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3 Best Ways To Download Videos Online For Free

Videos have now become a part of life. Video is currently becoming more relevant than text and images.

One great thing about the videos is that it keeps us relaxed while watching. On the other hand, text may be more stressful, especially for those who don’t like reading.

In today’s world, you will find videos on most web pages. After writing a page – some bloggers will also like to make a short video on it to encourage readers.

Am thinking of making a short video of this post you are reading and uploading it on YouTube.8

Since YouTube started video monetization, it didn’t only increase the number of videos being uploaded on the platform. It also made people see value in video production.

With the way people are embracing videos in the long run text may no longer be relevant.

The only thing that is preventing people from watching lots of videos it the high cost of internet data in most parts of the world.

Most people now, instead of watching a video – they now prefer to download it, to ease able re-watch it and send it to friends too.

It is not every video online allows the direct download, most of them restrict downloads, and that is the essence of this article – to show different ways of downloading videos online for free

One of the options will work for you.

How to Download Videos Online

1. Try downloading it from the embedded player

Some embedded players the website is using to display videos may allow you to download videos directly from them easily.

Most time, all you need to access this feature is to right-click within the embedded player and select the “Download” or “Download source video.”

The option will depend on your browser, the way in which it will phrase may vary too.

 2. Try using a screen capture software to record the video from your screen

In cases where “video downloader” sites didn’t work, or you do not want to make use of it, then you can record the video straight from your screen, making use of a good screen recording software.

If you have never made use of such software, it might be so confusing at first, but with time you will learn.

It will let you have a copy of any type of video, no matter the level of protection given to it.

Though after screen recording it, you may have to edit it, so it will not be obvious how you got the file.

3. Check for a download link

Some helpful websites include a download link on their videos, so make sure to check for this firstly.

It should be located around the embedded video player, that should be the first place you look, or you right-click if you are using a PC.


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