Great Blog Marketing Techniques

Blog Marketing Techniques

Blog marketing techniques are not all that difficult if you know what you are doing. However, if it is your first blog and you are just wondering how to get visitors, then you are in the right place.

The first thing you should understand in blog marketing techniques is that it requires lots of patience and consistency.

You will need to update your blog regularly if you want to keep readers coming back for more.

In this case, we all are guilty of making a blog, with a mindset of making it great, putting only one entry into it, and automatically waiting for success without going back to update it.

I’m sure at one time or the other some of us in cyberspace have done this.

Here are some blog marketing techniques to use when trying to get your blog out there and get new visitors.

Make sure there is a trackback feature on your blog – Let me open your eyes to this, When there is a trackback on your blog, you are creating the medium for others to link up with your blog.

Let’s say someone has a post to publish on their blog that is more relevant to yours. They can easily make use of trackback to your article, and send their readers to your blog for a proper understanding of what they are referring to.

Another beauty of the traceback blog marketing techniques is that when someone gives a trackback to your blog, it is a courtesy to return that to their blog if at all possible.

Having a Google account and submitting your sitemap to different search engines – Submitting the sitemap of your blog is almost a must when you are a blog marketer.

This will pave the way for Google to crawl your blog and determine how often you update your blog.

A sitemap is an excellent way for search engines to automatically know of the recent changes that may have occurred on your blog, this will make the new pages to be indexed faster and make them rank more quickly compared to those who don’t submit their sitemap.

There are specific steps to follow to send your site map on Google, and they are explained on google console. Just know this is among the essential blog marketing techniques.

Exchanging Links with blogs and websites of higher authority features – Another excellent blog marketing technique is to get the best out of your blog.

The authority sites should be in the same niche or market as your blog; this will help increase your page rank, and also improve your blog rank top in Google’s search engine.

So do regular searches to find out blogs or websites in your niche that would help you achieve this.

Check for those that are up to exchanging links, If they don’t, you can as well add them to your blogroll. You don’t need permission from the owners to do so if they are not into linking.

However, out of the millions of blogs globally, most blog owners are happy with all links and are willing to return the favor quickly.

Tracking – This is yet another aspect of excellent blog marketing techniques that can track all your visitors and clicker to know where they come from.

You will want to know what keywords they searched for each time they visit the blog and where they did the searching.

Doing this will help you get out all the necessary data to take out the guessing work in your blog marketing. You will know the right keyword to use that will work well and which will not.

Organize your blog for simplicity – Make sure all your post is in the right format to leave out any form of confusion for search engines, doing this will make all your blog post and pages nice, neat, and well organized.

The label tags are there to help you achieve this in your blogs. So you should use them because leaving them out is not a great idea.

Allowing RSS feeds for your blogs – This is also among the essential blog marketing techniques you will find. It helps your blog to go viral all over the internet and most importantly, with a link back to the blog.

This is a great way to get backlinks on your blog without any effort. People will subscribe to your blog’s RSS feeds and each time you post something new on your blog; they will be alerted with a pop-up or with an email, this remains the best way to have your viewers coming back to read from your blogs.

Blog marketing is only as difficult as you make it. Use these blog marketing techniques and get your blog out on the globe.

Helpful tips for blog marketing

Marketing your is not a hard nut to crack. You have to show some level of commitment, persistence, and be hungry for success if you want your blog to strive well.

You can’t just make a post forget it. You must keep updating your blog and marketing it to make it accessible and a place on the globe where everyone will want to read.

There are several blog marketing techniques to drive traffic to your blog. Read this article for more helpful tips.

Try to interview people and post on your blog; this is an excellent way to market it. Just be sure that those you interview are in the same niche as your blog.

Uniquely publish all interviews to make all your post relevant and informative to your viewers. Let’s say your blog market is a vacuum cleaner, and you interview the owner of Hoover vacuum cleaner, this will be important to your market.

If you hear of something new on the market regarding your blog niche, be sure that you post it on time.

Everyone loves trending news, and events, your blog readers will always appreciate you when you find useful timing information about the current activities in the market on your blog.

One thing to bear in mind when blogging about news is that the most current ones come first. Old news will bore your readers, so it is a great idea to try and stay current as possible when you are blogging on the news.

Contests are another great blog marketing techniques to market your blog effectively. Having various contests on things about your blog will be a lot of fun, and something capable of keeping your reader coming back to your blog.

Everyone loves to be a winner, especially when an award is attached. A better strategy is making your giveaways relevant to your market and the blog you are promoting.

Let’s hear your idea on blog marketing techniques and how helpful this article is to you; we will appreciate it if you drop this information using our comment box below.


Blog Marketing Techniques.

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