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Contact Details of 10 Best Insurance Companies in Nigeria

This post listed the ten best insurance companies in Nigeria with a high reputation, we also included their contact address, phone numbers, email address, and website, so you can easily contact them at any point in time.

Another name for risk is uncertainty – something that has no guarantee that it won’t occur.

In our everyday lives, we face numerous kinds of risks from business risk to theft risk – from fire risk to accident risk, and so on.

Some of these risks are avoidable why some are unavoidable, and there was a need for risk to be properly managed.

Our business has to be protected, likewise, our car, house, and other property we have, not to mention our lives.

In other to manage all these risks, insurance was born. The birth of insurance passed through different forms, policies, principles, and methods.

Today in Nigeria, so many people neglect the insurance, and they see it as a waste of money.

Most businessmen claim they can not afford to pay the insurance company their premium and decide to manage the risk themselves by keeping their vulnerable insurable risks.

On the other hand, there are a few businessmen and individual who understands the importance of having insurance cover things risky to them.

Insurance in Nigeria is growing and has many potentials to display in the future.

This is why we decided to bring the list of highly-rated insurance firms that have a good reputation in Nigeria.

best insurance companies in nigeria

Best Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Please note that this list is not arranged in an orderly manner. And it is based on the author’s research and personal experience. 

1. AIICO Insurance

Aiico insurance is among the top player in the Insurance business in Nigeria. They provide comprehensive insurance covers and possess unique capabilities, skills, and services to bring risk management tools to their clients.

  • Head Office Address: 203-205, Apapa Oshodi Expressway, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos.
  • Phone Numbers: 08023226903 01-6600715.
  • Website: www.aiicoplc.com

2. Leadway Assurance

Leadway Assurance Company is an amazing insurance company that offers insurance services in life, pensions, and business. They are one of the foremost insurance service providers in Nigeria, with a good reputation for service efficiency and reliability.

  • Head Office Address: 121/123 Funso Williams Avenue, Iponri, Lagos
  • Phone Numbers: 01-2700700, 01-2800700
  • Website: www.leadway.com
  • Email address: [email protected]

3. Custodian and Allied Insurance

Custodian and Allied Insurance are among the best insurance companies in Nigeria that provide personal and business cover. They are very reliable based on customer’s ratings, especially in health insurance.

  • Head Office Address: 16A, Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Phone Numbers: +234 1 2707206-7, 01-2793740, 01-27937401, 01-2707203
  • Website: www.custodianplc.com.ng

4. African Alliance Insurance

African Alliance Insurance is a Private Limited Liability Company incorporated in May 1960. It was the first Indigenous Insurance to get involved in the Life Assurance business in Nigeria.

  • Head Office Address: 61 Marina Street, Lagos Island.
  • Phone numbers: +234 806 630 9476, +234 703 229 4082.
  • Website: www.africanallianceplc.com

5. Anchor Insurance Company

Anchor insurance offers amazing building insurance services. In addition to that, they also provide general and risks insurance services in the country.

  • Head Office Address: Block 5A, Ayo Jagun Street, Lekki Phase 1, Ajah, Lagos.
  • Phone Numbers: 08089374025, 08020921594, 01- 8974201, 01-8417820.
  • Website: www.anchorinsuranceng.com

6. Cornerstone Insurance

Cornerstone is an insurance management firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. They are quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange since 1997. They were the first insurance company in Nigeria to come up with online insurance transactions.

  • Head Office Address: 21, Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos State.
  • Phone Numbers: 08106000800, 01-2806526, 01-2806500, +234-1-2806526
  • Websites: www.cornerstone.com.ng

7. FBN Insurance

FBN Insurance is a life insurance business that provides full coverage for corporate clients and individuals. Their offices are in the major cities of the country. They will give you peace of mind when the unexpected that comes from managing the risks of everyday life occurs.

  • Head Office Address: 34, Marina, Lagos Island.
  • Phone Numbers: 01-905 4364, 08080479319, 07098123827, 01-905 4365.
  • Website: www.fbninsurance.com

8. Mutual Benefit Assurance

Mutual Benefits Assurance is among the trusted insurance companies in the country. They cover vehicle theft & fire insurance, burglary, fire, individual, and business insurance.

  • Head Office Address: 233, Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju, Lagos.
  • Phone Numbers: +234 07045251029, +234 08083333151, 01-555 6957.
  • Website: www.mbaplc.com

9. United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance

Formally called UBA Metropolitan Life Insurance. The company has many unique products, specifically for the Nigerian market, which has contributed to economic growth and development.

The company ensures that the issues affecting life insurance in Nigeria are all well managed in a way that will protect the interest of all those involved in their operations.

  • Head Office Address: UBA House 57 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos.
  • Phone Numbers: +234 01 2772520, +234 01 9068800, +234 01 2772523.

10. Capital Express Assurance

They are the first to reckon among the fastest-growing life assurance companies in Nigeria. They are very reliable as long as the insurance business is concerned in Nigeria. Their users speak well about them and rate them very high in Nigeria.

  • Head Office Address: Crusader House, 23/25 Martins Street, Lagos Island, Lagos
  • Phone Number: +234 1 2660590, 2641519; Fax: +234 1 2664526
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website: www.capitalexpressassurance.com

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