How to Block Private and Non Private Callers Without any App

Block Private Number

This article will teach you how to block private numbers from calling you; with this, you can also prevent incoming calls from specific numbers.

Most features that come with the Android OS are unknown to many users. The reason for this is mainly because of third-party apps.

Android applications have made people lazy to search for features that come with their android devices.

To perform a task, most people simply search apps that can do it, instead of checking if the function is available with the OS or pre-installed app.

There are lots of apps that can be used to block calls, but these apps may be battery-consuming because they run in the background.

These apps won’t even work when your phone is on Ultra Power Saving Mode; this is why it is still better to use the in-built feature.

Again call blocking apps to make use of part of your phone resources. If your phone doesn’t have much RAM, the app may contribute to slowing it down.

There are situations when you may want to prevent someone from calling you. You may also don’t want to allow private callers. These are what we are going to show you here.

How to Block Private Callers

  1. Go to the dial screen of your android phone
  2. Click on “Settings” (the three-dot on the top-right of the screen)
  3. Select “Call Blocking
  4. Select “Block List
  5. Select “Block Anonymous Calls” or enter the phone number you want to block.

Please note that the “Block Anonymous Calls” feature will block all private calls it also blocks all incoming calls to your phone that are not saved in your contacts.


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