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100 Farewell and Tribute Messages For Writeup, SMS & WhatsApp

In life there is always will come a time distance will set in between two good friends. These moments are inevitable and must be accepted by humans.

There is always time to be together and time to be apart from each other. However, at moments like this heart-warming farewell messages are very good dish to serve those you cannot afford to part ways with.

Often times it is important we keep mementos, for they serve as evidence of love and gratitude for times together.

This work will give you lovely farewell messages you can always share with your dear friends.

Farewell Messages

  1. There will always come in life a time to say goodbye, yet the love we shared will always remain a binding force to keep us together. I want to say, farewell. You will forever be in my heart.
  2. Distance is always like night, it creeps between two lovers and leaves them apart from each other. but a thing is always sure, no degree of distance can separate a fond experience from our ocean of memory. Farewell!
  3. A warm goodbye will always keep us together. I will forever treasure the times we spent together. Adieu fella!
  4. just like a traveler you have decided to try another clime; however, I trust how we have come to appreciate our togetherness. This distance will never keep our hearts apart. I love you!
  5. As you step into the horizon of life, sure this distance will not be our fate forever. For we will always see each other in this little world. Bo voyage!
  6. If I had the power I will keep us together; distance will never bewitch us. I will use my superpower to subdue every distance that tries to come between. Farewell my friend.
  7. As you go, do not go with your heart away from my thoughts, do not let the fire of our together moments quench, do not let the burning feelings of love die. Goodbye, but not forever.
  8. Like a tree-wall this distance has grown greatly and has created a gap between us. But the special place in my heart you will always be. Farewell!
  9. Go, but never leave me. Go, but let our love beam. Farewell
  10. Always take me with you, always keep me in your heart, and always treasure this fond moment we shared. Farewell!

Farewell Wishes

  1. As you step into this horizon of void I wish you conquer whatever travail stands your way. Remain stouthearted for my well wishes will always give you strength when you feel dampened. Well wishes fella.
  2. What lies ahead will always remain unknown to our mind, but I pray you will never fall to obstacles. Just like the lion, you will king over every situation in your pursuit of who you are destined to be. Farewell!
  3. In my thoughts you will never fade like smoke, neither will you come and go like the morning. I will protect you with my good thoughts and trust that the gods will stand by you. See you soon!
  4. Where life will lead us to will always be hidden from our knowledge from the almighty. However, whatever degree of distance might come between us, I wish you thrive and turn a new leaf. Farewell!
  5. I will always thank God for a lifetime with you. Parting will always make our moments together forever fond. I love you, farewell!
  6. I have never felt this heaviness of heart. However, I want to trust it is for good. Bo voyage!
  7. Farewell my darling, I will always miss every bit of you. Kisses!
  8. Farewell to the most amazing and loving friend I have always cherished. You’ve been source of energy and strength to me. I pray you find success in your dreams and endeavors as you move on.
  9. Gratitude for the moments of value you have given to me personally. I will forever treasure you. Adieu!
  10. The hardest thing to say is goodbye. However, fate has a way of shaping our lives, howbeit. I will miss you. Farewell!

Short Tribute Messages

  1. Go on and reach those dreams, and attain great heights in your life pursuit. Go for glory as you step into the horizon of victory. Goodbye friend!
  2. I will not weep, I will not sober, I will not forget you. I pray you win as you push further in your dreams and life pursuits. See you soon friend!
  3. I am grateful for every experience we shared and everything you think you have always thought me and how you lift me when I’m down and broken. You have so become a part of me. Goodbye!
  4. Saying goodbye to you leaves me in tears and broken. I love you and you will always be in my heart. Goodbye!
  5. Times with you have not allowed me to get enough of you. However, I will fill for you a basket of kisses and hugs as you go. I will miss you. Goodbye!
  6. You have been such an amazing companion in this my life adventure. You are a cog in my system and can not hide it. Goodbye my love!
  7. Goodbye sweetheart. I will always leave a space in my heart for you. I will always pray for you as you move on in this journey of life.
  8. Distance can never remove you from that special place you have got in my life. My heart will forever beat for you and just for you. Goodbye!
  9. Goodbye to you is never the end, but a moment to appreciate the blessings of the moments we shared together. See you when I see you!
  10. A loving goodbye to you. You are fantastic in all your moments with me. I can not help but accept this inevitable. Goodbye!

Simple Farewell Wishes

  1. Hullo, you are the best, you have shown great character and I pray the next place takes you to, you succeed. All the best!
  2. Volumes will not be enough to write the good person you have been. You are such a rare personality and you get the best in life as you step onto another level of life. Well, wishes!
  3. You have etched your name with karat on the wall of history and will forever be remembered for the outstanding reputation you have left. You are the best. Farewell!
  4. We have become so bonded and strong as a rock, forever can not break us. Bo voyage!
  5. Farewell hearty friend. I pray you turn over a new leaf in your life pursuit. Farewell to you.
  6. My heart will always beat for you. The memory of our good times will always be as close as the beat of my heart. Farewell, but not forever!
  7. Distance cannot come between us, but rather it will be a source of bond and fond memories we will relish whenever we think about each other. It shall remain well with you. Ta ta!
  8. Ciao, this word is not from my heart, this is fate speaking. But in my heart, we will always remain together and be an inseparable unit. Well wishes, so long!
  9. You are an angel to me and have protected me from every emotional disaster of life. Saying goodbye to you is hard but we got each other in our hearts. So long!
  10. I will always run the distance and swim a thousand oceans to overcome whatever disaster being apart will cost us. Adios!

Tribute Message for Colleague

  1. It is such an honor working side by side with you. You are exquisitely different and a genius. Farewell mate!
  2. If I will be given the chance to choose a colleague, I will choose you million times. You are amazing! Ciao mate.
  3. Working with you has given me the opportunity to improve greatly. Your absence will leave a great vacuum in the office. Farewell partner!
  4. Working with you is the greatest privilege I have ever gotten in life. Your absence will however leave a lacuna in my heart and also in the office. Adios!
  5. Each day  I come to work, watching your seat empty leaves me in tears. You really proved you are one great person to work with. I pray you meet bigger and better heights in your new pursuit. Bo voyage!
  6. Mastery lifts. You are a master in partner, you made me see the best in me and improved on it. The applause you got cannot appreciate enough the impact you have made in the office. You leave one great void, time will not heal. Ta ta!
  7. The office has become so “big” to stay in since you left. We miss your personality in the company. Cheers partner!
  8. Irreplaceable is the word that explains your place since you left. We are always grateful to have had you with us. We trust that the new place you find will give you the pedestal to shine like you did. Farewell Mate!
  9.  Your energy though out your period of stay was electric! We will miss you. Farewell!
  10. No lies, you are one cog that has so made this company run smoothly. So long mate!

Farewell Message for Boss

  1. Your leadership is next to none. You have shown great character in the place of leadership. However, this will be a standard for the next generation to learn from and maintain. I hope you find a good atmosphere to carry on your good work. Farewell!
  2.  You are a good boss, I dare say. Your footprint can never be matched by any other. Bo voyage boss!
  3. Your mentorship has made this institution a wonderful one and has set us on the global stage as the best. This stride is uncommon and we will miss this impact. We pray you keep rising. Farewell boss!
  4. Your leadership has brought us to greatness and set us in the limelight. As you climb higher we pray the good God protects you and keeps blessing you. Adieu Master!
  5. Your leadership is meek and innovative, seamlessly making us a formidable unit in the office. You will forever be in our minds. Au revoir Boss!
  6. Au revoir, Master! your intellectual blueprint will for all time be a part of us. May God bless you.
  7. I Thank God for the privilege to be under your tutelage. I can beat my chest and say I’m better. You are the best!
  8. Not all bosses are leaders. But you are an amazing, invincible combination. Your absence leaves a lacuna in us. Bo voyage!
  9. We will not cry that you are no longer with us because you have built in us what the world will forever treasure. We will miss you master.
  10. You have been a whole lot of inspiration and someone to learn from. Au revoir!

Tribute Message to Senior

  1. We the junior will always appreciate we juniors had the privilege to learn from you. In character, you are perfect. We will miss you and will always pray God will bless you.
  2. Senior, you actually treated me muchly like a part of you, this has made me find it heavy to say goodbye. I wish you well as you forge on in this push for self discovery. Farewell senior!
  3. Hullo my senior of inestimable value. I really want to say I love you and the improvement you have made in my life. You are the best. Well wishes to you.
  4. I will always pray for God to bless your effort and take you to heights of glory as you leave us. I will forever honor you. Farewell!
  5. You are undoubtedly the best of a kind. The impart and your inspiration upon our life will never be forgotten as long as the sun shines and the day breaks. Bo voyage!
  6. I will always write your name with karat. For your support and leadership have blessed and brought me to the limelight. Thanks and well wishes as you move on.
  7. We are blessed and will remain motivated by your leadership and love. Adieu.
  8. To the outstanding superior of all time, I salute. Gratitude for what you represented in our lives and your time of stay, we will always have you on our lips. See you some other time.
  9. I hail you senior. I will make history know how great you are. Farewell to you!
  10. You are a compendium of wisdom, the footprint you left will remain for all time indelible. As you move on. Farewell senior!

Farewell Message to Employee

  1. You are such a great fellow. The energy you exerted during your period of service is next to none. You are such a rare gem and a cog that will be missed as you move on. All the best to you, and farewell!
  2. Your resignation has really left a big vacuum in the office. However, we understood the reason you have to move on. We trust that the future will be fair to you and more so bless you. Ta ta!
  3. Your diligence will always be a motivation to the rest of the members of staff you are leaving behind. Our good wishes and support will be with you as you move unto another higher level. Adieus!
  4. You are such a tireless fellow. You took this organization as your own and put in the best any company will always appreciate. Thank you so much. Bo voyage
  5. Your team spirit is totally outstanding and will always be appreciated in this organization. We wish you well and pray you to soar higher. Goodbye partner.
  6. We the team of staff pray that you will meet better opportunities as you go on. Adios!
  7. You are an epitome of excellence. No come will ever turn your service down. Farewell!
  8. Your competence has tremendously lifted the standard of this organization. We love you and will always be open to having you with us. So long!
  9. we want to say, gratitude for the milestones you helped this company attain. You are the best there is and there will always be. Farewell!
  10. Who you are is a resultant effect of excellence and hard work. We will miss your impart in this company. Goodbye!

Farewell Wishes for Friend

  1. Hullo amigo, You are such a beautiful person to work with and lovely to be with. Your leaving will really leave me incomplete. I will miss you dearly. Bo voyage!
  2. Your soothing voice and encouraging words are what one will die to get. As you move on, I pray God to keep you in the hollow of his hands. See you when I see you!
  3. More heights and more grace to your elbow for who you have always represented. Farewell to you!
  4. Goodbye is not our end, I will always treasure you in my heart and pray that things will work well for you. Farewell amigo!
  5. Adios is not a sweet thing to say to a loving and supportive friend like you. However, my heart will be with you as you move on. So long.
  6. This inevitable distance has come between us. However, till will heal us and bring us together again. Farewell fella!
  7. Sometimes it is beautiful that friends stay apart to rediscover their potential. Farewell friend.
  8. Goodbye fella. I will miss you. Best wishes and prayers from my heart for your new adventure in life. Farewell!
  9. You are always in my heart just like a tattoo. No distance will keep us from each other. See you some other time
  10. As we take different paths in this journey of life, may God course our way to cross again, and may we not forget the fond and hearty moment we shared. Ta ta amigo

Farewell Quotes

  1. There is nothing that lasts forever, however, the moment we shared together is what will keep us strong when we are apart.
  2. Enjoy every moment together because there will come a time we will be far apart from each other.
  3. Togetherness fosters love and in that ocean of love, we tap strength when the vicissitude of life lays its paws on us.
  4. Never part with a loved one or friend without saying farewell. Those might be your last expression of love and appreciation of the moments you both had together.
  5. Distance is not the end of love. it is rather a moment of reinvention.
  6. Love good people and friends around you with all your heart, because your being with them is never a right but a privilege to cherish. Cheers!
  7. Farewell is among the most difficult words to tell people you love deeply. However, say it anyway, it will always soothe the heart from the bitterness of being apart.
  8. Say goodbye to loved ones with a kiss, to friends, with a warm hug, to well wishers, with good waves.
  9. Always learn not to stop people from moving on. Rather encourage them and keep them somewhere special in your heart.
  10. Goodbye is an endless volume to people you love. They spend the rest of their life reading.


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