Dropshipping – Meaning, Benefits and How to Run It


In This Post, You Will Learn About The Dropshipping Business System, The Benefits, And How To Run It.

The outbreak of online store business can not be separated from the lifestyle changes of people, especially here in Nigeria, it continues to advance instantaneously.

People now prefer to make purchases over the internet with their gadgets instead of going out to buy the items they need.

It will be an excellent opportunity to try to join the trend of doing business online (online shop), that many do today and make huge returns from it.

Does opening an online store require huge capital?

Yes, it looks like that, but not all areas of e-commerce require big capital, as you imagine.

Not only with a small capital, but you can also open an online store business and make a lot of profit without a penny.

With a system called Dropshipping, you can create an online store without capital or stock of goods that drain the bag.

You just need to create an online store and promote products supplied by the Supplier to be sold to buyers at a price you can set by yourself.

Getting to Know the Dropshipping System

Dropship systems became a trend with the development of the online trading business.

People who do this kind of business are called the dropshipers (the person who runs the drop-ship business).

To run this business, you do not need to spend any capital. You simply promote the products supplied by the Supplier or Distributor at a discount / wholesale prices that have been specified previously.

In addition to promoting products, also do not need to bother taking care of all the tasks ranging from packing to Shipping done by the Supplier.

How Dropshipping System work?

The dropship system is straightforward and easy to run by anyone.

Here’s an illustration of the dropship system:

  • You have an online store and provide products from suppliers.
  • The customer buys and pays the product to you instead of to the supplier.
  • You are in charge of passing the buyer’s order information to the supplier.
  • The supplier will send the products directly in the message to your buyer/customer.

How to make a profit from Dropshipping?


Perhaps you may be wondering how to make a profit in the business of a system like this.

Even if you do not provide product stock, the buyer will pay first to you (drop-shipper) where the price you have added is the advantage of the amount given by the supplier.

After that, you / the drop shipper just pass the order to the provider of the goods to do the delivery process to the buyer.

Important points are:

  • Promote and sell supplier products with your profit.
  • Process the payment and submit the delivery process to the supplier.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  1. Dropshipping is very easy to run, and it is promising too,
  2. It does not cost much to start up,
  3. No need for a stock of sales,
  4. Very easy to run; anyone can do it.
  5. The packing or delivery of goods is not a function of the drop shipper.
  6. It can be done from any location.

Important tips for a Dropshipping business

If you are a beginner, it is certainly not easy if faced with a business model that you have never heard of before.

Here are some tips on running a dropshipping business that is easy and profitable.

  1. Build traffic/visitors to your online store (tips on successful online business store success).
  2. Look for a trusted supplier as your dropship business partner.
  3. Promote your store on social media and other platforms.

The most important thing here is that you must serve the consumer well. So that they can buy your product even though the product is not yours.

Are you interested in starting an online store business with a Dropship System? Let us know.

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