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Best Ways to Budget Your Money as an Entrepreneur 2023

“A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.” – Joe Moore

Knowing the best ways to budget your money can however help you develop a habit of consciousness on your daily purchases rather than lavishing every penny as it comes.

There might be necessary needs and there could be urgent needs as well, but the category of various needs differs.

Yet, it’s important your needs are met…

But how reasonable do you meet those needs?

Unlike needs, wants are insatiable due to the fact that they are unlimited. So, knowing how to budget your income warrants self-discipline.

That is, when you have the urge to get everything you want, something has to hold you back.

Money is pretty sweet!

You will realize spending money on things you don’t need or even spending money in advance the moment you begin to have control over your spending habits.

Have you ever been in a position where you were expecting some money but ended up spending the money even before you got it? This is the level and effect of the total needs a human can have.

But as an entrepreneur, you can’t be spending your money that way and hope to grow.

For this reason, you can use the following tricks to budget your money if you’re on a low income.

Best Ways to Budget Your Money and Minimize Costs

In this guide, you will learn some of the best ways to budget your money as a small business owner and minimize costs.

In order to achieve this, take the following actions:

Know Your Monthly Income

best ways to budget your money

One of the best ways to budget your money is to know your income – what do you earn daily, weekly, or monthly?

Aside from budgeting, information like this is very vital for you, especially when applying for a mortgage. It is expected to know the exact figures rather than the range.

Record your monthly income or daily profits by preferably creating a budget spreadsheet.

You might be awarded some bonuses at times, distinguish bonuses from regular incomes, and compile the record on a spreadsheet.

Itemize the Costs of Your Bills

Another way to know how to budget your income is to know the costs of your bills and which item comes first before spending your money.

You might not know the weight of all the money you spend on bills such as children’s school fees, rent, car maintenance, or even Internet/TV services until you compile a list of all the items and their costs.

Arrange those items based on the time of payment and their relevance. Some bills are regular, while some come once in a while.

For instance, children’s school fees are being paid per session, while some TV subscriptions are being paid monthly. Try as much as possible to create a complete record of a year’s bill in order to avoid spending on irrelevant things.

Make Sure To Stop Debts

Being debt free is also one of the best ways to budget your money and save more.

Sometimes, it might be hard to stop debts, but doing so can be very helpful. Keeping up debts can eventually reduce the chances of getting other things done as the need arises and this might lead to further debts.

You must have collected loans for your business in time past. However, it is advisable for a business person to stay off from piling up debts as they could lead to avoiding other complications business-wise or family-wise.

How To Get Rid of Bad Debts

  • Record all debts
  • Pay off the most expensive debt first
  • Pay off an even percentage for the rest of the debts
  • Itemize the remaining debts
  • Start with the less expensive and the most expensive later
  • Do not owe more debts
  • Checkmate the progress so far on how you have successfully gotten rid of some debts
  • Set a duration for the completion of the process and work towards it
  • Reduce excess spending to enable you to pay off on time
  • Engage in little activities that will bring funds to pay off some portion of the debt
  • Render services to the payee in order to reduce the volume of debts

Reduce the Non-Essential Treats

Having calculated the bills and volume of the debts, irrespective of the large amount of money left to squander, try to reduce unnecessary spending. This can also serve as one of the best ways to budget your money and save more for better needs.

As an entrepreneur, there are vast business ideas you can launch in order to make your business a unique one and uncontrollably spending your money might not pay off when you consider it later.

I must confess, we all buy things we don’t need sometimes, but when you weigh the cost, you will find out that it would have been better if you had saved the money.

Consider reducing costs of your daily spending by itemizing what you have been spending daily and canceling non-essentials to save costs or look for cheaper alternatives.

Track Your Budget

Spending can be very annoying, I must confess. At a point, you might have a sum of money in your wallet and then find out a few hours later that you had spent it all.

You were initially happy that you had that sum but the happiness sort of subsided when you spent it all, it happens.

What you need to do is to keep track of small spending and extra earnings by using any of these free apps. With this budgeting manner, you can know the available amount so that you remain conscious of your spending habits.

Aside from this, you need to set a standard range of money to be spent each day. This will guide you in reconsidering doing otherwise while making a purchase.

Oftentimes, you might want to buy a new item which could be expensive, say a house or a car; you need to prepare ahead for this, and carry your available money along. In that sense, you will reduce spending and save more for the new things you want to purchase.

Open a Bank Account

Having a bank account can reduce your access to your money and assists you in saving more.

If you want to evaluate your bank, try to read about these 11 smart questions to ask banks before an account opening.

You can also read things to consider when choosing a bank.

As having a bank account can serve as one of the best ways to budget your money, you will develop a habit of spending less and saving money.

Having your money saved can limit your access and reduce unnecessary spending.

Another benefit of having a functioning bank account is to accept funds directly onto your account rather than collecting cash and end up spending it carelessly.

I would advise you to pay all necessary debts before opening a savings account. This will foster comfort and freedom as you start afresh.

Assist Your Income with Side Hustles

There are numerous jobs you can launch in order to attend to your daily needs or pay off debts and loans gotten for your business.

These jobs might not necessarily be office jobs, but jobs that involve you making use of your skills at leisure.

There are several side hustles you can do online such as writing articles, reading books aloud with the correct intonation, and passing information across to various clients.

Reduce Your Spending

Reducing your spending is key and overall trick to help you budget your income. Of all the aforementioned best ways to budget your money, what to achieve is how to reduce your spending.

But because very many people find this hard to do, other items come before realizing the need for reducing your spending.

So, as mentioned earlier, keep your spending very simple by purchasing affordable items only and leaving the expensive ones for another time when you are fully balanced with your savings.


I do hope if not all but a few of the best ways to budget your money as mentioned will help you spend less and save more. If you follow these tips, you can be better off in your budget this year.

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