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18 Best Free Online Learning Website For Kids In 2023

Online learning, also known as e-learning or electronic learning, denotes a means of using digital technology to access the educational curriculum outdoor of a usual lecture room.  In most cases, it refers to programs that convey totally online.

There are many phrases used to give an explanation for learning that is delivered online, via the internet, starting from distance training to automated digital learning, online analyzing, internet learning, and masses of others.

Now that affordable e-learning exists for both computers and the net, for it to be most effective, it takes good e-learning facilities for knowledge to be facilitated from genuinely everywhere.

Technology has advanced a lot that the geographical hole is bridged with the use of tools that make your learning look as if you are inside the schoolroom.

Online learning gives the ability to share material in all kinds of formats, including videos, slideshows, word files, and PDFs. Conducting live online training and interacting with trainers via chat etc.

E-learning is seen as courses that may be brought via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom wherein the professor is teaching. It isn’t just a path delivered through a DVD, videotape, or over a television channel.

Online Learning is miles interactive in that you could also talk together with your teachers or specific college students; it is added live.

There is always a constant trainer speaking with you and grading your participation, your assignments, and your assessments.

E-learning has been made to be a successful method of schooling, which is becoming a way of lifestyle for many.

Online Learning for Kids

Kids’ futures are decided via their capacity to grasp the fundamentals of reading, math, computers, and science.

Class sizes and different issues deprive your kid’s access to gaining knowledge, which could aid and fortify these essential skills.

E-learning for kids should be made to be had from everywhere, starting from teens studying. Why not help these kids to gain knowledge online by increasing their innovative abilities and helping them excel in a specific course.

There are masses of free online kids’ courses to help your kids achieve their goals. Free online kids guides provide your child with a chance to learn a wide sort of subject in order to find out where their interests lie.

Internet Learning Games for Kids

Online learning games for children are notable ways to build the abilities that kids need to achieve success. Instructional games for kids make studying fun with math facts, language arts, etc.

Children love learning with materials like video games. Kids can also study with math addition information, language puzzles, and more to make their gaining knowledge via fun.

Educational games that make learning fun for kids include:

  • Keyboarding video games
  • Geography games
  • Phrase games
  • Artwork and tune games
  • Math records
  • Math games, Language Arts, technology Songs
  • Animal and Nature games
  • common sense video games
  • memory games
  • Preschool video games

Online Learning Tools for KIDS


  • Time4Learning – an online learning resource that facilitates kids to learn through animated classes and interactive tests and quizzes.
  • Time4Writing –  it is an online educational learning resource that helps enrich students’ writing skills.
  • Wordle – create phrase clouds from textual content that you submit.
  • Glogster – is a free site that allows you to create interactive posters.
  • Let’sHomeschoolHighSchoolGreat place for homeschoolers to find all the resources they need to organize and implement a great high School online free.
  • ProProfs – create free online quizzes and tests.
  • Vocabulary Spelling City – practice and test spelling word lists. Kids love games, and teachers love them because it makes spelling class so much easier!
  • Schoology – allows you to create online courses for free.
  • Science4Us – gives students in primary grades the extra jump on science that there usually just isn’t time for in the classroom.
  • Slideshare – super great for creating slideshows to teach the concepts.
  • Powtoon– Great animation creation platform. Create animated lessons.

Free E-learning website for kids

Early Math
This free online children course offers primary math education beginning with getting to know how to count, addition, and subtraction advancing to primary geometry, this unfastened online children course is a starting point to begin for your infant to develop their math ability.

Starting at the early stage, i.e., the playgroup, advancing via second grade, your child can also grow with this free online early math brilliance.

Classics for Kids
These free online kids’ courses introduce classical music in a fun and entertaining way.  Your child can listen to famous pieces of classical music, play games, and work on related lessons revolving around classical music.

Learn Piano Online
These free online kid’s courses teach step-by-step instructions to learn to play the piano.  There are over 180 free online kids courses that teach piano.  This is the perfect place for your child to learn the basics of playing the piano.

W3 Schools This is a free e-Learning website that is devoted to teaching students the diverse aspects of web design.

Here, students select what they want to learn from a variety of choices, including PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, etc.

For each concept that students wish to learn, they go through several online tutorials, take tests, quizzes, and ultimately complete the course.

Students take a final test to prove their level of understanding, and if they pay an extra fee, receive a certificate upon completion.

Open Culture: this is a website where free online educational opportunities are found. Learners can register to take classes on various subjects that are offered.

This website is developed to give students of any age access to online learning and even internet-based certification programs.

Coursera has joined with schools and institutions to offer those interested free classes on various topics.

Online learners can browse the list of available topics or simply answer the question, “What would you like to learn about?

When that question is answered, they are moved to a list of available courses on that topic. Students who are skeptical about getting in over their heads can relax.

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