100 Congratulations Messages, Wishes, and Quotes for SMS & WhatsApp

Congratulations Messages

This article contains over a hundred congratulation messages, congratulation wishes

Congratulatory messages are ways of encouraging people and appreciating people when they achieve great milestones.

This gesture is deemed as kind and has a way of fostering love amongst friends, well wishers, and families. However, this is among the many ways you let people know you love them.

Neglect from people who attain great heights is dishonoring and dampens the spirit of achieving success.

This article will present several ideas for messages you can write in congratulations cards for friends and colleagues to congratulate them on their successes, and achievements.

Special Congratulations Messages

  1. Congratulations! The results you have achieved are awesome and speaks volume of how invaluable your efforts have become. You are indeed a genius.
  2. I was greatly overwhelmed by the good news your efforts have brought. This is awesome tiding will encourage generations. Congratulations!
  3. This success is really a great one, healthy minds will be thrilled by this news and will celebrate it greatly. More strength to your elbow as you fire on. Congratulations.
  4. This amazing attainment is just one among the journey to greatness. Your ability to relentlessly birth solutions to problems and find innovative ways to improve the world is the key to this success and many to come. Felicitations!
  5. Applauds! You defied all odd to achieve this success. Your route to this victory was seemingly characterized with great deal of humility and strong character. Congratulations
  6. This victory has shown how diligence rewards and how tenacity brings success. Lifetime will not be enough to celebrate this achievement. Congrats fella.
  7. You have been mind blowing in this work and pursuit. Congratulations my boss!
  8. I never doubted your capabilities. You have proved doubters wrong. Congratulations to the self-made king!
  9. Congratulations on your incredible success. However, this goes to show the touch of Midas in you. You are awesome.
  10. Hurray! This good tidying calls for joy and merry. Focused as an ingredient for success has been proven by this wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!

Congratulations Messages for Achievement

  1. There is no glory without a story. At the beginning of this your academic pursuit it seemed foggy and discouraging. All glory to God for the success in your results.
  2. It is believed that purpose channeled towards opportunity amounts to inevitable success. You have shown character and dexterity in this your project.  This success will reverberate throughout this universe.
  3. This task is obviously a very hard nut, but your purposefulness and the achieved result have made it look easy. I hail your outstanding witty victory.
  4. You are truly stouthearted in this stride you took. Many have shrunk as a result of fear and lack of courage. But you have shown you are not a coward when it comes to achieving good results. Congratulations.
  5. Some will quit at the sight of the mountainous task that lies before them. However, you have shown braveness in masterminding the success of this venture. Congratulations!
  6. Congratulations amigo! The stunt was amazing. I remain proud of you.
  7. I have always believed in you, your potential, and what you represent. Congratulations on the success you recorded in your journey to the spotlight.
  8. From zero you arrived a great hero. I want to hail your wisdom and patience. Amidst all odds, you broke through. Congratulations!
  9. One’s talent and ability towards hard work can get one to the apogee of life. You have proven you are a lion indeed. Congratulations!
  10. Relentless has been your watch ward in this pursuit to become the winner of this tournament. Nevertheless,  you are the best. Congratulations on your achievement.

Congratulations Wishes on Success

  1. Congratulations on your hard earned success. Nothing good comes easy. I wish you well as your gear to surpass this level.
  2. This energy is electrical, I wish it never stops burning high. You were an outright success. Best of wishes and prayers. Congratulations to a rare gem!
  3. May you sustain the energy to reach the mountain top. You have shown you are capable of surmounting the impossible in your past results. Congratulations.
  4. Your dexterity really earned you this deserving success. However, you have proven you are limitless in breaking forth. Congratulations!
  5. Just like the flight of an eagle you have taken advantage of the odds. Those setbacks rather became a sort of springboard. Congratulations to you.
  6. Million salutes. The success was however a dazzling one. Keep up that spirit. I wish you many success in the future.
  7. You have earned my respect in your achievement of success. I pray you attain greater heights in your future endeavors.
  8. Just like a torch in the dark, your success has lite courage in every ear that hears it. I wish you more better days. Congrats.
  9. You have shown yourself to be a great example for the younger ones to learn from. Congratulations!
  10. You have proven yourself as fantastic and incredible. Congratulations!

Congratulations Messages for Award

  1. Warm congrats to you. The heights you just attain imply that no good effort of a purposeful person will fall on a dead ground.
  2. Your talent has shown you are capable of breaking through all odds. Congratulation on the award!
  3. I am happy that your hard work finally paid off. On this amazing note, I hail your dexterity and focus. Congratulations!
  4. You have shown you are a giant and remain unstoppable in goal-getting. Congratulations on your academic award.
  5. You have left an amazing footprint for the oncoming generation to follow. Congratulations on winning an award. Keep hitting heights!
  6. Congratulations on your award of excellence. It is such a lovely thing, as well a good tiding that will be sung by generations to come.
  7. The award on your completion of the project shows you are a genius. We will celebrate your achievement from dusk to dawn.
  8. Perseverance is surpassing and the reward of every great achievement is gold. Congratulations on your award.
  9. Congratulations on this award. This goes to show how invincible you are and how determined you have always been in chasing dreams. I hail you!
  10. All hail the victor! You have stood victorious amidst tests and challenges. I want to congratulate you on your award of success.

Congratulations Messages on Wedding

  1. It is believed that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. I just want to say congratulations on this beautiful union.
  2. May the good God that made this union happen to keep you both together. Happy married life!
  3. Congratulations on your Holy Matrimony, May the love keep burning as you both grow old together.
  4. May the good God sustain the tying of knot between you both. May overflowing love keep his union, and may there be no third party. Happy married life.
  5. What God has joined together let no man come between them. This marriage will last until the end of time. Congratulations!
  6. Just like two love birds, this union will enjoy every freedom growth it deserves. Keep flying together. Congratulations!
  7. Congratulation to this freshest couple. The horizon will always make way for the both of you as you consummate this marriage.
  8. Congratulations! I pray that God will bless both of you. May the love that will keep this marriage going never stop burning.
  9. This is the most lovely chapter of your life. As you live it out in the most loving manner, may the resources that will sustain always come forth.
  10. Just as you say I do, may all good things say I do to this marriage. Congratulations.

Congratulations Message For New Job

  1. Getting this job has proven that you are the best fit for it. Congratulations and best of luck.
  2. Finding a new job is among the good thing that can happen to a man. I pray this new job will pave the way to another bigger height. Congratulations
  3. I feel delighted to be a witness to your rising. May you rise higher in your career pursuit. Congratulations on your new job!
  4. Congratulations friend! I am happy to see you living out your dream life with your new job. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. Your potential has always proven you as the best and the best any employer would like to have. Best of luck on your new career job.
  6. Your hard work and past good effort, I dare say, earned you this job. I wish you the best. Congratulations!
  7. I pray that this new job will lift you to a level that your imagination never pictured. This job will set you on the right to greatness. Congratulations!
  8. Even with the tough economy, this great company however saw the need to bring you in. This goes to show how indispensable you are to the nation’s economy. Congratulations on your new job. You deserve it!
  9. Congratulations to you. May this career path put to your table all the needed resources for a good life as you rise to the sky. Best of luck!
  10. You never give up philosophy has paid off. Congratulation on your new job.

Congratulations Message For New House

  1. A roof over one’s head is among the greatest achievement set for every human to live up to. However, you have proven you are capable of every good thing. Congratulations on your new house.
  2. Building a house is among the tough task in life. You have surmounted this task. Congratulations to you!
  3. You have really built heaven-on-earth. I am really happy for you on this achievement. Congratulations!
  4. What you built is really a palace which every person will really love to have. May God bless your effort and keep you healthy. Congratulations on your new house.
  5. I really love your new house at first instance. This is really a beautiful building. I pray to God that no evil will locate you in this new house. Congratulations!
  6. Just like the Tower of Eiffel, this building will always stand the test of time. Every eye that sees this new structure will love it. Congratulations!
  7. I pray to God that this new structure will bring you lifting and open doors as you move into it. Congratulations!
  8. This is proof you are truly a man of vision, a man whose standard is of high value. Your new building will cover you from every setback. Congratulations
  9. This new house is an outright castle. Very mighty and beautiful. Congratulations!
  10. The blueprint of this building implies a masterclass. A very beautiful edifice. Congratulations on your beautiful house.

Congratulations Messages on Graduation

  1. Congratulations on your graduation. I pray that vigor, brilliance, and masterclass weave your success story.
  2. It takes a Brainiac to attain this academic milestone. I pray that God will grant you the grace to break more records. Congratulations!
  3. Academic stride is among the greatest stride to take. However, you have taken it and emerged victorious. We celebrate you!
  4. We will continue celebrating you for this outstanding achievement.
  5. Congratulations on your graduation, your next academic adventure will be marked with victory. Caps off to you!
  6. Congratulations on the completion of this breathtaking chapter. Best of luck as you push further.
  7. Cheers to four years of excellence and conquering. Fly high like the eagle!
  8. Your journey to stardom is totally unstoppable. congratulations on your finishing another level of academic adventure. Bravo!
  9. Congratulation on graduating on top of your class. We have always believed in you and know you are a pacesetter. Tombs up!
  10. We are really happy and proud of this great success. We are happy to share in this your success story this day. More success!

Congratulations Message For New Car

  1. Congratulations on your lovely new ride. I pray it takes you safely to places. Enjoy!
  2. Cheers on your new car. It is never easy, after every hustle a beautiful brand new car is how ever worth celebrating the achievement with.
  3. Congratulation on your new baby! No more walking on foot. I pray for the safety of you in your new car.
  4. Hullo friend, I am happy for you. Obviously no more rushing on to catch a taxi. Enjoy!
  5. It is believed that life is a journey, however, with your new ride, you will reach many heights and distances. I wish you more good cars.
  6. That Lamborghini has always been your target, of course here you are owning it. Congratulations on your new ride.
  7. You finally bought that Ferrari! I wish you a safe drive. Congratulations!
  8. I pray your new car will bring you joy, happiness, and a lovely cruise and you drive your family and friends with it. Congratulations!
  9. You will always arrive at your destination, no form of accident shall come your way. This new car will take you to places of glory and celebration. Congrats!
  10. I really admire your new ride. It is really sparkling beautiful. May it attract good things to your life. Congratulations!

Amazing Congratulations Quotes

  1. Never downplay success in every giant stride in life. A man is capable of winning. Congrats!
  2. Never at any point in your career pursuit feel too dampened nor accept defeat for a breakthrough is always a step further. Bravo!
  3. You are perfectly structured for success, never override that idea with accepting defeat. Congratulations on your achievement.
  4. You are always going to make it only if you sustain the right mindset. Cheers!
  5. The road to the summit is never a smooth one, never expect a rosy route. However, gear yourself for victory. Cheers!
  6. Never doubt your capabilities. Just give it a fight! Congratulations!
  7. You are a being full of possibilities. Be spartan-hearted and go for your dream. Congratulations!
  8. Success always goes with a price to pay. Be strong never to go into perpetual debt. Congratulations!
  9. Be the master of your fate. You will emerge victorious. Cheers!
  10. A congratulatory message is a token of acknowledging toward a lovely stride. Never withhold it. Cheers!


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