10 Reasons You Should Use a Custom Domain on BlogSpot Blog


Most new bloggers start their blogging career with Blogger. It is so because Blogger is a free blogging platform that is very easy to setup.

Once you create Blogger’s blog (Blogspot), Blogger will host your blog as a subdomain in their server (yoursite.blogspot.com).

Most newbies don’t mind what their blog URL looks like, and the likely issues that may come with it. But after a year or two, they may see reasons to buy a custom domain for their Blogspot blog.

I see no reason why a serious blogger will decide not to use a custom domain name. A custom domain name does not cost much.

Depending on the domain extension – it costs between $1 to $30. A dotcom (.com) domain costs around $10. This may be more or less depending on where you are buying from.

You can read our article on How to Choose and Register a Domain Name.

In this post, I will explain all the benefits you will stand to gain once you start using a custom domain for your Blogspot blog. You mustn’t wait until there is a need.

If you are interested in any of the benefits listed below, then you will have to buy a custom domain as soon as possible.

Why Your Blogspot Blog need a Custom Domain

1. Monetization

To get easy approval as a publisher by most advertising companies, it is highly expected that you should run your blog on the custom domain before you start applying.

Although Google AdSense may approve of your site without a custom domain, many other advertisers will not.

Having a domain name will give your blog a brand and the potential to get to the next level in the blogging industry.

2. Easy To Remember

Use a Custom Domain Name

If you want your blog visitors always to remember your blog URL, then you are expected to get a custom domain. The traditional Blogspot URL is pretty hard for humans.

There are lots of competitors out there; if your URL seems complicated to memorize, people will go for the alternatives.

If you don’t use a custom domain name, your bloggers’ blog URL will be unnecessarily long and won’t look pretty.

In fact, in most cases, the default URL is just like a subdomain, and it looks like a spammy link, people don’t like clicking on such links on the search engine result page.

3. Better Search Engine Ranking

In other to gain a good search engine ranking over your competitors – then you must consider purchasing a custom domain to replace your Blogspot URL.

With the custom domain name, you will be able to do a lot of off-site search engine optimization.

If you decide to continue using the Blogspot default domain, then the search tends to rank you less.

The reason for this is so because Blogspot default URLs are mere sub-domain of blogspot.com, and most search engines pay less concentration to subdomains.

4. Audience Trust

When you use a custom domain, you will be giving your audience the impression that you are very serious. And that you are not a spammer, especially when you try to engage them via social media.

If you try to reach them using the Blogspot URL, then they may not pay full attention to what you are about to tell them. This is so because Blogspot URL to a layman looks like a fake URL, likewise other subdomains.

5. Creating Your Custom Domain-Based Email

Once you purchase a custom domain, then you can create a custom domain-based email – to make your emails look more professional.

Unlike hosting webmails, if you link your custom domain to your Blogspot, then you can create a custom domain-based Email with Google apps.

A custom domain-based email will look like; “[email protected]” or “[email protected].”

6. Blogging like a Pro

Use a Custom Domain Name

There is always a big difference when you blog with Blogspot URL and when you use a custom domain.

It is a general belief that only amateurs, or those who don’t have anything to offer make, use of a blogger’s subdomain for their blog, while professionals will always use a custom domain.

Make use of the custom domain, and people will view you and your blog more professionally – especially when there is a business to be sealed.

7. Seriousness toward blogging

There is a level of motivation that will exist in every blogger once they start using a custom domain for blogging.

The essence is to encourage them to put more effort into their blogging career and enable them to stand out in their blogging niche.

8. Domain names are very affordable

As the sounds “custom domain name” many people may think it’s something that is very expensive, but that is not true. The price of a standard domain name ranges between $1 to $12 yearly. With this price, I see no reason why some bloggers still use the default blogger URL.

9. Easy to set up

To set up a custom domain name does not require lots of skill. you don’t need to be a techy to integrate the custom domain to your blog. There are so many guides available online that will guide you on the process if it seems too technical for you to implement.

10. To increase your blog income

With a custom URL blog you will easily get sponsors on your blog, almost on a daily basis, you will get calls or/and emails on sponsored posts and content. Most average bloggers charge about $100. Imagine when you get 10 deals in a month, that will be an additional $1000 for you.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article is convincing to prove the custom domain is much better than the free blogger domain.

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