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Ecobank Transfer Code – USSD to Transfer Money to Other Banks

Ecobank, aka the pan-Africa bank, is no doubt one of the strongest banks in the country. This bank became more popular when it acquired Oceanic Bank in 2011.

It was a big shock because most people will rate the then Oceanic bank above Ecobank.

Their banking services are amazing; they are indeed a bank to trust. You will love their USSD banking services.

The services allow customers to perform many banking services with or without internet connecting. And this is possible with any kind of mobile phone.

The service also allows customers to transfer money from their Ecobank account to other Ecobank as well as other banks. This is possible in a few seconds.

Am sure you will love to know the banking code that can be used to initiate the transfer.

Ecobank Money Transfer Code. Technology and innovation have really brought a lot of changes to the banking system.

As a result, the Ecobank money transfer code enables you to transfer money and buy airtime quickly and safely at your convenience.

Here, this Ecobank transfer code is meant for all Ecobank customers. Also, for you to be able to perform a transaction with this code, you must have a registered phone number used in creating your account with the bank.

Aside from transferring money, airtime purchase, and checking account balances, a lot more can also be done with the use of Ecobank *326 USSD code. Try dialing it for more features.

How to Transfer Money From Ecobank

The Ecobank USSD transfer code will only function with the mobile number that is linked to your bank account. Follow the steps below;

  • Dial *326# and select “Transfer Funds.”
  • Enter the account number you want to send money to (the recipient)
  • Next, select the recipient bank.
  • The name of the recipient will display on the next screen. Make sure it is correct before you select next.
  • Finally, enter your PIN to confirm your transaction.

The sum will be deducted from your account and credited to the recipient’s account immediately.

ecobank ussd code

Overview Of Eco Bank

Ecobank Nigeria is one of the members of Ecobank, known to be the leading independent pan-African bank; The bank began its operations far back in 1989.

The bank today operates as a universal bank in the country. They provide retail, wholesale, corporate, transactional banking services, and investment services to all their customers in the Nigerian banking industry.

The operations of eco bank are divided into three sections, namely;

  1. Retail Banking
  2. Wholesale Banking
  3. Treasury & Financial Institutions.

In addition, the bank also offers investment banking and capital banking services. In the 4th quarter of 2011, Ecobank Nigeria acquired 100% of the shareholding in Oceanic Bank.

The acquisition was made by its parent company, known as Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI).

The acquisition expanded Ecobank Nigeria Limited and increased its assets. In 2011, the Ecobank Nigeria controlled total assets valued at about 8.1 billion dollars; this kept them among the largest banks in Nigeria at then.

At that time the bank had over 600 free-standing branches, making them the second-largest bank in Nigeria by branch network.


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