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Happy Fathers Day Messages, Wishes, and Quotes for WhatsApp

Father’s Day is a day marked worldwide to celebrate all the fathers, this day is particularly mapped out to honor fathers for the fatherly role they have played in the lives of people around them and the world at large.

Many at times the mothers are more preferred by their children, but fathers have played a more sublime role that deserves gratitude.

This article will basically dish amazing fathers Day wishes and lovely messages to appreciate the loving efforts of fathers in the world.

Father’s Day Wishes

  1. Happy Father’s Day papa. You are surely my hero; for all the love and care you have shown to me from cradle, I remain grateful.
  2. Happy Father’s Day Dad. The love and affectation you showed me is surely amazing. I love you.
  3. Hullo Dad, may the good God bless you and grant you good health to fulfill your dreams on us. I love you Dad.
  4. I thank God for the privilege of being your child. For the love you have shown me, I dare say, you are the best dad in the world. Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Papa, I pray the good God grants you longevity and lifts you on to many good heights. I love you.
  6. The most lovely gift life has offered me is you Dad. I will for all time put up the lifestyle that will bring you joy. Cheers on Father’s Day!
  7. Happy Father’s day dad, your witty words have been my guiding spirit. God bless you.
  8. You have etched yourself in my life forever. I will always bring you joy as the Lord in Heaven graces you with plenty of strength. Cheers dad.
  9. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in the world. May the strength of God keep resting on them as they bear us. Cheers dad!
  10. Happy Father’s day Dad. My success in life today is a resultant effect of the perfect man you have been toward me. God bless you.

Fathers Day Messages

  1. There can never be me if there is no father from the beginning. I thank God my maker for a Superman like you. Cheers dad
  2. Cheers Dad on this Father’s Day. Even in my stubbornness you never gave up on me.  I love you!
  3. You made sure I attended the best of school and wore the best of clothes. Your love is boundless. I love you dad!
  4. This Father’s Day, I will shout it out to the world to hear that you are the best! You are special papa.
  5. Daddy, words can never be enough to appreciate you, I can not honor you enough. God keep you for us. Cheers dad!
  6. I trust you dad for you gave your life to see me become better. Every oxygen will always sing your goodness. Cheers dad!
  7. You are the best molder, for you have molded a great personality in me. I hail you Dad! Happy Father’s Day.
  8. You are a perfect combination of honesty, truth, humility, sincerity, and many more. I stake my life to carry on your good teaching. I love you!
  9. Even in the vicissitudes of life, you have shown great calmness. Your braveness has sustained me and will always love you. Happy Father’s Day
  10. For bearing all sorts of pain just to give me joy, I will celebrate you with my heartbeat. Cheers on this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Wishes For All Dads

  1. There is no place as secured as the father’s arms. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. Cheers!
  2. Cheers to all dads who toil from morning till night just to make sure the family is well provided for.
  3. All hail fathers who stake their lives to see that their family lives. Happy Father’s Day.
  4. Happy father’s day to all the Dad in the world. The undiminished love in maintaining high strong morals for the next generations to learn remains great.
  5. To every dad on earth, I say gracias for taking responsibility to see that the best remains for us. Happy father’s day!
  6. The impact o all the fathers will for all time echo in eternity and their good work will never be in vain. Cheers dads
  7. Fathers are treasures that can never be taken for granted. they are rare gems. Cheers fathers!
  8. A father’s heart is an ocean of abundance that can never run dry. May God bless all the fathers in the world. Happy Father’s Day.
  9. Let’s celebrate all the fathers on earth for their endless strength, love, and kindness toward the world. Cheers to all fathers!
  10. My honor to every dad in the world. Their moral and mental strength towards the well-being of their family and the world remains perfect. Cheers to all Dad!

Father’s Day Messages From Daughter

  1. Hullo handsome dad, you are such a handsome and amazing man. This is why it is said behind every great daughter is a lovely dad. Happy Father’s Day. I love you Dad.
  2. I wouldn’t have been as beautiful and amazing if not for my perfect dad. I owe you my life Dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  3. Dad, thanks for nurturing me into a princess. I wouldn’t have been this amazing if not for your uncompromising love. Happy Father’s Day
  4. Hullo Dad, you will always be my hero. Only with you I feel very much safe. Happy Father’s Day.
  5. I will always keep the morals and fond memory of you in my heart. Cheers to you dad.
  6. You treated me like a princess and also taught me to stand strong in stormy times. I love you dad. Happy Father’s Day
  7. Happy father’s day. You have made me the reflection of the beauty of your heart. Cheers dad.
  8. Being daddy’s girl is just like a strong armor, no force can break. Cheers to the greatest dad on earth. I love you.
  9. Hullo dad, you have provided me with every care and love every child could ever ask for. I owe you my love in return. Cheers on father’s day.
  10. Hey dad, you are the true king of my life. May God bless you for me. Cheers!

Father’s Day Messages From Son

  1. Hi Dad, you are one in a million Dad. I can never trade you for anything because you are everything to me. Happy father’s day.
  2. Dad, you are an epitome of goodness, love, and kindness. I love you dad.
  3. To the man who has nurtured the lion in me, I say gracias. May the good God keep you for me. Cheers dad.
  4. You have nurtured me into a very much gallant and resilient man. I wouldn’t have been this better if not for your best. Happy Father’s Day Dad.
  5. You have been the Iroko shielding me against every wind trying to blow me into extinction. Thanks for the person you have always been in my life. Cheers on father’s day.
  6. My earnest prayer is that God will bless my dad and grant him all his wishes on earth. I love you dad
  7. No infirmity shall come near you dad, because you are the treasure of my life. Happy father’s day daddy.
  8. You have been my guardian angel, from the day I was birth on this planet, you have made sure nothing harmful happens to me. I love you dad.
  9. I will call down the heavens to let the whole world know you mean everything to me. I live to accomplish those good things you wish to achieve. I love you dad.
  10. I cannot entirely in my lifetime appreciate all your good effort in my life. You are the only thing that I will never disrespect. Cheers on this father’s day.

Father’s Day Wishes for Husband

  1. Hullo hubby, whenever I look at you I see a loving radiation that dispels evil. Truly you are God sent into my life. Cheers on father’s day.
  2. Hullo honey, Happy father’s day. I will always love and pray for you. I love you darling. Kisses on this father’s day.
  3. I will buy you everything amazing, I will lavish the love in me for you. You are the king of my life. I love you.
  4. Hi darling, if I tell you you are the most handsome man on earth, will you believe me? You age handsomely everyday. Happy father’s day. Hugs, cheers on this father’s day.
  5. I  am greatly blessed to be sharing a lifetime of love, and parenthood with an amazing king like you. Happy Father’s Day, My darling Hubby.
  6. Hubby, you have been not just the best dad to our kids but also amazing hubby to me. I love you and will celebrate you all the days of my life. Happy Father’s day
  7. Happy Father’s day honey. You are such an outstanding man; the way you create a lovely balance between your work and the family is exquisite. Cheers on father’s day.
  8. I feel fulfilled when ever I think you are the father of our kids. They really have the best role model. Happy father’s day.
  9. I feel overwhelmed whenever I see our kids putting up some of those loving, and caring traits in you. You are the best hubby. Happy father’s day!
  10. The sacrifice you have made for the family is beautiful! May God reward you. Happy father’s day.

Father’s Day Quotes

  1. The father is like the blacksmith; the family reflects his effort.
  2. The well-being of the family is the reflection of the strength of the father of the home.
  3. A household without a father is almost like a sheep without a shepherd. The father gives leadership!
  4. The presence of the father commands sanity and leadership in the family. Cheers to fathers
  5. A  father is a guardian angel that stands with the family even when the world is like ending.
  6. Dad’s have the biggest arms we can run into for safety. They are heroes for life!
  7. The greatest gift God gives to us as children is a loving dad. Cheers to all fathers
  8. The presence of fathers wades away all forms of insecurity. Cheers to all dad.
  9. Fatherhood is the most important responsibility; yet the greatest adventure that is deserving. Happy father’s day.
  10. The strength of the fathers does not necessarily come from their physical looks, but rather from the innate abilities given by God.

Happy Father’s Day SMS

  1. Hello my lovely dad. Often times I think what I can do to repay your love for me. However, I have gleaned that even eternity will never suffice. Cheers to the best dad. I love you
  2. I will use every moment in my life to bring you happiness and joy for you have really done more than I can think as a dad. Cheers to you dad!
  3. I will spend my wealth on you in a manner that will make you appreciate having me as your child. I love you dad.
  4. I cannot appreciate enough the best friend you have been to me. Just as my heart beat, so I shall keep loving you. Cheers dad.
  5. Your presence always gives the entire family peace, it makes us know that the lion is there. Happy dads day.
  6. Hullo dad, the strength and love you have shown to this family can never be repaid, but we will always pray to God to reward you. We love you dad and will always support what you are building in us. Cheers dad.
  7. Day by day you sacrifice your life to bring us to perfect standard. You are just irreplaceable in this world and the next. Happy dads day.
  8. The most perfect man on earth is my dad. He does everything to see that we get the perfect life. Cheers on this father’s day!
  9. Dad you have been such a great armor that shields this family from the vicissitudes of life. It will take a whole lifetime to explain your importance to this family. I give you all my allegiance dad. Cheers on this father’s day
  10. You have not only told me you love me you have proven it in all forms. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

Happy Father’s WhatsApp Messages

  1. The older I become the more important I realize your place in my life. Cheers to you dad!
  2. Dad, have a blessed day. Happy father’s day lovely dad.
  3. Because of the love you have for me, the impossible has always meant nothing to you. You are special. Happy fathers day.
  4. You are a great dad because you always gravitate blessings towards us. We owe you our deepest love. Cheers dad on this fathers day.
  5. The picture of who you are and what you represent will never leave my mind. I love you dad!
  6. To my super-dad, you have given to us the best you never was opportune to enjoy. Happy dads day!
  7. The meekest and most considerate man I know. Rock your Father’s Day.
  8. Popping open a bottle of wine in your honor on father’s day. Cheers dad.
  9. All of the love and lessons you taught me over the years has added much to make me a great lad. Cheers dad!

Father’s Day Caption

  1. My daddy, my hero. Cheers to my dad!
  2. Endless love to the dad who has always been there for me. Honors!
  3. Thanks dad for the awesome person you have built in me. Cheers!
  4. To all the dads in the world, I love you!
  5. No dad, no courage. Thank you very much dad. Happy dads day
  6. For the leadership you have shown, thank you dad. I love you greatly. Cheers to you!
  7. Thanks dad for imbibing the culture of honesty. I love you. Happy dads day.
  8. To the all dads that exerted great energy to bring us into a perfect standard, we will always honor you all! Enjoy fathers day.
  9. I will always love my father! Happy fathers day.
  10. We will respect our fathers! Cheers on your day!


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