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200 Funny Messages for SMS & WhatsApp Status

Check out our collection of funny messages that will crack off your ribs.

Being funny is the art of putting up jokes and funny words to make people around you smile and laugh.

Being humorous is one of the characteristics that is required to keep a friendship going.

However, many people have neglected this important area in a relationship and this has left their relationship in great friction and misunderstanding.

It is important this act of being funny is adopted, however, in a very much respectful manner to avoid any form of misunderstanding.

This work will dish us a bone-cracking joke that will get our friends, families, and well-wishers smiling and laughing.

Funny messages to make people laugh

  1. A lad was given a phone by his mom to go and put it on fire, the young boy went and threw the phone into fire. Haha!
  2. A man was happy to meet his rich friend, he pleaded with his friend for some money. The friend brought out some raps of money, and after counting it, he told him that he doesn’t have money.
  3. A man argues he can do anything to get rich. His friend asked him whether he can eat human feces to become rich. Immediately, he started throwing up.
  4. A boy told a native young girl he wants to fall in love with her, she quickly got a shovel and dug a big ditch, then asked the guy to fall in! Haha!
  5. A man was running from thieves, he ran into the bush. Shockingly he met face-to-face with a lion. Haha!
  6. A man explained that when he is angry he feels hot on the inside. His friend immediately told him how he needs light to lite his cooker. Haha!
  7. A guy told his girlfriend that he will do anything for her. The lady asked him to fly without wings with her. Haha!
  8. A man was asked the meaning of GSM, in reply he said, ‘General Street Madness’. Haha!
  9. A boy was asked, ‘When one is added to one what will be the outcome’? He replied eleven! Funny!
  10. A man was told by his pastor that his life should be a sacrifice unto his maker. After the sermon, he went immediately and gathered up firewood to make himself a burnt offering. Haha!
  11. A lady was told by her cowife that she uses her ears to cook which makes her husband love her food more, she stupidly went and cut off her ears to cook for their husband. Haha!
  12. A man explained that only in Nigeria electric poles lean on each other to gossip. Haha.
  13. A young lady was bent on toning her dark skin to fair color, but to her greatest dismay, after using the toning cream she was left with leopard spots.
  14. A man caught his wife with another man, she told him she did it to prank him. The man was caught cheating, she gave the wife the same answer.
  15. A man was arrested by police for rape, in defense, he said it was the girl that raped him first. Haha!
  16. A guy met a young lady and told her the much he admire her. He requested that the lady give him the key to her heart, in reply she said, “A car key is the key to my heart”, Haha!
  17. A man argued he can finish a bottle of Chelsea alcoholic drink. He was given the chance, after taking the drink he was rushed into an emergency room. Haha!
  18. A man was arrested for stealing a goat, in defense he said it was the goat that first stole his yams. Haha!
  19. A boy was running toward his mom, on reaching where the mom is, he was asked what was chasing him, he said, “a lizard”! Haha
  20. A lady was seen cleaning her ears with her eyes closed. She was asked why she is closing her eyes, she replied ‘It’s the best feeling ever’!. Funny

Awesome Funny Messages

  1. A lady was asked not to laugh for one year and win million dollars, immediately she started laughing. Haha!
  2. A man argued he can drain all the water in River Niger with a cup. After he was granted the chance, after two hours he complained of exhaustion.
  3. It is believed that a native Nigerian dead can come back to life at the instance of a credit alert from his bank. Haha!
  4. A guy walked to his friend and asked him what’s the time by his clock, in reply he said, ‘5 minutes to buy yours’. Haha!
  5. A man went to bath, not aware the water kept is very hot, on pouring it on his body he screamed his life out. Haha!
  6. A Nigerian man was crying, explaining how frustrated he is about life and that he will commit suicide. After the news went viral, immediately one of his friends went to him and pleaded he should pay him the money they agreed he will pay. Haha!
  7. A man was journeying to his hometown, on the way he slept off, on arriving at his home town he started crying, according to him, he missed the doctor’s instruction; to take his medications a minute before reaching his hometown. Haha!
  8. A man was asked to cry for a whole day to win a million Naira, and immediately, he started laughing. Haha!
  9. Money is the root of all evil is a sermon for the poor minded! Haha!
  10.  A boy returned from school and was crying that the good mark by his teacher did not stretch to the end of his note. Haha!
  11. A man was told that laughing will make him younger and never age. In a bid to remain younger and not age, this man forces himself to laugh. Haha!
  12. A lady went to a physician to give her medication that can make her smile and laugh in a way that will attract men into her life, the physician fell from his chair in laughter. Funny!
  13. A man vowed never to kill any living thing as he is bent to maintain the doctrine of nonviolence towards animals. In arriving in a mosquito-festered neighborhood he broke his rules! Haha!
  14. A woman collected two #5 notes she gave his son and gave him a single #10 to enable her to make change for her customer. The boy started crying that her mother collected two of his money and gave him only one. Haha!
  15. In Nigeria, it is believed that there is no difference between a mechanic-man and a madman. Haha!
  16. A man took his wife to a vulcanizer to pump his wife’s belly so she can be pregnant, guess what?… Haha!
  17. In the absence of the moon, a community sets a lantern on a tree to appear as a moon.
  18. In Nigeria, it is believed that if you are not rich, you don’t fall in love. Haha!
  19. Water is life, it’s not when one is cast into an ocean. Haha!
  20. When two men are running round a circle you never can tell who is chasing the other.

Hilarious messages

  1. A man told his babe she is the only sugar in his tea. The next morning the babe served him tea without sugar. Haha!
  2. Common sense is like medication, not everybody uses it. Haha!
  3. A man saw where his wife was breastfeeding his little baby, he became pretty angry that the baby is beginning to enjoy the breast more than him. Haha!
  4. Never trust a kleptomaniac, he will always surprise you. Hmm!
  5. Everyday, laugh as much as you can it will make you grow into an infant. Haha!
  6. A fisherman cast his net to catch fish but was in a deep shock to catch a big croc. Haha!
  7. A guy told his babe that he is madly in love with her, she immediately called her medic. Funny!
  8. A kid walked to a doctor and asked him to give him medications that will make him never to be hungry again. Haha!
  9. A man attempted to break the record of being faster than his shadow. However, every effort ended him in a big mess. Funny!
  10. A Nigerian demanded that he be buried with Nigeria flag so that when he meets his Maker he will know he has visited hell. Haha!
  11. A boy after eating asked the mom where he should keep his spoon, in reply the mom asked the son to come keep it on her head.
  12. A man locked his doors to pray and cast out demons, the neighbor came to him to remind him his door is locked. Haha!
  13. Ada met her classmate to help her be as intelligent as he is. He told her that a kiss will grant her prayers. Haha!
  14. A man after reducing the price of the gate fee for customers to watch football matches, he went and got a lion and demanded an outrageous price as an exit fee. Haha!
  15. In Nigeria, ASUU is now defined as Annual Student Festival, a period when students don’t go to school. Haha!
  16. Nigeria after ranking second as the most corrupt nation and Pakistan second; a Nigerian explained that Nigeria bribed Pakistan to go first in the list.
  17. A Man who sells caskets went to his friend telling how he is facing a bad market time. The friend ran from him. Haha!
  18. It’s in Nigeria that native doctors use laptops. Haha!
  19. It is believed that in Nigeria corruption is the watchword of the policeman, they have a covenant with 20Naira! Haha!
  20. It is believed that poverty has eaten into Nigerians to the point they are now used to it. Haha!

Funny messages to share on WhatsApp Status

  1. A lady who counts her money after withdrawing from ATM has little or no chance of trusting someone in her life. Funny
  2. A cow that is in a hurry to enter the slaughterhouse will come back as beef. Haha!
  3. If beauty alone is what a lady has, her private part pays for the rest of her deficiency. Haha!
  4. A stubborn fly will always be buried with the smelling corpse. Haha!
  5. A stubborn grasshopper ends up as crunchy food for the chicken. Funny huh!
  6. When a girl stops posting pictures of herself online, check, she is pregnant. Funny!
  7. A man who drinks gin will always put up a false smile. Haha!
  8. Never open the doors for armed robbers always let them do the breaking of the door. It’s part of their job description. Haha!
  9. As powerful as a king remains, he can never ask his servants to go defecate for him. Haha!
  10.  It is only in Nigeria you see a lady with fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, artificial face, and fake behavior, yet the woman will say she needs a real man.
  11. No matter the darkness of the room, a man will always find his way to his mistress nipple. Haha!
  12. Just because you met a lady in church does not mean she is well behaved. Not all who go to church are Holy!
  13. No matter how bad your fart smells you can never run from the smell, but another person’s fart could choke life out of you. Haha!
  14. One who keeps believing all men are players might likely end up settling down with a coach. Haha!
  15. Only pregnant women carry the symbol of sexual involvement about. Haha!
  16. When your he-goat gets missing, wait for the aroma of your neighbors’ stew. Haha!
  17. Those who eat noodles has tendencies of eating earthworms. Haha!
  18. Never trust Chinese crayfish because you might end up being served cockroaches. Haha!
  19. Most Nigerian ladies pray for hardworking men but run at the sight of a bricklayer. Haha
  20. A man who falls in love with Nigerian girls has chances of coming out with broken bones. Haha!

Funniest Text Messages

  1. A person who makes jokes but doesn’t get the people laughing has a possible ancestral problem. Haha!
  2. A man who drinks herbal mixture without squeezing his face has tendencies of killing. Haha!
  3. Taking garri doesn’t imply poverty, but trying to let a cup of garri swell to the brim of the pot implies poverty. Haha!
  4. Trying to use a spoon of soup to eat four raps of fufu is the gateway to malnutrition. Haha!
  5. A guy who is afraid of heartbreak should go become a monk! Haha!
  6. Fear a woman who fries plantain without eating one. She has the discipline to poison one! Haha!
  7. Never ask an albino to pick a pin for you, unless you want to spend the entire day waiting. Haha!
  8. The difference between pot bellied man and pregnancy is the delivery date ! Haha!
  9. A poor girl will always see her boyfriend as an employment opportunity. Haha!
  10. It’s in Nigeria that when you marry from some family you end up marrying their problem. Haha!
  11. In Nigeria the ladies don’t believe in love but in loaves of money. Haha!
  12. It’s in Nigeria that mad people accept money gifts. Haha!
  13. It’s in Nigeria corrupt leaders come on television crying for forgiveness. Haha!
  14. It’s only in Nigeria politicians present bogus manifestos just to win political office.
  15. It’s only in Nigeria that corrupt presidents are not probed. Haha!
  16. Only Nigerian politicians loot their nation to develop overseas. Haha!
  17.  It’s in Nigeria young people are addressed as leaders of tomorrow but are not given the chance to lead. Haha!
  18. Nigeria is the one country addressed as the giant of Africa, yet has nothing to show. Haha!
  19. Nigeria is a nation where people suffer and smile. Haha!
  20. Nigeria is the only nation where the rule of law counts less on the ruling party. Haha!

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