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110 Happy New Month Wishes, Messages and Quotes for SMS & WhatsApp

If you are searching for new happy month messages, happy month quotes, happy month wishes, or happy month SMS then you are at the right place.

Every new month is like a new chapter in the volume of life.

However, it is a moment that demands one through any possible medium communicate words of affection to friends, well wishers, and family.

Love believed is among the things that make life worth living. When people dear to one are not close, it is much healthy and good one leave them with an SMS letting them know how important they are, and how much their presence is.

Nevertheless, this work primarily is to dish out Happy New Month Wishes and Messages for you.

Best Happy New Month Wishes

  1. This month marks a new chapter in the volume of reality. Never give room to any fear, set your eyes on the peak. Aim for the zenith in all your pursuit. Have a blissful month.
  2. Every new day is an opportunity, every new month is however an ample opportunity. Never yield to past defeats, and never back down. I wish you reach your full potential this new month.
  3. As the moon illuminates the dark night inspiring children enjoying their hide and seek games, and a lovely moonlight tale so shall this new month be filled with joy and amazement.
  4. As the counting of the month never diminishes like a burning candle stick. This month you will achieve heights and attain victories in your endeavors. Keep your chin up for you are in for good things this month.
  5. May all your ventures this month yield a positive outcome. As your gear up like gladiators, this month shall bring you inevitable victory, goodies, and success. Never back down. Cheers!
  6. I believe this month will come with baskets of blessings for you and your family. Happy new month!
  7. Hullo! happy new month fella. I wish you the grace to overcome every challenge that comes your way this month. Cheers!
  8. Just like the eagles, you shall storm every storm that comes your way, just like the lions you shall rule over every adversary. Happy new month friend.
  9. May you attain every height that you have desired this new month. Happy new month, friend.
  10. Just as the rain waters the land and bring joy to every living thing, so shall this month bring you overwhelming blessings. Cheers friend!

Happy New Month Messages for Lovers

  1. Having you is the most amazing thing that has really happened to me. I trust that this new month will birth good news and bring you blessings. Happy new month my love.
  2. Hello, my love. Having you has brought me joy and happiness, you have illuminated my life with the light of love. I will treasure you with every bit of my life. Happy new month love.
  3. No matter the storm of life, no matter the vicissitudes of life, my love for you will never diminish. This month will bring you soaring and blessings. I love you.
  4. Being with you is always my burning desire now and forever. Nothing in this world can take your place in my heart. Have a lovely month my love
  5. I pray you are gifted with the discernment to make the right choices, the discernment to follow through in your pursuit of success, and the ability to make your dreams a reality. Have a fantastic month ahead my love.
  6. Let every stride you take be surrounded by beauty, favors, and success. Happy new month heartthrob!
  7. Screaming out loud I love you won’t be enough to express my affection for you, but I’m going to keep saying it anyway- I love you! I will continue loving you till the end of the world, no matter what life brings. Have a lovely month!
  8. May every moment of this new month count in your favor, may you be overwhelmed with the warm embrace of enthusiasm and excitement. Have a blissful and fulfilling month ahead.
  9. Hullo, my love, you are the best thing that has happened to me. Whenever I close my eyes thoughts cannot totally capture how much blessing you have been to me. May you meet good opportunities as you conquer this new month.
  10. My love for you will forever blossom, regardless of many months come and go. Happy new month love

Happy New Month Quotes

  1. Live your life as though nobody is looking at you, make each day count just as the days of the month, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.
  2. Aim for the moon, soar like the eagle in the midst of the storm. Never let past events determine your heights, never back down amid the vicissitudes of life, be spartan-hearted, and go for glory!
  3. Life is not just about self-discovery. Life is more about self-invention and reinvention.
  4. Just like the lion in the jungle, remain fearless in the midst of the tempest of life, fighting head bloody but unbowed.
  5. Never give up on all your positive life pursuits, and never lose faith in your being. Lies in you are an infinite ocean of possibility. Stay strong and keep going!
  6. Never let negative forces kill your innermost charge; for in it lies who you are and who you will eventually become in the future. Keep a positive mindset and positive atmosphere.
  7. In all your pursuits, stay bold, stay brave, and never stop breathing for by so doing you will achieve success.
  8. Gratitude is one character that empowers, heals the heart, inspires the soul, and fosters heartfelt well-being.
  9. Pleasure is the substance of those things external in us,  while joy is the emanation of that burning inside us.
  10. Life is a moving train, in the same way, we should not stagnate for any reason. Keep moving!

Inspirational New Month Messages

  1. Never downplay the strength of a man. A man is being capable of springing the impossible, he is only finished when he accepts defeat.
  2. Never let situations define you, nor do circumstances make you. However, let the burning desire of arriving at the apogee of life be all that forges you. Stand tall!
  3. When the going gets easy, check you are going down the drain. but when the going becomes tough, keep up, you are headed for the mountaintop.
  4. As important as it is we should always count our blessings, we should also know how to make our blessings count.
  5. No matter how difficult the future might look, never give up, because with persistence results are forced out. Hold on, victory is near.
  6. Gratitude is an amazing feature. It makes what is impeccable in others belong to us as well.
  7.  Success should not be measured by the amount of money one has in the bank but rather by moments filled with joy and gratitude. Pushing for your passion vigorously and tirelessly will gravitate those moments toward you.
  8. Why worry about tomorrow when it is not in your own making to create, we should bother our mind with that which is in our own power to achieve. Do not worry, it is well.
  9. You might need to fight a battle more than once to win. Never yield!
  10. It is important to live every day as if it is one’s last because we are not the creator of ourselves. We only add to what our maker has destined us to become.

Happy New Month SMS

  1. I have always known you were designed for greatness. I urge you to shoot beyond your limits this new month. Happy new month!
  2. Every new month is an opportunity to pen down another bit of you in the pages of life, and tell the world how invincible you are. I wish you the best as you continue to write an amazing tale of life this month.
  3. As this new month knocks at your door, never forget, instore for you are unforgettable adventures and incredible emotions. It’s your time to heat the peak, so do not be afraid to show your true self. Happy new month!
  4. New months comes with inevitable challenges, very tough and very fiery. However, always remember I am your friend and will always watch your back. Have a blissful month.
  5. As bright as the morning sky, as shining as the sun, and as golden as the moon, so shall this month bring illumination into your life and all your endeavors.
  6. Just as the lighting of another candle does not diminish the candle, may this new month bring you an increase in all areas of your endeavors. You shall stand tall in the face of odds.
  7. No change is as powerful as positive-self-change. I trust that this new month you will turn the leaf and all the good dreams and visions will gravitate towards you. This is your month!
  8. Just as the trees give way for the wind to pass, so shall every odd give way for you to reach that zenith of your achievement.
  9. This month I urge you to march on as a gladiator, never surrender, never retreat, and never entertain any fear for victory is your reward this month. Happy new month!
  10. Just as the fierce fiery furnace eats into dry woods, leaving only crackling sound and ashes, so shall your breakthrough be. No odd will count against you this month.

Funny New Month Messages

  1. Hullo, I listened to my friend calls his wife honey, she screamed. Guess what she told him, ‘get ready for bee stings’. Happy new month.
  2. To punish my bae I dished her leftover beans, in return she gave me breath choking farts. Keep those chin up!
  3. My wife has always told me she doesn’t fart, explaining that she grew up with that idea. However, we were in the pool cooling off, and as I reach out to give her a glass of drink I saw big bubbles of water popping off her butt. Lol!
  4. A gentle guy took his babe to an ice cream spot and asked his babe, ‘What would you like to take’? She replied him ‘anything chill’. The young man turned to the ice cream seller, ‘pls give her chill water’! Never stop smiling
  5. wearing a wig is the common trend amongst ladies. I’m beginning to think about cutting off some hair from a donkey for my sweetie. Smiles!
  6. An athlete was complaining of bone fracture but got a sudden fix after his girlfriend jumped on his back. Have a fun-filled month.
  7. Guys could buy their babe ice cream and salivate as she enjoys it. Amazingly the guy will reply, ‘I love this’. Funny love!
  8. I asked my wife sent to me by my mom to get me my tablet phone, and guess what? She got me my medication! Lol
  9.  My love, I write to tell you I love you. I can kill mosquitoes that try to bite you.
  10. I can run around the world for my love, but that doesn’t make me a cheetah! Lol

Happy New Month Messages Husband

  1. Hullo hubby, saying ‘yes’ to you is the most amazing word I have uttered in my life. Loads of love, and have a lovely month.
  2. Let this new month bless and shower you with roses. Words can not express how much a blessing you are to me. Have a lovely month my King!
  3. Among many things, all I muchly desire is that every day by you will always be a lovely one. This month will again be a period of amazing love. Happy new month
  4. Hi hubby, this new month, you shall walk on gold, wealth will gravitate toward you, and my love for you will continue to burn like fire. Happy new month.
  5. Get ready to reap a great harvest of the love you sowed in me this month. It shall be well with you. Happy new month my hubby!
  6. This month, you shall stand tall before every obstacle, you will conquer in all your battles this month. Happy new month my king!
  7. Hello hubby, this new month my love for you will burn like fire, nothing will extinguish my burning for. This love will keep us together. Happy new month.
  8. To the man of my life, I say I love you! To the man who means the world to me, I say, long live my king. May this new month bring you good tidings?
  9. I will always love you, I will treasure you, my life will always be devoted to you. Have a lovely month.
  10. Hullo hubby, I want to seize this opportunity to wish you a blessed and lovely month. I love you.

Happy New Month Messages Wife

  1. Hullo sweet wife, having you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. May this month rain roses on your face, put smiles on your face, and bring you endless joy. Happy new month.
  2. Hullo my pretty wife, I pray that this month will bring you melodies that will get you dancing and as well put smiles on your face. Happy new month.
  3. Whenever I close my eyes, I can only see your beauty radiating and illuminating every corner of my life. To you the queen of my heart, I say, happy new month.
  4. Your beauty will shine like rainbow this new month and the whole world will see your true color and how beautiful it is. May this new month add more colors to you my wife.
  5. As this month marks the month of full moon, may the love burning in us never diminish. This month will bring forth good tidings as you glow. Have a beautiful month.
  6. Let this month water your field and flourish all your endeavors. Let the singing bird sing your melodies, as you start this month my love for you will always be with you.
  7. Throughout this month, the rain will pour at your feet, the sun warmth at your back. May the guardian angel protect you from every danger. Happy new month my queen.
  8. Seeing new months and more is my desire for you. Just like silver and gold, I will treasure you, my love for you will never diminish. I want you to know, you my queen for all time. happy new month.
  9. Just as the days of this new month count, so shall you increase in your achievements. You will stand tall like the Eiffel Tower. May your beauty increase and your miles remain fresh, and never fade. Happy new month
  10. May this month of August bring you special things and bring you to special places because you are a special woman. This month will bless you.

Happy New Month Messages Boyfriend

  1. Hullo dude, you are my hero. whenever I gaze at you, I see greatness, I see a conqueror, I see my love. I love you. Have a lovely rich new month.
  2. My Prince, waking up in your arms every new month is what my heart yearns for. This new will usher in fresh breath into your endeavors, Good things will gravitate your way, and you will never stumble in your dream to become a real man.
  3. My loving prince, you are the beat of my heart. Every new month with you leaves me happy knowing that I have you. You are the hero of my life. You will overcome every challenge that comes your way.
  4. Hullo the Prince of my life, my burning desire is to spend forever with you, and every new month will give you the chance to always be the best you desire.
  5. In you, I find my peace. With you, I feel comfortable and at home. I pray the heaven on earth for you. Every new month will bring you bright opportunities. This new month will bless you.
  6. Just like every night gives way to a bright morning, so shall this month bring you to new heights my dude. This new month will usher in a new dawn in your life.
  7. Hullo prince, you have been gifted 30  days to live out your dream. I pray this new month will bring you the gift of life and longevity. Happy new month love.
  8. All thanks to gods that may be for another new month. I pray the gods keeps you in the hollow of their hands and guide you through all the perils of life.
  9. May this month bring you happiness and joy my one and only dude. May your life become even more colorful and fulfilling this new month. Cheers!
  10. This news will read as follows for you: Many Of New Times and Harvest. this is what I wish you this month.

Happy New Month Messages for my Girlfriend

  1. Hullo my pretty damsel, I want to seize this moment to implore the angels to guide and keep you as you surgeon this new month. Good things will come your way, roses shall fall on your shoulder.
  2. My lovely angel, this new month you shall blossom like a sunflower. In you I find love and peace. I love you and will forever treasure you my love. Happy new month sweetie
  3. My love for you will burn till eternity. Every new month I pray will be a refuel for our love. I can never imagine anyone else who could love me so deeply! Happy new month my love.
  4. Just as a candlelight in the dark room, you have illuminated my life. All part of my life is lit up by your love. May this month shine great light into your life my darling. Cheers sweetie!
  5. Just as a soothing kiss from you, and warmth caress through the night, so shall this new month be filled with plenty of love for you my sweetie. Cheers darling!
  6. Your love is the soul of my body. In you I will for all time abide. Just as this new month is inevitable in the volume of eternity, so shall your blessings never cease. I love you bae!
  7. No matter the vicissitudes of life, this month shall bring you new possibilities and dreams. As the river never runs dry, my love will always be for you. Happy new month darling.
  8. Hurray for a new month with you. I trust just as a plant on the riverside, so shall this month bring you greatness. Happy new month sweetheart.
  9. Like a bright morning star, you have illuminated my heart. This new month you will shine!
  10. As the rivers never run dry, so shall your ocean of love never go dry. Happy new month dear.

Happy New Month Messages for my parents

  1. To my loving parents, I pray the gods may be to grant you both longevity. This month good things will never cease to come your way. Happy new month!
  2. Thank God for my parents, thank god they accepted to be my parents. May this new month bring forth overwhelming blessings to you both. I love you both!
  3. Just as you both covered me from cold and nurtured me from cradle to adult, so shall this month bring you forth good tidings. Happy new month Dad and Mom.
  4. I will forever love you, treat you both with respect, honor you both, and treasure you both. This new month will overwhelmingly bless you.
  5. Hullo mom, I want to let you know that you are my joy of inestimable value. This new month will bless you!
  6. Daddy, thanks for your love and protection. You are forever my hero. As this month begins, you shall conquer in all.
  7. Overwhelming joy, happiness, success, lifting, good health, and the abundance of wealth will come your way this month. I love you Dad.
  8. Just like the lions in the jungle, you will king over every rough situation, like the eagle, you will soar above every stumbling stone this new month.
  9. May the good God keep you away from sorrow, pain, and suffering in this new month, and may you always find happiness and joy. Happy New Month, my beautiful mum.
  10. To my lovely parents, I say, ‘I love you both’. This new month will bring you both plenty of love and joy. I love you both. happy new month!


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