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How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas and Never Get Stuck

Writing about your personal experiences, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, learning, success and failure is the biggest strategy for blogging. – Karisma Verma.

The question of how to come up with blog post ideas is one of the most frequently asked questions most bloggers ask at a point in time.

It’s a common practice to know how to get great post ideas for your blog.

In case you don’t have a blog yet, click to know the right way to start a blog.

Since the emergence of Google BERT, you MUST create quality and relevant content to be visible on Google.

Your creativity level, however, helps you to become a top-notch blogger.

Discover 11 Qualities to become a professional blogger.

If you have made a mistake while choosing your blog niche, you could get stuck mostly if the niche is highly competitive.

There, you can hardly find ideas which haven’t been explored by the others.

If you think of any blog post idea or topic and search Google, the search engine will blast you with millions of results.

That actually means you’re not the only one in your industry.

This can make you think no one is going to read your content. And the more fear you entertain, the more you throw your ideas into the bin.

For this reason, it’s quite difficult sometimes to write a unique blog post.

This guide answers the following questions:

  • How to come up with unique blog post ideas?
  • How do you find blog topics?
  • What should you blog about?
  • What topics can you write about?
  • What should you write in a blog post?

Or better put how do you choose a topic for your blog? What strategies do you use to make your blog content relevant to your audience?

If you have any idea on how to come up with blog post ideas, please share it with us in the comment box below.

As for our guest, Karishma Verma, the biggest strategy to come up with blog post ideas include:

Writing about your personal experiences, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, learning, success and failure is the biggest strategy for blogging. Karishma Verma

Out of this strategy, you can generate unique blog content which no one has ever read before.

How to come up with blog post ideas?

Looking for how to generate blog post ideas isn’t just about writing something, but writing what your audience can relate to what is happening in their life or industry.


Then you look both inward and outward and ask yourself,

“Where do ideas come from?”

John Locke interprets the human mind as “Tabula Rasa” – a ‘blank slate’ which can be filled with personal experiences such as what we see, hearsmell, and feel

From all this, you can form ideas about the world you chose.

Let Locke stay in Philosophy, while we bloggers stay in blogging?.

We need to look at how you can practicably come up with blog post ideas from the following strategies:

1. Know your audience

The first thing that can always help you to get blog post ideas is to understand your audience very well.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they want?
  • Where are they?
  • How to reach them?

You can use Google Analytics to get insights into what your audiences are interested in and how they engage with your blog.

Based on their interests, you’ll always know what to write and get their attention.

2. Leverage your personal life

Your personal experience can also serve as a source of ideas or knowledge-base. From what has happened to you, you can come up with great ideas.

My post on the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer Online was created after I was duped by a freelancer.

Because people like to read real-life stories, it will help them to tell stories about what happened to them.

Just find parts of your experience that are relevant to your audience and write about them.

3. Look inward for ideas

This is another strategic way to come up with unique blog post ideas.

When no idea is coming, review some of your previous blog posts and see which sub-topics can be developed.

This can also help you to boost your thought leadership as it encourages writing in-depth posts for your blog.

4. Look outward for ideas

Read other blogs that are similar to yours and critically find what you can review and re-present.

When you’re doing this, make sure you don’t plagiarize as that won’t let you go far in blogging.

5. Interview your competitors

Your competitors are the other people in the same market or industry as you.

Use whatever means you have to reach out to them and schedule an interview with them. You can find people to interview on Facebook groups or Twitter.

Send them a private message on what the interview is all about.

Most importantly, let them know the benefits in the interview for the two of you. While the interview helps you to get content to publish, it promotes the other person.

6. Explore the web

There are different ways to explore the web and come up with great blog post ideas. This includes finding what is missing on your blog and trying to fill the space with necessary information.

7. Join Facebook groups

It becomes especially easy for you to come up with unique blog post ideas when you join groups of professionals.

In each group, different issues concerning SEO, blogging tips, WordPress themes and plugins, and social media marketing are raised.

You can generate ideas from what is asked and answered by the others in your groups.

When someone asks a question, take out the question and work it out on your own. That can be your next blog post.

When you’re done answering the question, publish and share it with the group to get additional traffic to your blog.

8. Solve Quora questions

If you really want to know how to come up with blog post ideas, Quora is another place to go.

Visit different Quora pages and select questions and answers which are relevant to your audience. Conduct a further study and generate your own articles.

9. Follow trends

Following what is trending can help you generate a good blog post idea.

This is much easier with a tool called Google trends.

The tool can give you an insight into what is trending at a point in time. Leverage the tool to find relevant blog posts to write on.

10. Analyze your competitors

This suggests spying on your competitors to know who they are and what they publish.

Take note of their last ten blog posts and find out how you can create better content for your audience. With this strategy, you won’t get stuck until you replicate the whole ten topics you have stolen.

But because the game is sweet, you can always find more to steal.

11. Get a contributor

You can find a contributor or guest blogger for your blog. But note that most guest bloggers ask for money or backlinks in return.

So, to use this strategy, just make sure you have what it takes. You might not need a big budget for guest blogging.

When you’re out of stock, you can get a freelance writer that will always supply you with great blog posts for as low as $5 on Fiverr.

Read how to use Fiverr to make money online.

12. Never discard your ideas

Sometimes when ideas are forming, they look crazy on a piece of paper. Reading it to yourself, you’ll feel like,

Who is going to listen to this trash?”

Oh buddy, that is a big mistake!!!

No idea is crazy.

Before you condemn a piece of what your mind is telling you, first put it in black and white and relax. Go back to it after a few days and review it.

If it’s still not making sense, try to fine-tune it without losing the original message.

Whenever this happens to me, it might cost me up to a week and five sheets of A4 paper to put an idea in a good shape.

By the time the idea would be formed, don’t be surprised if all that is useful out of all you have written so far is just only a 100-word.

After we have seen some of the possible ways and strategies to generate blog post ideas, let’s see who is Karishma Verma?

Who is Karishma Verma?

Karishma Verma who is popularly known by her fans as Kaddie is from India. She graduated in mid-2018 as an engineer.

Kaddie is an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread positive vibes around herself and amongst her people!

She blogs over at Gratisoul.

“Gratisoul” is derived from two words that are, ‘gratis’ + ‘soul’ which means ‘free soul’.

To some people, ‘Gratisoul’ is derived from the word ‘gratitude’ and has then been affixed with ‘soul’.

This blog doesn’t guarantee that your life will change drastically just by reading it. Because, to be frank, nobody can guarantee that.

But it guarantees that once you read and soak in the actual message it conveys, you will definitely feel those vibes resonating around and you’ll come to realize that your story is quite similar.

You’ll also try to change your perspective towards seeing things around you differently in your life which you previously never discerned and then you’ll become a ‘#Gratisoul’.

Other questions answered by Karishma

Other questions and answers go thus:

Q. 1. Describe how you got into blogging

I’ve always had a fad for creativity. Because I can’t express that clearly vocally, I have to express it through my writing.

When I was a kid, I used to write short poems but that was just one of those lame and funny childish things.

It was only 2 years back when I randomly created an account on WordPress and started blogging about whatever I felt about my life and my experiences.

And I loved it!

So, after that random blogging on WordPress, I created my own website.

I started taking it more seriously as a platform to embrace my opinions and also to help people find my stories related to their experiences.

My blog is to make people feel they aren’t alone or nobody understands their point of view.

It will be my one-year blog anniversary this January 16th and I guess there is no looking back now!!

Q. 2. What are your strengths in blogging?

My strengths in blogging are my real-life experiences. When I write about them, unfiltered, I guess that’s what I feel proud of. Because showing who you really are is the biggest strength a person can reveal.

Q. 3. How would you describe your blogging style?

Real. Raw. Relatable. Strong.

Q. 4. What blogging strategies can make a blogger succeed?

Since there are already a million blogs on the internet, according to me, writing about your personal experiences, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, learnings, success, and failure is the biggest strategy for blogging.

Because that’ll depict you, nobody can copy that and people will find it relatable to their life!!

Q. 5. What blog post ideas can boost traffic?

Just stay consistent on your website as well as on social media. But still ‘quality is better than quantity. ‘Be patient and ‘believe in your content’.

Q. 6. What is your best strategy to monetize your blog?

To be honest, I have not gained money out of my blog yet. I’m still figuring out different options for that.

Read How to monetize your blog.

Although I have ads on my website, still that’s a long process.

So, I’m also in search of some new monetizing techniques. But, I believe that one has to be patient with blogging. Because impatience is one of the reasons why bloggers fail.

If you are in this for quick money, then let me tell you, it’s not that easy. You’ll have to search for different options, try different things, put out good content daily, and stay patient.

Q. 7. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

It’s all about priorities.

I made a decision to put out a new blog every Wednesday and Sunday. So, when you set deadlines for yourself, it works as a reminder for your subconscious mind and you’ll manage your time accordingly.

So, just set deadlines for yourself!!

Q. 8. What strategy works well for you to backlinks to your blog?

I guess guest-blogging and collaborating with other bloggers is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks.

And get connected with people around the world and learning about their culture and experiences can also help.

Q. 9. How do you want to improve your blog this year?

This year, my main focus would be to reach out to more people.

I want to spread my message, and collaborate with more bloggers in my niche who are willing to voice their opinions on my blog.

And then, I will just stay consistent throughout.

Q. 10. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I don’t take my failures or successes to my head or give it a tag of being the greatest or smallest.

For me, every experience is an important one because with every experience we learn big or small.

And that eventually helps us to grow as an individual.

So, instead of defining something as the greatest failure or success, try to stay grounded and just learn and grow from every experience!

Q. 11. Tell our audience about your proudest achievement as a blogger?

Since I’ve already said that I don’t like to give any tag to my experience no matter how big or small it is.

But, one of my proudest achievements was when I was selected to write for ‘The Times’ of India Newspaper’s website as a blogger.

It is the national newspaper of my country and to write for their website, is something that I can’t describe in words!

I’m just grateful that I got this opportunity!!

Q. 12. Who are your mentors in and out of the blogging community and how has that helped you so far?

My biggest mentors are my parents, who have always supported and guided me in my every decision.

Apart from them, I follow ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Garyvee’. Superwoman A.K.A Lilly Singh is an Indo-Canadian YouTuber and I like her positive vibe and hustling way of life.

While Garyvee is a Businessman and a social media mentor who is also all about hustling and staying consistent and patient with your content.

They really motivate me to hustle harder and just focus on my goals!

Q. 13. What is your greatest achievement outside blogging?

I haven’t achieved anything great yet.

I’m still a work in progress but I do believe that one day I’ll make myself proud!! So, until then I’ll just continue hustling and helping people!!

Q. 14. What advice would you like to give job seekers?

Since there are already millions of blogs, blogging has become tough to fetch money initially. (This is what I am experiencing right now and everybody has peculiar experiences.)

You’ll have to stay consistent for quite some time before you’ll start generating income out of it.

So, until then, you should definitely have a permanent job to back you up financially.

Continue blogging as a side hustle pending the time you will start making enough money from your blog.

And that is when you can focus on blogging full-time.


Learning how to come up with great blog post ideas starts from knowing how to add value to what is already on the web.

There is no doubt, that you can’t be the first person to create an idea. Many have the same idea and people have already read about their works.

So, they’re tired of the same old story most bloggers copy online. When you’re joining the race, all it requires is to make a clearer difference on the subject matter.

If you’re afraid of making mistakes or writing what your audience might not like, you’re most likely going to sit down at your computer from the morning till night and have nothing to show for it.

The more fear you entertain, the more you throw your ideas into a bin. At the end of the day, you will shut down your system and hope for another day, which you have no guarantee isn’t going to be like today.

Get this guide and learn how to generate unique blog post ideas that can engage your audience.

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