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How to Make Your Blog Images to Appear on Google Search

This post will teach you how to make all your blog post images appear on Google and every other search engine that supports images.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done on different levels. Starting from on-site SEO to off-page SEO, one crucial factor in SEO is using the appropriate image. Also, the right keywords and tags play the most vital role.

Blog images are vital; you can gain traffic from the image features of Google search and other search engines that display images.

Unlike text, the search engine bots can not see and identify your images just like normal user; they then have to rely on the image ALT tag to identify and understand all images on the web.

Also, text that is around your images helps to improve your image ranking in the image search engines.

How to add an Alt tag to WordPress images

Once you add an image to your blog post, you get an option to add Title and Alt tag, adding this will take care of image SEO.

The best way to add the alt tag is manually by adding it to any image you upload on WordPress.

If you have an already existing site in which images had no Alt tag, you will have to edit all old images on your website to add an Alt tag.

Although editing manually may be time-consuming. To save time, you may need to install the “SEO Friendly Images” WordPress Plugin.

This WordPress plugin called “SEO Friendly Images” is a free WordPress image SEO plugin. It will quickly add an ALT tag on all your images.

How to make blog images SEO friendly

First, you will have to install and activate the SEO friendly images plugin. It is a free plugin that you can get from your admin dashboard.

After you have activated the plugin, go to Settings > SEO friendly images and configure the necessary settings

See image below:

While using this plugin, you can automate both your WordPress image title and alt tag, as shown in the image above.

Though most search engine uses only the alt tag to identify your image. The image title also plays an important role, and it is an excellent idea to give a good title with the required keyword.

Give your images a name that suits its keyword before uploading.

A perfect setting will be to use: %name for ALT tag and %Title for Title tag

When done, click on update options, and that is it.

Your images will increase the overall on-page SEO of your blog, together with WordPress SEO friendly images plugin.


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