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How to Access Google Maps Without Internet Connection

In this article, you will learn how to use Google Maps without an internet connection.

98 percent of people use Google Maps in real-time, without knowing that Google maps have the feature of downloading maps of any location of your choice.

In case you think this is not necessary because you always have an internet connection, what will happen if you are traveling to an unknown location, a place you are not sure of the strength of the internet connection?

A couple of years ago, I was traveling to my friend’s village, there was heavy rain that affected the network signal, and the map was unable to show me the directions.

The only option I had was to turn back to a place I could get an internet network, and I had to download the full map before I could continue my journey.

Am sure most people don’t know that they can download the map of any area and make use of it offline.

The Google Map offline project is motivated by the current low internet coverage in some parts of the world.

When availability is quite exorbitant and people are still restricted to first-hand information around the globe especially in finding directions to where they are going to.

Google Maps says you can now download an area of the world to your phone. When there is no Data Connection or sufficiency even when you are underground, Google Maps will still work.

Hitherto, you could simply view an area of the map offline, the new thing now is that you can get turn-by-turn driving directions, search for specific destinations, and find useful information about places, like hours of operation, contact information, or ratings all when offline.

How to Download Google Maps to use offline

1. Open your Google Map application on your phone and click on your Google account avatar behind the microphone, as shown in the image below.


2. On the next page, click on Offline maps, see the arrow below.


3. Next, click on SELECT YOUR OWN MAP, see the image below.


4. It will take you to a box where you will target the location you want to download. After that click on the download button just as shown in the image below.


5. You will then process of the map being downloaded. See image below


6. Once the map is done downloading, you can rename it by clicking on the three dots behind the downloaded man. all these you can do for different map locations.

Once downloaded, Google Maps will move into offline mode automatically when it recognizes you’re in a location with no data connection/connectivity at all.

When a connection is established, it will switch back online so you can easily access the full version of Maps, including live traffic conditions for your current route (an additional feature, online exclusive).

By default, Google Maps will only download areas to your device when you are on a Wi-Fi connection to prevent large data fees.


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