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How to Check Polaris Bank Balance & Account Number on Phone

This article explains how to check your Polaris Bank balance and account number on a mobile phone.

Gone are those days when you will write down your account number and bank balance. With technology, everything is now easy.

With our mobile phone, we can get to know our Polaris Bank account balance even without an internet connection.

Memorizing our account number is also a thing of the past, you don’t need to go to the bank every time you forget your account number.

All Polaris Bank customers have access to the Polaris bank USSD code, to check their account balance anytime they wish free of charge.

All that is required is to have an account with Polaris Bank. Then dial the code with the mobile number that is linked to the account; the request will be displayed on the phone screen in a few seconds.

Code to check Polaris bank account balance

Polaris Bank Balance

The USSD code of Polaris bank is a very short one, and easy to memorize. So no one has a reason to forget it. The code is shown below.

  • Dial: *833#

After dialing *833# your account number will not display immediately. You will have to follow the command to check your bank balance with Polaris Bank.

Note: Make sure that you are dialing the USSD code from the mobile number your Polaris Bank is associated with.

Code to check Polaris bank account number

There is no direct code to check your Polaris bank account number. But by dialing *833# to check your account balance as explained above. The message you will receive will also carry your account number.

Alternatively, you can also make use of the Polaris bank mobile app to check your account number.

Aside from checking your bank balance, there are a lot of other things that can be done with the Polaris Bank code.

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