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How to Make YouTube Videos Like a Pro in 2023

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform anyone would like to use because of its marketing opportunities.

If you would like to leverage YouTube and get the best of the opportunities in it, you should know how to make YouTube video on a computer or phone.

As of 2020, there are more than 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube and that makes YouTube the second largest social media in the world.

For this reason, it’s very reasonable to adopt YouTube marketing as part of your digital marketing strategies to gain an online presence.

According to YouTube, People spend over 1 billion hours watching YouTube videos on a daily basis. (YouTube, 2019)

But for one reason or the other, most marketers still find it difficult to be successful on YouTube.

YouTube might be simple to use – you go there, create a channel, and upload a video.

That’s not all if you want to be a successful YouTuber.

There are some little skills you need to acquire if you want to make money on YouTube.

You can’t just dabble into YouTube marketing, without knowing the intricacies of creating YouTube videos.

If your video didn’t get enough views, the problem isn’t with the camera or because the video was shot with a smartphone.

The problem lies in how the video was made – how the goal, idea, topic, and deliverability of the video blend to suit the audience.

Meanwhile, there are several things to consider before making a successful YouTube video.

So, knowing how to make YouTube video on a computer isn’t just to express yourself – show the world you know how to do something but find an opportunity in doing that thing.

Most businesses would like you to showcase their products and services in your videos and pay you well for it.

But how is that possible if your videos suck?

What it takes to be a successful YouTuber, however, includes your ability to deliver the kind of video that people want to watch.

And in this guide, I’m going to show you how.

Other things to expect hereof include:

  • What equipment do you need to shoot a good YouTube video?
  • How do you edit and upload a video to YouTube?
  • How do you optimize your video for discoverability?

The answers to all these questions are very simple.

So, let’s get to work.

How to make a YouTube video

Identifying the opportunities on YouTube is not enough to become a successful YouTuber.

You need to know how to make a quality YouTube video by learning some little skills and adopting some innovative strategies put together in this guide.

This is as an effort to make the opportunities in YouTube marketing find you.

So, to shoot a video that people want to watch on YouTube, take the following steps:

Identifying your goals

As a marketer, you must have a goal.

So, what is that goal you want to achieve with YouTube?

There are four certain goals achievable with YouTube marketing, which include:

  • Brand awareness – You can create a YouTube video to promote your business and how your products or services can help the audience.
  • Website traffic – You can create a YouTube video for the purpose of sending traffic to your website.
  • Conversion – You can equally make a YouTube video for generating leads and conversions when you intend to sell a product.
  • Subscribers – You can shoot a YouTube video to generate subscribers to your channel if that is your goal.

Before creating a YouTube video, you have to identify your goal and keep it abreast so you can become a successful YouTuber.

Take for instance, if your goal is to gain subscribers to your YouTube channel, while you encourage the audience to subscribe, your content too must be relevant to meet that goal.

Find a niche for your YouTube channel

One of the key strategies for creating a successful YouTube video is knowing how to choose a profitable niche for your YouTube channel.

In case, you’re new to YouTube, the first thing you need to do before making a YouTube video is to create a YouTube channel.

Carving a niche for your YouTube channel makes the business easy for you.

No doubt about that!

This strategy can help you stay focused and target the real people you’re directing your message to.

So, a YouTube channel without a niche would be full of confusion.

The clearer a channel is, the easier it becomes for the owner to attract opportunities on YouTube.

Sometimes, brands themselves are the ones looking for YouTube creators.

In their search, if they can’t really identify what your channel is all about, you leave them with no choice but to skip over you and find another marketer with a clearer niche.

You can imagine someone whose channel is meant to present sporting activities, athletes, and gear but always uploads videos about toys and kids.

What is the relationship between the channel and the content?

When someone who needs sneakers comes across the video about toys, he would leave, thinking he has missed his way to the wrong channel.

The same thing would happen to someone who needs toys if he finds out that the channel is about sneakers.

How to choose a niche for your YouTube channel

There are many simple ways to choose the best niche for your YouTube channel and these include:

  • Find out what your area of interest is.
  • Identify problems you can solve around your interest.
  • Find out about others already covering that area.
  • Use the information you obtain on your competitors to determine if the interest would profit you.
  • Assess your ability to deliver the niche.
  • Learn more about the idea to make it a perfect niche for you.

So, when you’re able to identify your niche and stick to it, targeting your audience would be easier.

This is to reconcile your channel with your content, so the right people can identify the real value in your channel or content.

Profitable YouTube video niches

In case you don’t have any idea of what profitable YouTube video niche to choose for now, consider any of the following ideas:

  1. Video blogging (vlogging) – This contains regular updates about you or happenings around you, such as news trends. Going into video blogging (vlogging), has a lot of marketing opportunities.
  2. Video game reviews – You can choose this niche too to be talking about new video games and their features.
  3. Tutorial – Coaching people in a YouTube video is a highly lucrative niche. You can focus on any field, depending on your expertise.
  4. Montage – This is a kind of video that contains images in the form of slideshows filled with nice music in the background.
  5. Pet video – You must be a pet lover to go into this niche. If you have a dog, cat or monkey, this is one of the popular YouTube video niches to get massive traffic. It covers pets and their funny and crazy behaviors.
  6. Reviews – This niche is all about other people’s products or services. If you’re into affiliate marketing, this is a good shot. It’s just like a vlog where you review nice products you’ll like your audience to consider after watching you. That is best done with a funny character role.
  7. Comedy video – If you know how to act, this niche is your best bet to make a lovely YouTube video. You don’t need to hire a professional artist. Show your friend his role in the script and get him in the play. This can be a dancing or ribs cracking comedy skit. So many people come to YouTube to watch videos like this.

Make a YouTube video from other videos

how to make a YouTube video

If all you have to create a YouTube video is just a PC, you can be making YouTube videos from other existing videos.

This niche doesn’t require buying YouTube video equipment like a camera, condenser microphone and so on.

You just have to make sure no YouTuber has made the “remix” before.

You can use any video such as old movies, cartoons or TV series for this purpose.

All you need to make a YouTube video in this manner is just a computer and the video source file.

YouTube videos, most especially the movies uploaded to YouTube in full length can be used.

See how to download YouTube videos and begin the job.

After downloading the video to your computer, launch your video editor and upload the existing video to the editor.

Then cut out the most amazing part you need and do the finishing.

This practice, according to wikiHow, is in legal limbo.

But If after uploading the “remix” video to YouTube and you run into a copyright issue, remove the video immediately.

Target the right audience

When you’re building an online presence on YouTube, remember you’re dealing with people you can’t see.

So, it’s easy to miss your target.

If your audience are meant to be college students, and your content talks about the happenings in the labour market, you’ve missed the target.

Even if workers find the content interesting, you still can’t meet your goal because you’re targeting the wrong audience.

It would be very sad to invest your energy and effort in the wrong content.

When this happens, there is no way your video content can reach the target, because it’s not possible to target the wrong audience with the wrong content and achieve your goal.

To avoid this from happening, you need to know how to target your audience with your YouTube videos.

And all it takes to target your audience on YouTube includes:

  1. Focusing on your audience’s demographics and interests;
  2. Sharing your videos on social media groups that are relevant to your audience.
  3. Retargeting your previous viewers. When you create a new video, find a means to get it across to anyone who has previously shown interest in your work.
  4. Using focus keywords in your content can also help you reach your target audience. Anytime someone makes a search query in line with your focus keywords, be rest assured your videos will be discovered.

It’s very important to know your audience and meet their needs before you can shoot a successful YouTube video.

Propose a topic for your video

Since all videos must have a topic, creating a topic for your video is another step you must observe to film a quality YouTube video.

Like I said earlier, your niche determines the kind of video you are to make.

So, having decided on your niche, then you have to make a collection of topics on issues concerning your niche and the target audience.

Assuming your niche is “YouTube marketing”, then one of the videos anyone would like to watch on your channel must be “how to make money on YouTube”.

There’re many ways to get topic ideas and some are:

  • Visit your competitors’ channels and study the best among their videos and try to work on something better.
  • You can also pick ideas from the comments that various relevant viewers are making on your competitors’ videos.

Having realized that your topic corresponds with the niche and it’s relevant to your target audience, then you would have to develop the topic into smaller topics.

A little bit of armchair or field research might be of good help.

This is to help you address all the likely questions which the audience would like to know as far as the topic is concerned.

Prepare a script for your video

how to make a YouTube video writing scripts

If you want to film a YouTube video, you need a good script for the video.

Based on your topic, your script has the blueprint of all the points you want to capture in your video.

Meanwhile, your script must have three basic sections, the introduction, body and conclusion, not excluding the character’s role, settings, plot, and the atmosphere or tone of the presentation.

When you’re not writing a movie script to win an Oscar award, you don’t have to kill yourself over this.

There is not much thing to do here than to ensure you have a program and the program is followed while shooting your video.

This will serve as a guide to organize your points and stay within the context of the subject in discussion.

Create a character for yourself

Another important step to create a high-quality YouTube video is creating a character for yourself or anyone else in the script.

This involves how you talk, how you look in your makeup, and your kind of costumes.

A character, however, is a trait with which you would like your audience to identify you in a video.

Creating a character for yourself in your YouTube videos doesn’t mean you’re not real or you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

It’s about identifying your true self and casting more attention on your personality so you could be much appreciated by the audience after watching your videos.

There’re YouTubers with very funny characters. That one thing alone can make your YouTube videos highly engaging.

Examples of YouTubers with special characters are Billy Gene and Brian Fanzo.

Billy Gene character

If you’ve watched Billy before, you’ll realize that his character is more of a comedian or an entertainer.

Meanwhile, you can’t watch his videos and say you have watched a play.


This guy is very smart.

He knows people like comedies or funny characters and uses that as a means to get the attention he needs on his campaigns.

In the image below, Billy grabs a lady’s hair with one hand and a clipper in the other,


“$25,000 to the girl who let me shave her head”.

– Billy Gene and his marketing team act funny characters in their YouTube marketing campaigns.

The scene isn’t about the girl who must be one of his team members, but how Billy grabs the viewers’ attention with those crazy characters.

Before you know what’s happening, Billy has already passed his message and he gets a lot of attention on his campaigns.

This strategy makes his videos very engaging and I’m sure he’s getting as many conversions as he deserves for being creative.

If you want to know how to make a YouTube video, you must do whatever you can to grab your viewer’s attention.

Brian Fanz character

Brian how to make a YouTube video
– Brian Fanz, the founder of iSocialFanz smiling while wearing a face cap.

Brian Fanz is another amazing character to talk about in YouTube marketing.

What I always remember about Brian is “one funny guy that likes to wear a face cap”, because you’ll hardly see him in a video without wearing a cap.

In fact, I can say his character is part of his branding strategy.

In essence, if you want to know how to create a YouTube video, developing a nice character for yourself in your video will make your audience want to watch your videos over and over again.

Prepare your YouTube video equipment

Before making a YouTube video, it’s of great importance to identify the basic tools you need to shoot a quality YouTube video, know how the tools work, how to set them up, and use them to your advantage.

If you can’t start making your YouTube videos right away, thinking you need some heavy equipment, that is not true.

According to Brain Fanzo’s baby steps to make a YouTube video, there are three standards beginners should look at while planning to start making a high-quality YouTube video.

To create YouTube videos with:

  1. A smartphone
  2. A webcam
  3. Professional gears

It would have been great to create your first YouTube video with a professional camera, but if you don’t have the means doesn’t mean creating a quality YouTube video isn’t possible.

Your phone or webcam can equally do the job with ease.

What is most important is the message you want to broadcast to the world.

What happened behind the scene isn’t the concern of the audience, but what is presented to them.

So, the viewers don’t just want to be shown what product to buy, but what the product means to them.

And with any of the three standards suggested, you can make a successful YouTube video.

Now, let’s make a list of the necessary equipment for shooting YouTube videos and see how they work.

What are YouTube video equipment?

Most of the videos that go viral on YouTube are not made by professionals. As an amateur, you can set a good record in the industry.

Meanwhile, some of the basic tools you need to shoot a quality YouTube video include:

Video camera

how to make a YouTube video video camera

You can make a good video quality with any video recording camera that you can handle well.

Your phone camera, webcam, camcorder, DSLR, or action camera can do the job.

Most professionals make use of camcorders because of their versatility and portability in handling dynamic live streaming and recording a wide range of videos.

Meanwhile, no special effects are much necessary for YouTube videos except if you want to shoot a short movie.

And for that kind of video, Sony or Cannon DSLR is a very nice brand.

I don’t have any recommendations for now.

The fact is all brands of cameras come in different grades and prices.

There are also smartphones with different camera strengths to create a very nice YouTube video and you will hardly see any difference.

Look at the image below.

phone camera how to make a YouTube video

If you would love to shoot your YouTube video with a camera, check your budget and go for whatever gadget you can afford.

Even if you can’t afford any of the cameras at all, don’t forget this guide is all about how to make a YouTube video on a computer.

Which means you still have an alternative.

As a beginner who wants to know how to make a YouTube video, you’ll need both your smartphone and computer to do the job.

Just make sure your phone has a good camera that can shoot a clean video.

Screen Recorder

Screen recorders can also be used to make a successful YouTube video on a computer.

If you know how to use screen recorders, you can create amazing on-screen videos with them. They work right from your computer screen and no camera is needed.

Screen recorders are different from screen grabbers.

The former are used to record everything that is happening on a computer screen, while the latter can only be used to take a snapshot of a page on a computer screen.

Assuming you want to film a video with your computer on “how to do something” and you want to use a screen recorder for the project, the tool will record your voice, your entire cursor movements, and how you scroll the page up and down.

There are several numbers of screen recorders that you can use to make a YouTube video on your computer.

You can use any of the best screen recorders listed below, depending on your choice.

  1. OBS Studio
  2. FlashBack Express
  3. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder
  4. Debut Video Capture
  5. ShareX
  6. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder
  7. Screencast-O-Matic

Find out more about these screen recorders.

On-camera video lights

On-camera video lighting equipment is very important if you want to shoot a YouTube video in an enclosed setting.

If you can’t improve your video light and make the audience see you clearly, why recording a YouTube video at all?

With any of these best on-camera video lights, you’ll be making a cinematic video.

– Aputure Amaran Led Lights

They’re typically LED lights with adjustable color temperatures.

I don’t have any recommendations yet. But based on Douglass Karr’s reviews, I think Aputure Amaran LED lights are great ones.

Camera tripod or phone holder

A camera tripod or phone holder is an essential gear for filming a YouTube video.

Attaching your camera or phone to a tripod can make the camera stand still at any given angle.

This is very important if you want to shoot your video by yourself and concentrate on your script like a pro.

For that reason, you can’t afford to shoot a YouTube video while holding the camera and the camera won’t be shaking.

If your hand shakes too much, the quality of the video will be affected.


You need a moderate external microphone such as a condenser, unidirectional or omnidirectional microphone.

Whether the microphone is wired or wireless, the choice is yours. Meanwhile, any lavalier microphone will be good for starters.

Based on an expert point of view, this set of microphones is the best for video recording.

If you can lay your hands on one, it will give your video a good audio quality which the mic in your phone can’t.

You don’t want to shoot a YouTube video and the audience will be straining their ears to hear what you’re saying.

So using external microphones while recording will make your YouTube video have superb audio quality.

Sound card

Most people think a sound card is needed only when you want to stream, podcast, or do a live recording.

That’s not true as sound cards have many functions.

Basically, recording a YouTube video with a sound card can help you balance your voice and add some special effects to the audio.

If your sound card comes with a mixer, you kill the audio finally.

With it, you can record and allow background music or sound on your video.

Brand theme

The theme of your video includes all the visual and audio elements you want in the background of the video.

Remember, both the camera and the mic pick up everything in the surroundings.

So, you can take advantage of this by branding your background with the kind of theme that appeals to your audience.

When you’re being watched, the audience perceives everything in your surroundings. This suggests you have to be conscious of your settings.

A room setting can be quite different from an office or studio setting.

So, while writing your video script, reflect on your topic and ensure the theme components corroborate with the tone of the video.

That can also be used in the video to pass an additional message and engage the audience.

Assuming you have a banner behind you in the video, while you are being watched, the audience can learn a few more things about the video based on what is on the banner.

The theme can be used to advertise brands. Just let it capture a little information like a logo or product image of your sponsors.

There is no major rule for making a YouTube video than to freely express yourself and be creative in handling your tools.

In your expression, ensure the video output is exactly what your kind of audience will like.

So, the truth of the matter is that the quality of a YouTube video doesn’t lie in just the camera or any other equipment, but in the deliverability of the video.

To produce an excellent YouTube video, however, you must know how to put whatever video equipment you have into use.

Many amateur videographers are making a lot of money on YouTube. What helps most YouTubers is their sense of organizing and creativity.

Nothing more.

To fit yourself in their shoes, you need to prepare very well for the show or take your time to rehearse before being on camera.

Set up your video equipment

You can’t just grab the camera or mic and begin recording a video. You need to know how to position yourself in front of the camera like a pro.

The camera and other video equipment are to be stationed strategically.

In essence, there are standards to follow if you want to know how to make a high-quality YouTube video.

And this includes how you connect the equipment altogether to get the best output.

So, let’s look at how to set up your YouTube video equipment and film a quality video.

Mount the camera or phone

The way you mount your camera or phone depends on your posture in the video that you want to make.

You can make a YouTube video while sitting or standing.

Either of the ways, you need a tripod to conveniently hold your camera for you. Some can be placed on the table or on the floor.

If you’re standing, you need to adjust your tripod till you get the best height you want to achieve with the video.

Most popular videos shot by experts don’t capture the full height of the subject. They only record from their waist up to the head.

Place the camera directly opposite to you or at any best angle and ensure it’s within the best range where your face, shoulders, and chest can be seen at the centre of the camera frame.

Set up the lights

You can’t shoot a video where there are no lights. Even if there are lights and you don’t know how to position them, the quality of the video will still be affected.

So, if you want to film an amazing YouTube video, I would suggest to you to use the standard 3-point lighting system.

The 3-point lighting system is the standard that tells you the three best positions to place your lights while recording a video.

If you’re accustomed to the flashlight, basically that’s the light that comes with the camera, which isn’t enough to shoot a high-quality video.

So, there is a need for two or more lights which are called 3-point lights.

And these are:

  1. Key light – This light is otherwise known as the primary light with 100% intensity. It can be positioned either on the right or left side of the subject at about 45 degree from the camera and 45 degree pointing down on the subject. Sometimes, you need to diffuse the key light if the shadows are too much.
  2. Fill light – This light is half the brightness of the key light. It can be placed on the subject from a side angle of about 50 – 75 degree to the camera. It can be used to reduce the shadow generated by the key light.
  3. Back light – This light is placed almost at the back of the subject so it can shine on the subject from behind with low intensity. It’s also called hair or shoulder light because it throws light at the upper parts of the subject. You have to ensure your back light doesn’t face the camera.

Look at the image below for clarifications.

– Standard 3-point lights Image: Martech

Switch on the lighting system and adjust the dimness or brightness until the lights blend and leave no shadows.

In case you don’t want to use on-camera lights in a close setting, avoid staying too close to the window or placing the camera directly opposite the window light.

The window light could be useful sometimes, but you have to ensure it’s not going to negatively affect the quality of your video.

And if the shooting is taking up in an open space, you still need to be sure the sunlight is not too much and the camera isn’t facing it.

So, a lot of creativity is needed to make the lights blend with the subject, tone, and settings of the scene.

And this isn’t much stress after mastering the skill.

Organize the theme

After setting the camera and lights, the next step to do to prepare for the video is to organize the theme, stage, and background of the scene.

The theme includes the background sound or music, images, colors, and objects you like to feature in the video.

Let the sound or music be on standby.

If you’re using a table, ensure the table isn’t cluttered. Apart from your computer or the recording gadget, no irrelevant object should be captured by the camera.

The same rule is applied to the background sound and color, no unwanted light or sound should have its way into the video.

Another thing to take note of at this stage is your costume and your background color.

If your background is white, it means you can’t wear a white costume.

Connect all the gadgets

At this stage, you need to connect your microphone, camera, or smartphone to the sound card.

If it’s streaming that you want to do, let your computer to be connected to the sound card.

If you don’t want to shoot a video only to discover after the production that the sound is not there, you need to test the audio and ensure it’s balanced.

Take your time to do all this – test runs your video recording equipment before the real shooting begins.

Start on-camera recording


Having confirmed everything is set, start recording your first YouTube video.

And while you’re recording, do all these:

  1. Be calm and make sure you follow what’s on the script to stay organized.
  2. Don’t be shy, look straight into the camera and avoid looking around.
  3. Don’t be too serious while discussing your points.
  4. Crack some jokes where necessary.
  5. Play the role of your character and be consistent with your style and gestures.
  6. Speak loudly, clearly, and directly into the microphone and amaze the audience.
  7. Be careful of what information you share in your video about yourself.
  8. When you finish recording, make sure you don’t press “Cancel” instead of “Stop” so you don’t lose the project.

Transfer your footage to your computer

The first thing to do after shooting a video is to transfer the footage from your camera or phone to a computer so you can edit the video from your computer.

There are different ways to transfer your video from one gadget to the other.

You can use an SD card, USB, or Bluetooth to transfer a project from your camera or smartphone to your computer, depending on your device.

Assuming you want to use an SD card, it means you must have inserted the card into the camera prior to the shooting so the footage can be directly saved on the card.

After copying the project to your SD card, safely remove it from the camera and reinsert it into your computer and paste the project into “my document”.

Edit your video

After filming your YouTube video, there is a need to edit and add special effects to the video before you can upload the video.

And in just a click, that can be done.

This practice allows YouTube video creators to customize the footage and add any necessary additional information to the video to make it a little bit more professional.

This is a critical stage in YouTube video creation, you have to know that.

It could be overwhelming to edit your video and achieve a certain quality as a beginner.

So, this suggests the need to undergo some practice before you can finally shoot a proper YouTube video.

There are so many YouTube video editing software which you can use for this purpose.

The good news is YouTube has a web-based video editor which is completely free for users.

YouTube’s video editor is very easy to use. With it, you can do all sorts of things on your video before uploading it to your channel.

You can access the tool right from YouTube after signing it to your channel. And Clifford Chi provides a comprehensive guide on how to use YouTube’s video editor.

There are other video editing software available for use if you need an alternative and these include:

  1. iMove (free)
  2. Shortcut (free)
  3. VSDC video editor
  4. DaVinci Resolve 15
  5. Filmora9
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  7. Final Cut Pro X
  8. Camtasia

Download any of these YouTube video editing software to your computer and upload your video to it and start editing your video the way you want.

But don’t forget, the major editing which any video needs include your efforts to:

  1. Trim the extra content at the beginning and end of the video.
  2. Cut away the unwanted parts of the video, most especially where there are mistakes.
  3. Add eye-catching titles to your video.
  4. Add transitions
  5. Adding annotations

That’s not all it requires in the post production of your YouTube video. There are other important video editing tips you must consider.

Other YouTube video editing tips

There is no limit to how far you can go about editing your video. It all depends on your creativity and you’ll need some tips.

For this reason, the following efforts are being made by the most successful YouTubers to get massive views and the results have been very great.

Add a simple intro to your video

You can add a simple video intro to prepare the audience for the video. A video intro may contain a brief introduction on how the video will benefit the audience.

This doesn’t have to be too long as the audience is curious to get into the river of knowledge which the title promises.

A simple video intro can be used for all videos on your channel, sections, or playlist, depending on how you want it.

Add a lower-third to your video

A lower-third is the short information either about the video or presenter.

You can add this on the right or left lower-third portion of the screen to capture the attention of the audience.

When you’re doing this, ensure the information is relevant to the video.

Add music to your video

Music is as powerful and much needed as the video itself to engage the audience.

When you are adding music, consider the volume of the music at the beginning, middle, and end of the video.

The volume of the music can go a bit up at the video intro since the presentation is yet to start.

Immediately the presentation starts, that’s the middle of the video, let the volume of the music go off or very low to avoid being louder than the voice of the presenter.

Then at the end, the music can go up again.

Add YouTube outro

A YouTube outro is otherwise known as the end screen or last part of a YouTube video.

This allows you to add calls to action to the last screen of your video and make the audience take an action such as subscribing to the channel or visiting your website, depending on your goal.

There are four end screen elements you can add to your video, namely:

Your other videos or playlist – This strategy is to let your audience discover your other videos right on the end screen of a video so they can find more videos to play before leaving your channel.

Subscription – You can add an end screen to your video to make the audience click through the screen and land where they can subscribe to your channel.

Channel – When you add a YouTube channel to your video end screen, it allows you to link your video to the other channel.

Link to other websites – You can use this element to link your video to other websites outside YouTube.

I’m sure, these tips can really walk you through how to make a YouTube video like a pro.

After mastering the job, you’ll realize that editing is the most interesting aspect of YouTube video production.

There’s no need to rush yourself.

Take your time to perfect the process before uploading a video to your YouTube channel.

Upload your video to YouTube

It’s very simple to upload your video to YouTube.

After you must have created your YouTube channel, visit YouTube and sign in with your Gmail account.

And when you land on your channel, just right on the page, click “Upload video”.

After clicking the button, you’ll be taken to your local computer where the edited video is saved.

Browse the file and click on it to upload it to YouTube. Meanwhile, it will take a few moments to complete the process.

Keep your eyes on the progress bar until the video completely uploads to your YouTube channel.

And lastly, don’t forget to add a very interesting title and description to the video with relevant keywords.

Select a thumbnail for the video.

Thumbnails can be found at the bottom right of the page, just click and use any of them.

When you’re done with the uploading, publish the video by clicking the Publish button which is right below the video.

Optimize your videos for SEO

And the very last thing to consider in your attempt to learn how to create a high-quality YouTube video is to optimize your video for the Google search engine.

This can also be done without any stress whatsoever.

Here, you only have a few things to do.

Ensure both the topic and description of your video contain relevant keywords.

And when you add keywords to your videos, their chances of being found among Google and YouTube search results would increase.

When someone makes a search using related search queries on YouTube or Google, this keyword strategy would make the searcher find your videos.


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