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Why I left My Job and Started Blogging as a Career – Rebecca Ellis

Blogging as a career can help you realize your dream job and goals as an entrepreneur.

Is it photography, writing, music, plumbing, fashion, teaching, or marketing you want to do? Just name it, all industries now use blogging to connect with customers.

And as an individual, you too can find a lot of opportunities in blogging as a career.

The world is so small that starting a blog as a full-time career can send you to a global push.

Wondering how to do that??

Read a step-by-step guide for beginners on How to Start a Blog.

Blogging as a career

I mean, how can blogging help you realize that your dream gets fulfilled?

In a very recent interview with Rebecca Ellis, STARcityNG was keen to know “if blogging really worth to be a career?”

And we found out what to do before choosing blogging as a career.

So, what are those things?

After listening to what our guest had to say, I bet, you’re going to have a rethink about everything around your life as an entrepreneur who wants to grow in this digital age.

I see the future that digital marketing has in store for businesses and individuals.

But I wonder if you see the same!

Whether you see what I see or NOT, just read this interview till the end and make your comment.

Having considered the trends and prospects in business and technology, the renowned digital marketing consultant says:

I would say there will be a rise in people going freelance, offering their services/ideas/knowledge and likely selling their own product, or running an event and they will succeed. Rebecca

The fact is when you have a blog, you have one sure marketing strategy to succeed in your business or career.

But that’s not without some effort as noted by the digital consultant in this interview.

Let’s look at those things you can do to succeed in life as a blogger.

Who is Rebecca Ellis?

Rebecca Ellis, a 25-year old dog loving and loud-music enthusiast is an entrepreneur from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

By profession, Rebecca is a “big shot” in family portrait and wedding photography.

She uses blogging passionately to promote herself. And today, she’s a reputable digital marketing consultant in Ireland.

The young photographer-turned blogger empowers entrepreneurs on how to build and market their brands on social media.
My work can inspire individuals, bloggers, and small business owners to design a life they love. Rebecca

Many of her works can be found on her official website, Rebecca Ellis.

She’s very open and calm for professional consultations. She has all the qualities of a great blogger which one could ever emulate from her to succeed.

After a brief introduction, the interview went thus:

How she got into blogging

I started my first blog on a social networking and blogging website called Piczo – 12 years ago. At that time, I really enjoyed writing short stories and talking about my time in high school.

The website also allowed you to design your page from scratch and I loved the concept of creating something that was unique and mine.

When Piczo was shut down, I moved across to BLOGGER.com and that was when I had just started studying journalism as a GCSE.

Victoria from InTheFrow and Zoe Sugg from Zoella was becoming big at that time and I was so inspired by their content that I wanted to do it too…

I also wish I could use my blog as a case study for classes in journalism.

In 2019, I closed everything down and took a hiatus from writing, only to relaunch as a self-hosted website in January 2020.

Now, I just wanted to inspire individuals, bloggers, and small business owners to build and market their own brands. Rebecca

Goodness knows where I’d have been now having I put the proper time and effort into my content back then.

What are your strengths in blogging?

I like to think that my biggest strength in blogging is writing. With that, I’ve always found it so much easier to get things down, than I do say… presenting it.

Other strengths in blogging would be consistency, providing value and answers, and generally just being engaging and using my knowledge to build my brand and market it so that I can have a reputable blog that readers would want to return to, time and time again.

How would you describe your blogging style?

This one is actually connected to the colours I use in my branding.

They say that green is a colour of balance, harmony, and growth – but it’s also shown to improve readability and creativity in blogging.

My blogging style encompasses everything about this shade.

I write with valueknowledge, and passion, which reflects my personality to an extent.

I essentially write with my readers in mind.

What blogging strategies do you think are the best to make a blogger succeed?

Trends are pointing towards:

  1. Long form posts
  2. Reliable facts and references
  3. Thoughtful and developed content
  4. Consistent posting
  5. High quality snippets
  6. Social media engagement
  7. Video and interactive media (infographics)
  8. Professional level-copywriting.

If you want to be a successful blogger then you would consider all of the above.

Take everything back to the basics, define what your brand is and what you want it to look like – think colour, font, language.

Work on marketing as your niche (research pillar content).

Then focus on creating high-quality, engaging and shareable content on your blog and on your social media channels.

What I recommend to all of my clients is consistency. Be consistent in your branding, your marketing, and your uploading.

What do you think is the best blog idea a blogger should provide to boost traffic?

If you want to boost your web traffic, then I would recommend creating evergreen content. Content that readers will come back to, time and time again.

Think – what’s going to inspire your audience to take action, and what can you teach them?

People react to posts, where they feel like they have something to gain. My best post to date was based on a to-do list strategy that will instantly upgrade your work week.

What was your best strategies to monetize your blog and how do you see the strategy?

Since my blog wasn’t around in 2019, I can’t account for myself. But I do know that people who did the following were doing well:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Advertisement placement
  3. E-books
  4. Courses
  5. Selling a freelance service.

Need a profitable side hustle? Try any of these 5.

Or you can explore over 30 profitable business ideas you can cover in your blog.

The fact is that more and more people are moving their businesses online.
So, I would say there would be a rise in people going freelance, offering their services, ideas, knowledge, and likely selling their own products or running an event and they will succeed.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

I’m really fortunate because I already work from home. But I set aside time each day to market and engage with my readers.

Everything else is done in advance i.e. I schedule Tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts, as well as blog posts.

I even bulk-shoot photographs and edit these.

Honestly, if you want something to do well, you will make time to ensure that it does.

What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more backlinks to your blog?

The best strategy that I’ve found, is just posting consistent, regular, high-quality content. When you put time and effort into something, it will show.

Other strategies could be:

  1. Guest posts for other websites
  2. Sharing your content on social media
  3. Blog commenting
  4. Featuring other brands
  5. Interlinking between pages on your blog i.e. if you write a blog post, that is perhaps relevant to something you’ve already talked about before, link it!

You can also try these steps to get quality backlinks.

How do you want to improve your blog this year?

At the moment, I’m putting focus into creating content and filling my website, so that there is plenty for my readers to see or do.

Other than that I’ll probably focus on SEO and blog traffic for the rest of the year, making little tweaks here and there.

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

Not so much a failure, because I’ve learned a lot of things along the way – but I’d probably have started doing what I’m doing now, a lot sooner.

I feel as though I wrote a lot of content that I wasn’t fully invested in, on my old blogs and that is why they didn’t progress.

Now I have the knowledge and experience to make it happen?.

With this, tell our audience about your proudest achievement as a blogger?

Being in the position I’m now is my proudest achievement. I say that, because I love watching my clients succeed in their fields – I get great job satisfaction out of it, when I know that I can help someone.

Who are your mentors in and out of blogging community and how has that helped you so far?

I’ve never had a coach or mentor, but my partner is my biggest support outside of the blogging community.

He reads every single blog post.

Even if he doesn’t quite understand it, he gives me feedback. We even brainstorm social media posts together.

In terms of the blogging community, I follow people like Jasmine Star.

She is the best business strategist in the game, and we all have a lot to learn from her.

Lastly, in terms of how it has helped, it has built my confidence, shown me that I’m capable and honestly, just spurred me to continue doing what I’m doing.

What is your greatest achievement outside blogging?

My biggest achievement outside of blogging was meeting Matthew and becoming his fiancee. He is the most caring and understanding person I have ever met and I can’t imagine myself being where I’m now without his support.

What advice would you like to give job seekers roaming the street?

You can start anything from nothing. Rebecca

My advice is if you are searching for a job, it’s to seek guidance and /or get support from your local office. Create a CV, post it, email it and hand it in everywhere.

Check this out, what hiring managers look for in you during a job interview.

No matter how profitable blogging is, blogging success will not happen overnight unless you create something that is going to go viral.

Meanwhile, you can get a job and start a blog certainly. But you would do plenty of research on how to create a successful blog and market it before you spend money you might not even have.


The interview went very fine and we give many thanks to Rebecca Ellis for sparing so much time to share valuable tips with us on how to start blogging as a career.

In this interview, we tried to see if blogging worth to be a career. And our guest said a lot of things using herself as a case study.

Based on the current situation in business and technology, anyone can consider blogging as a career. But don’t expect the results coming a minute after you started without much effort.

It would take a while to get to a level whereby your blog can take care of your bills.

We are a group of niche-specialized writers. We research for first class information and report it on techorganism.com. Most of the articles we display here are on business, technology, investment, banking and any other information we expect to be relevant to this blog.


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