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100+ Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes for SMS & WhatsApp

Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes for SMS & WhatsApp.

Ailments of many kind is one common thing in human nature. This is of course when real friends are known, for this moment demands support and care from friends and family.

However, it is important that people who battle one form of sickness or the order is shown love through any possible available means.

Visitations, calls, and short message are available way of reaching out to such embattled people, because doing so will strengthen them and give them the belief that they will someday overcome.

Nevertheless, this work will dish out good get-well-soon SMS for family, friends and well wishers.

Get Well Soon Messages

  1. Hi friend, I learned about your embattlement. I pray you come through this tough period of health challenge and hit the ground once again running your normal business.
  2. One’s health is a gateway to an ocean of possibilities. What you are fighting is a tough one and we believe you will overcome. We stand with you. Wish you a quick recovery.
  3. My greatest desire is to see you cheerful like never before. Speedy recovery
  4. It is believed that tough times never endure, but tough people do. You are such a strong man. I wish you a quick recovery.
  5. You are the toughest fellow I have ever met in my life. I strongly you will win this cancer. Get well!
  6. I know the doctor’s diagnosis is leaving little or no hope. However, I want you to be strong. you will come through unbroken. I wish you a quick recovery.
  7. Your wellbeing is my joy. I know you are battling with sickness. Of course, one thing is for sure, God will grant you miraculous healing. Get well soon.
  8. I’m delighted to hear that you are greatly recovering. I can’t wait to have you back.
  9. You have shown courage in battling this leukemia. I trust you will overcome it in no distant time. Get well.
  10. In every dark night, there will always come a morning and noon. I pray you will conquer this ailment.

Get Well Soon Wishes

  1. I wish you a great comeback after this trying challenging time. Fast recuperation.
  2. I sending you this message to let you know that my good thoughts and well wishes are with you.
  3. I will ask God in my daily prayers to grant you a speedy recovery from this ailment. I wish you a quick recovery.
  4. You will not die of any sickness; your health will bounce back. I wish you well!
  5. Never relent. I trust the doctors have sworn to give you the best. I wish you speedy recuperation.
  6. Being sick is one of the moments that characterizes human nature; however, proper routine medication will bring us back to our feet. I wish you a quick recovery.
  7. You’ve been through a whole lot on that sick bed. May the good God straighten you back to good health.
  8. I will stay with you as you recover from this ailment. I wish you well.
  9. May the good God rest his healing hands on you as you recover. Get well soon.

Romantic Get Well Soon Messages

  1. Hullo pretty. Even in this ailment, you look beautiful and unscathed. My thoughts remain with you as you recuperate evenly. Kisses!
  2. I will seat by your hospital bed and watch you; I will nurse you; I will care for you until you are 100% back on your feet.
  3. I will always kiss your forehead, I will hold your hands strongly as we go through this together. Get well sweetie
  4. I will take good care of you in this time of health struggle. I will remain beside you in my prayers; I will wait as you recover. Get well my love
  5. I feel heartbroken to hear about your diagnosis. I promise to be with you, and give you all the love you need for this recovery. Get well.
  6. A stouthearted fellow makes healing a very much easy process. Know your darling is here to fan you to victory over cancer. Get well.
  7. I pray the angels will be with you as you recover evenly. Get well dearie
  8. Hullo dearie, get well soon. I’m saving up kisses and hugs for you. I wish you a quick recovery.
  9. May the morning sunshine into your life, radiate good health all over your body. My endless love is with you as you recover.
  10. Just like the bright morning star, you will come back bright and beautiful. Kisses

Inspirational Get Well Soon Wishes

  1. Your resilience and bravery through this period of health challenge is really gladiatorial and amazing. Get well pal
  2. Your courage through the period of this medical procedure is totally unbelievable. You are brave. Get well!
  3. Never stop fighting, never quit in your battle for recovery and good health. I wish you a speedy and even recovery.
  4. Just like the lion, I believe you will devour and tear down this cancer. Never relent as you recover.
  5. You are an overcomer, you are a child of God. No ailment will displace from that which God has designed you for. Get well.
  6. I believe this ailment will not put your back on the ground. Rise from the ashes and be the person you have always been. I wish you a speedy recovery
  7. You have proven you are a fighter, one who fights head bloody but unbowed. I trust God you will win this ailment.
  8. Whatever comes as a result of the medical diagnosis I urge you to be brave and fight it head-on. Get well soon.
  9. Not all persons can withstand the doctor’s report, but you courageously did. I pray God sustains that strength in you. Get well!
  10. You are not going to die, not today, not soon, not any time close. You will conquer this sickness, you will live to grow old. I wish you a quick recovery.

Good Health Wishes

  1. I pray that your environment will bless you. No infirmity will come near you as you enjoy longevity and good life. I wish you good health.
  2. As you lead a life never compromise your health standard, I trust you will enjoy the dividends of healthy life. Long live sir.
  3. May life be fair to you, and bring you good opportunities and good people to make it rock. I wish you good life all through.
  4. I have always loved your strength and how you work hard to live beyond whatever life brings to you. I wish you a healthy life.
  5. Your positivity in the face of negative situations is lovely and amazing. You are such a strong person, of course one to learn from. I wish you healthy life all through.
  6. You have thought me that long-suffering is one of the ways of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. I will always pray for you and cherish your impact on health on me. I wish you good health.
  7. A wholesome lifestyle is the key to longevity, your life has depicted this principle even though there tend to be stumbling blocks. I wish you a good healthy life.
  8. I wish you a life of abundance, abundance in health, resources, and knowledge to navigate through this perilous life.
  9. I woke up this morning with your thoughts on my mind. Good health be upon you all the days of your life.
  10. Just as the rivers that never runs dry, you shall enjoy wholesome life. Good health be with you.

Get Well Soon Messages For Him

  1. Hullo my boo, you have truly proven the lion in you by fighting this ailment head-on. I pray speedy recovery for you. Kisses!
  2. Watching you on that sickbed leaves me in two. However, your courage and braveness have made me stronger. I stay with you, we fight this together. Get well soon sweetheart.
  3. Even on that sickbed, you brim with strength. I love you and trust to see you back on your feet.
  4. My love for you will be the pills, and medications needed for your recovery. I wish you a quick recovery.
  5. I can’t wait to see you hit the ground running like you used to. Get well my boo.
  6. I don’t know the things to say that will rejuvenate you. Nevertheless, I stand with you throughout this hell of a moment. Get well my prince.
  7. I have a chest filled with kisses, hugs, and more. Get well soon.
  8. I miss the hug, and kisses we shared. I hope to see you feeling better again.
  9. Get well soon my boo so we can play our lovely hide-and-seek games. Speedy recovery my love.
  10. Taking care of you with all the love in my heart is my obligation as we fight this cancer together. Get well honey.

Get Well Soon Messages For Her

  1. Hi pretty, even on that sickbed, you still beam with beauty. I promise to take good care of you all through this trying moment. I love you.
  2. Hullo sweetheart, you are doing great, I trust God he will bring you back on your feet. Get well sweetie.
  3. Your angelic looks has never depreciated even in the face of embattlement. You are my heartthrob and I will stay with you all through this period. Get well.
  4. Dearie, you have been through hell, however, I will remain your safe haven through this nursing period. Get well sweetheart.
  5. I miss your smiles and the moment we shared together. I wish you a quick recovery.
  6. Wanted to go to the movies but without you nothing seemed to make sense. I will be with you until you come through this. Get well sweetheart
  7. Your melodious voice, your warm touch, and your supportive nature have made me a better person. I promise to give you all my love to see you back again. I love you, pretty.
  8. Your pretty eyes that is like a bright morning star, your loving whispers, and your romantic cares make me miss you more. Get well soon dearie.
  9. Really thinking greatly about you, I miss you heartthrob. Please do take good care of yourself. I love you.
  10. My warm and loving thoughts will never leave your side as we go through this together. I pray for your speedy recovery.

Get Well Soon Messages For Family Members

  1. To the most heroic dad who has nurtured me from the cradle, stood by me, and watched my back. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  2. I will stay by your bed sweet mom. When I was a child you bore me and made sure no ailment befell me. I promise to go through this with you.
  3. I will do all in my power to see you back on your feet again Dad. You are my super hero. Get well soon.
  4. Even when I became the black sheep of the family you never turned your back on me Mom; even in my foolishness you supported me; when I fall your breast has always been a safe cushion for me. I will give my best to see you come back smiling again Mom. Get well.
  5. Hullo sweet sis, I know what you are going through. I give you my word, we are in this together.
  6. Papa, you have been through a lot, I will support you as you make it through this trying period. Get well soon.
  7. Those lullabies you sang to my ears and patted me not to cry. I promise to hold your hands and watch over you as you recover from this health setback. Get well Mom.
  8. I love you dad, get well soon and come back home so we can continue living together. Get well soon dad.
  9. I will always sit by this bed to take good care of you, get you whatever you want, and give you all the love you need to recover. Get well papa.
  10. Hi Mom, I want you to know you are important to us, and we can not do without you. Get well soon Mom. I love you.

Get Well Soon Quotes

  1. Always keep your chin up. It is the medication you don’t money to buy.
  2. Never take for granted wholesome life standards. It is the key to good and long life.
  3. Sometimes hospital bed is a place for thinking life through and thank God for every privilege.
  4. Good food and bed rest is the biggest antidote for sicknesses.
  5. Always take a glass of water whenever you wake up from that bed. It hydrates life into your whole vein. Stay healthy!
  6. Resting is the best medical advice doctors don’t hold back. Enjoy it!
  7. The healing process takes courage, and in all humans is this courage. However, we might need to dig a little to find it. Stay strong!
  8. We become stronger in places we have been bruised.
  9. There is no medication as powerful as hope and the expectation of good tidings tomorrow brings with it.
  10. It’s not the strength of the body that matters, but the strength of the heart. Stay alive!


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