quora questions and answers platform

Quora like we all know is a Question and Answer website which connects you to anything you wish to know about.

With over 100 million monthly unique visitors, one can take advantage of Quora to build his or her blog traffic with visitors from all parts of the world.

From the information, I gathered from a few people who use Quora as a traffic-building tool.

I concluded that Quora could be more effective in building blog traffic more for free, than most social networks.

With Quora, you can easily direct potential visitors who are willing to spend time navigating your blog posts.

To achieve this is quite easy, while posting an answer to any asked question in Quora, make sure the answer is of a quality post and should be comprehensive too.

Give the answer links back to your blog; you will receive a significant boost in your blog traffic in no time.

Unlike social media where old posts quickly fade away. On Quora, a question asked years ago can easily be seen via the search engine. It will be directing searchers to your Quora post, which will link people back to your website.

Steps to Generate Traffic with Quora

  1. Go to to create an account. Alternatively, you can skip the registration process and login with your Facebook or Google account.
  2. After successful registration, optimizes your biography by adding professional experience and skills of your blog niche, you may also add a link to your website on your bio. Remember your biography is what people see when they click on your profile.
  3. Select relevant categories which are related to your blog niche. Quora offers everyone hundreds of categories where they are to choose at least 10. Your Quora feed will contain questions and answers from the categories you selected.
  4. Search for questions that answer can be found in your blog post.
  5. Give a comprehensive answer to the questions with a backlink to your blog post, where you also answered the question. This part is the key to traffic generation.
  6. Make sure the contents are not the same to avoid duplicate content. Alternatively, you can make your answer incomplete, which will encourage people to link to your blog post to read the complete answer.

Take advantage of Quora; it’s more preferred and effective than most social networks and forums.

Hardly do I see Nigerians answering questions on Quora. It is the reason I decided to develop this post to expose my blog readers who are finding it difficult to built traffic to their blog.



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