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Good Night Messages, Wishes and Quotes for SMS & WhatsApp

One of the amazing thing is getting a lovely text from a lovely one after a hectic day.

Goodnight message, wishes and quotes are among the beautiful things one would always appreciate after a rough day.

However, some people have neglected the importance and this has cost them there relationship.

To strengthen every cordial relationship, one needs to always remember to encourage their loved ones with lovely messages, this will help nurture more of the burning love amongst them.

Nevertheless, this work will dish out some amazing, lovely, and romantic goodnight messages.

Good Night Messages

  1. Hullo dear, I believe you had a lovely day. No matter the hectic nature of the day, I want you to know that your night will be a smooth one. Good night.
  2. Hi, you were amazing today. I am very happy I got the chance to be with you. I pray your night will be sweet and smooth. Sleep well!
  3. After a rough day, it won’t jog out of my mind to say: good night fella. Goodnight.
  4. Good night. I pray sweet dreams finds you tonight
  5. Gratitude to God for the day. I pray your night will be blissful. Sleep well.
  6. May the golden moon make your night golden as you sleep like a baby. Goodnight!
  7. As the milky way illuminates and decorates the sky at night, may your night be beautiful. Sleep tight.
  8. I pray the angels will form hedges of protection over you as you turn in for the day. Have a cool night.
  9. Just like a suckling, may your night be free from every fear. Sleep tight.
  10. Just as the night is naturally created for resting, I pray you get a good night rest. Good night.

Good Night Wishes for Her

  1. Hullo pretty, no matter how hectic your day went always whisper my name and I will be there to be your soft pillow. Sleep good!
  2. Hi the love of my life, all my prayers for you is the angels will build strong hedges over against any perils of the dark. Good night.
  3. Sweetheart, I desire as you rest your head on my legs you will have the sweetest o dreams. Sleep good
  4. Just like the soothing midnight breeze, may your night be peaceful. Kisses, sleep tight my heartthrob.
  5. I will be your melody, I will be that soothing song that will lull you into a lovely sleep. Have a lovely night rest sweetheart.
  6. Good night my pretty angel. I will sing you a song through the night, I will hold you tight. Sleep tight.
  7. Don’t be afraid of the cold night, I will always be here to keep you warm with my cuddle sweetie. Sleep good babe.
  8. No matter the distance, I will always be there to make your night warm and lovely. Sleep tight my love.
  9. Just like the warmth of the hen keep the chicks from cold, so shall I cover you from every cold of the night. Sweet dreams my love.
  10. Hullo pretty, I want to tell you never to be afraid of the night. My kisses will remove every fear and your night will be blissful. Sleep good babe.

Good Night Wishes for Him

  1. I can’t imagine anything much lovely as seeing myself in your arms through the night. Sleep tight honey.
  2. I will always be by you through the night, kissing and caressing you, until you sleep like a baby. Have a lovely night rest my prince.
  3. Hullo my prince, gratitude for making my day a lovely one. I pray God keeps you in the hollow of His hands as you go through this night.
  4. The thoughts of you gives me strength, makes me happy. You are the greatest thing that has happened. I pray your night be filled with lovely dreams.
  5. No matter the dangers through the night, I will be your guarding angel. No harm will come close to you my man. Sleep tight.
  6. Watching you sleep is the most lovely thing to do, I see your chest going up and coming down in that lovely breath leaves me happy. Sleep well my prince.
  7. Even when you are asleep, I feel protected around you. You are my Superman. Have a lovely night rest.
  8. Hi babe, you are lovely to be with. I wish to be in your arms as you sleep. Have blissful night rest.
  9. I imagine resting my head on your chest as you sleep through the night. Sleep tight my man!
  10. We have been through ups an down together, even the dark night can not separate us. Sleep tight my superhero.

Good Night Messages for Friends

  1. Hullo fella, I feel with you what the was like. I just want you to be peaceful for your night will bring to you ideas as you lay your head on that soothing pillow. Sleep well.
  2. Friend, I want to let you know that no matter how dark the night might seem, there will always be a lovely day. Have a lovely night rest.
  3. Don’t allow the stress during the day to go to bed with you. Just lay your head on your pillow and enjoy your sleep. Sleep well.
  4. I know you are worn out and heartbroken but I want to let you know it is not yet late to be who you want to be. Have a lovely night rest.
  5. Have a cool night rest dude. I don’t know more to tell you, but I urge you to keep believing. Better days are ahead.
  6. Sorry for creeping into your bed. Just felt the day will be better wrapped with a lovely goodnight to you. Sleep well fella.
  7. You have always dazzled in the face of challenges. You are such a resilient fellow. I just want to say have beautiful sleep.
  8. You have been a hearty friend, such which can hardly be found in this tough time. Have a good night rest friend.
  9. Apologies I have for quite some times taken you for a ride, I pray just you find it in your heart to forgive me. You are one great friend. Have a cool night rest.
  10. Hullo fella, as you lay your head on that subtle pillow to rest tonight, I wish all your heart yearnings will be answered. Sleep tight.

Sweet Good Night Wishes

  1. Just as the milky way makes the dark cloud bright and beautiful, so shall your dreams tonight be a lovely one. I wish you a lovely night rest.
  2. Life has been quite a big puzzle, often times we tend to get worn out pondering on certain things. I wish your pillow will grant you that subtle answer. Have a lovely night rest.
  3. Just as the night will give way for a bright morning, so shall your prayers be sought out. I wish you gold filled dreams.
  4.  I wish you get the best of inspirations that will catapult you to a level of success that will leave you a surprise and a wonder. Have a blissful night rest.
  5. I pray a million stars will light up the night sky for you just like you have lit up my whole life. My days will always begin with you and end with you! Good night!
  6. Before you lay your head on that pillow, try counting the stars. I wish your beautiful dreams will remain uncountable. Sleep tight.
  7. Just as the moon will always be golden, so you have become a golden person to me. I wish you a breezy night rest. Xoxo!
  8. I wish the breezy night will lull you into that lovely night filled with beautiful dreams. Sleep good
  9. On my pillow, your thoughts have been one thing in my head. I wish you a peaceful night rest.
  10. I wish the angels come and share a corner of your bed as you turn in for the day. Good night.

Funny Goodnight Messages

  1. The owl will not perch on your window as you turn in. Laughs!
  2. Let the crickets play you lovely songs for the night. Sleep tight.
  3. I will be coming with a candle stick to light the sky for you tonight. Sweet dreams dear.
  4. Hey, check the house and be sure a frog is not under your pillow. Funny, huh! Sweet dreams fella.
  5. I will be the only bedbug on your bed tonight. However, do not spray that insecticide. Sleep tight.
  6. Before you turn, just be sure the doors are tightly closed. Just got info the mosquitos are coming with their vuvuzela. Sleep tight.
  7. Before turning in for the day, a bedbug came in pleading to share my bed space, I screamed. Have a beautiful night rest.
  8. I want to be the only mosquito in your net tonight. Haha! Sleep tight
  9. My prayers for you tonight is that no bedbug will take the space you have always kept for me. Funny, huh! Sleep well.
  10. I can use a round of clap to kill any mosquito that tries to disturb your night, Sleep tight.

Inspiring Goodnight Messages

  1. Let the past mistakes be a lesson to learn from and let the morrow be a chance of bettering the past and the present. Sleep tight.
  2. The dark clouds of the night will shadow all your worries; the shining stars brighten your dreams. The soft moon will be a soothing balm to all the troubles of your mind. Good night.
  3. Never keep your back on the ground. No matter what burdens your heart always wake up after every night. Have a cool night rest.
  4. Never allow the demeaning words people threw at you to go to bed with you. Always know that somebody is always yearning to see you in the morning. Have a breezy night rest
  5.  The night will be longer to those who don’t believe in the hopes revealed in their dreams. The day will always be thrilling for those who believe that their dream is attainable. Sleep tight.
  6. You owe it to yourself to believe that there will always be morrow, after every night. Good night.
  7. Always fill your heart with positivity before turning in for the day. Have a pleasant night rest.
  8. Just like the ruminant animals regurgitate food, think through all that you came upon today and thank God for the blessings it came with. Have a peaceful night rest.
  9. Never forget to say thank God for seeing you through all the hassles of the day. Sleep tight
  10. May God not let any evil befall you at night. Have a cool night rest.

Good Night Quotes

  1. Whenever you go to bed, be sure you don’t wake up with yesterday’s problems. Good night
  2. Before you take off your clothes for sleep, first take off every problem from your mind. Have a good night rest.
  3. Just as the fading night, may all the burdens of your heart fade away as you see the new morning.
  4. Always pray to God for good dreams before going to bed. Have a beautiful night rest.
  5. Good dreams through the night serve as angels who usher you into a new day. Sleep well, with good dreams.
  6. The night will always serve as a bridge to a beautiful morrow for those who hope and believe. Good night.
  7. As the exhaustion of the day knocks you into your bed, I pray that the sweet dreams you had through the night be your strength as you wake into a beautiful morning. Good night.
  8. May the night be gentle and serene to you as you turn in for the day. Sleep tight.
  9. The night will always be a long journey to a bright morning. Have a good night rest.
  10. Never forget the the mercies of God will always be new every morning for those who love and trust in Him. Good night.

Good Night Text

  1. Hullo fella, May this breezy night refresh and rejuvenate you for a beautiful morning. Goodnight.
  2. As we go into the night, may the fading night erode the memories of the love we share. Sleep tight sweetie.
  3. May the night never see our end, may we always wake to see the end of the night. Sleep tight.
  4. I will always be by your side to whisper good morning into your ears. Sleep well dear.
  5. Shut your ears, shut your eyes as you go into that night filled with sweet dreams. Sleep tight darling.
  6. The thoughts of you and your melodious voice lull me into a sweet dream filled night.
  7. Good night to the most amazing human in the world.
  8. You are a human angel sent to me from God. Have a lovely night rest.
  9. I pray the night will give you beautiful comfort as you ride through this night. Sleep good.
  10. May the good God protect you as you sleep. Good night, friend.


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