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12 Best VPN Services & the Reasons to Use a Virtual Private Network in 2023

Do you want to learn how to surf anonymously online?

Are you trying to visit a website that is restricted in your region or country?

Here we will show you how to bypass any website in any country.

There are lots of reasons why people may need a Virtual Private Network (VPN), this may be for business or personal reasons.

This article best VPN apps and Reasons for Using a VPN will definitely put you through on how you can do that with a simple tweak of their app. So let me show you how to do that.

Before that why is it important that stay anonymous or use VPN apps?  In most cases, it is highly important that one protects his or her identity while browsing online.

This is to enable you to keep your security details, and data protected to avoid it falling into a wrong source.

So that is why it is necessary for you to make use of VPN apps and services to stay away from early lullabies.

So let’s look down on the top best VPN apps one can make use of today without compromising your information online

Now, this brings us to the main question, what is Virtual Private Network?

What is a VPN

VPN is a kind of software that protects your online information. It does this by masking your IP address.


With VPN your data and routes are encrypted via secure networks to servers in far away states of other countries.

A VPN hides its users’ online identity, therefore allowing you to browse the internet anonymously.

Reasons for Using a VPN

Safety and Security of the user

VPN helps to encrypt a level of tunnel for data transfer from your device to the host. With this, it will remove all chances of snooping and spying on your data.

No matter your purpose of being on the internet, a Virtual Private Network will make everything end-to-end encrypted. You won’t have to worry much about cybercriminals and hackers.

VPNs Give you Anonymity

With a virtual private network, you can explore the internet from servers in different locations of the world.

By so doing, all the traffic is directed to and from the server, and your point of location and identity remain totally anonymous even to the host site.

Anonymity will protect you from targeted cyber and online attacks because no one will be able to trace your data using your personal details.

Even if you end up visiting a malicious website while on VPN your identity will still be highly secured.

To Break Geo-Restrictions

The Internet provides its users with unlimited sources of entertainment and information but sadly, these sources may not be accessible to every user of the internet. Some content on the internet is geo-restricted.

This means that there are certain content that is available only for users living in certain locations or countries, access to such information will be denied for users from other countries.

For instance, some while ago, the Nigerian government restricted the use of Twitter in the country. When this was still active many people leaving in Nigeria were still able to access Twitter without any restriction. This was only possible by those that were using a VPN to access Twitter.

VPN helps Improve Cybersecurity

Most public Wi-Fi are freely available, but it comes with lots of security threats associated with it. Threats such as attacking malware and data breaches are prominent.

These security issues make it completely unsafe for both business and personal use.

It is absolutely impossible to avoid using public Wi-Fi in most situations, especially if you are away from your home location, or are residing in a location that has high charges for a private internet connection.

The Virtual Private Network comes to your rescue by providing you with a secure and safe channel for your online activities and also encrypts your identity while using the public Wi-Fi network.

Subsidized Price of Goods and Services

This is also another reason why many make use of the VPN. While shopping online, in some cases you may notice that your location determines the price tag of some goods or services.

Most people who use a virtual private network do so to get a subsided price for things they purchase online.

Research has shown that lots of service providers rage their prices based on the standard of living of the people in different places. Prices are usually high for countries with a higher stand of living, and low pricing in places with a low standard of living.

So with VPN, if you want to make payments or purchase services online, you can actually select a location where the pricing will be cheaper.

Best VPN Services

  1. CyberGhost – Best VPN for Apple PC.
  2. NordVPN – Best VPN rated for Privacy.
  3. ExpressVPN – Best for Encryption.
  4. Surfshark – Best VPN for Security.
  5. Private Internet Access – Best for Windows devices.
  6. Hotspot Shield – Best VPN for watching Netflix.
  7. Norton Secure VPN – Best VPN for android.
  8. IPVanish – Best for Customer Support.
  9. Ivacy – Reliable and Affordable.
  10. Atlas VPN – Data Breach Monitoring.
  11. PureVPN – Best Server Base
  12. ProtonVPN – Best VPN for Zoom

You can visit any of the websites by clicking on the link and find out how much it cost to get it rolling on your device.

Personally, I prefer cyber ghost VPN to any other one up there, the reason being that with cyber ghost VPN, you have the opportunity of making use of the VPN application for a given period of no week without paying a buck.

You can click on the link and download any of the VPN services. They are also available in Android and Apple stores, so it’s no challenge to install them on your mobile device.

I don’t recommend free VPN apps to anybody because that can not guarantee your safety online, so if you are out for business to consider getting one with a small buck, and believe me you won’t regret it.

How to Setup Cyber Ghost VPN on Android & iPhones

  • Open your Google Play or iTunes store
  • Search and install cyber ghost VPN successfully
  • Now launch the cyber ghost VPN app
  • Choose any country of your choice and click to connect
  • You can now surf any website and browse anonymously

How to Check if you are Protected Online

In some cases, you would like to know if you are browsing securely or if your IP address is exposed, now follow the below steps to do that.

  • Visit whoer.net on any of your browsers
  • Navigate through the entire page carefully you will notice the level of your anonymity
  • So now can download or purchase any paid VPN apps out there and protect yourself


That’s it guys on how to surf anonymously and I present to you the top best VPN apps that you can make use of today to guarantee your online safety, especially for business and chatting.


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