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How to Change Google Search Settings for Better Results

In this post, you will learn how to change Google Search Settings for better results.

Unlike most search engines, Google made their search settings easy to access and also for advanced search.

Most Internet users can’t go for a day without using Google search. Searching from the current weather forecast to top Apps, from website search to gossip search, Google has the best answers you may need, which are arranged in excellent order.

As we all can testify that Google search engine results have proved to be quite effective over-time.

By default, Google shows the top ten results per page whenever you search for any keyword or sentence; it most time includes suggestions and ads.

Also, Safe Search is turned off by default, there are situations you may want to turn on safe search.

For the basic user, this layout is convenient for them, but there are sometimes when you may need something more different, or need to effect some changes, this is where Google Search Settings (Google Search Preferences) comes to play.

Google Search Settings

This is a section of the Google Search Engine that allows you to personalize the Google search results page, according to your need.

The Google search settings have been arranged in a simple format, to effect its changes in no time.

There are several things you can change using Google Search Settings.

Before accessing the Google Search Settings, make ensure that you are logged in to your Google account to enable the settings you made to be saved to your account.

This will be effective in all your device synchronized with your Google account.

How to change Google search settings

1. Search for whatever you want to with Google, for me I will search for techorganism. Then Click on the settings icon on the top right of your browser. See image below.


3. Click on “See all Search Settings” it will take you to Google Search Settings. To turn on SafeSearch, turn on the radio button behind SafeSearch.


4. On the next page is where you will see all the settings you can make. See the screenshot below. Make your preferred settings and click on Save.

Changes in Google Search Settings

  • Safe Search Filters: To block inappropriate or explicit images from your Google Search results.
  • Results per page: The number of results per page can be adjusted between 10 and 100.
  • Search history: To receive relevant results based on your search activity.
  • Spoken answers: Here you can enable or disable Spoken Answers when you do a voice search.
  • Private results: Option to enable or disable Private Results.
  • Google Instant predictions: If you enabled this option, the instant search would show the result.
  • Where results open: Set to open results in a new browser window or not.
  • Language: Change to your preferred language for Google products.


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