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How to Block and Unsubscribe From Mails in Gmail App

Do you want to stop some email addresses from sending you emails?

In this post, we explained How to Block and Unsubscribe Mails in Gmail.

If you are tired of deleting unnecessary messages from your Gmail inbox daily, then you should have a rethink.

Email is always required on almost all registration done online today, even those we considered a mistake. After registration, we start getting unnecessary emails from them.

Some of us subscribe to the newsletter of different institutions – and they keep no bombing us with emails, even when we are no longer interested in them.

Although for a regular newsletter email there is always an “Unsubscribe” link below it. You can click on it to unsubscribe yourself.

There are also some “spammy” ones without an unsubscribe link. How do you stop receiving emails from such?

Aside from newsletters and junk mails, you may for some personal reasons want to stop receiving emails from a particular email address.

All these are possible; you now have the power of mail moderation – to stop specific addresses from sending emails to you.

Google has a feature for you to Block and Unsubscribe. The Google block feature is available on the Web and the Gmail app on Android, while the Unsubscribe feature is available on the Web.

Block and Unsubscribe From Emails in Gmail

  • Open any email message with your Gmail app on your Phone tap Options.
  • Choose to either Unsubscribe or Block from the available options.

Block and Unsubscribe From emails in Gmail

Block Feature

This feature is used to prevent email from any person you wish to block. If you do not want to receive emails from any person or even any company which has sent emails after you unsubscribe the person, then you can make use of the block feature.

Unsubscribe Feature

If you do not want to receive any promotional e-mails from a particular website or group of websites, make use of this feature to unsubscribe from the site list.


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