Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

If you are looking for affiliate programs in Nigeria, then this post will be of utmost importance to you.

We listed and explained the top nine affiliates in Nigeria and four foreign affiliates that accept Nigerians to participate.

An affiliate marketing program is simply the process of earning a commission by promoting some products, services, or institutions.

With the level of technology in the world today – affiliate marketing has become so much more flexible, that you don’t even have to know the owner of the product you are marketing nor do you need to know much about the product itself.

In Nigeria today, affiliate marketing is the main reason why most blogs still exist; they make most of their revenue via affiliate market commission, which gives them enough income to stay active in the business.

No doubt, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online in Nigeria. But unfortunately, many people don’t seek the right information before venturing into it.

And after a few days of working tirelessly to promote a product, they will give up since the money they intended to make is not even coming in.

Here we will be dissecting the topics on top and best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Nigerians to make and earn more sales to boost their AdSense and other ad networks’ revenue, Also the top affiliate programs Nigerians can try.

Well, the bitter truth is that Affiliate marketing goes beyond creating an account with an affiliate company and promoting their products everywhere. No, it doesn’t work that way!

There are some crucial factors you need to consider before joining any affiliate program online, and one of them is the COMMISSION RATE.

“Commission rate is a fee paid to an affiliate by a company, for facilitating the sales or patronage of the company’s products or services”

Although there are numerous affiliate websites out there, their commission rate differs, while some are paying as low as $5 per referral, we also have some paying as high as $100 per referral.

So, would you like to discover some of these high-paying Affiliate programs in Nigeria? Then this article is for you!

In this post, I will list some of the significant affiliate providers in Nigeria whose services and commissions are very encouraging.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a company’s products or services to potential buyers, in which the promoter gets a certain amount of money [commission] after a successful purchase is made through him/her.

Affiliate Marketing is a win-win game; as the Affiliate Company generates profit from the products sold, the referral [promoter] will also be given a percentage of any affiliate sales commission.

You need to see: What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The idea behind Affiliate Marketing is very simple and straightforward.

  • Sign up with an Affiliate Program
  • Choose the products you want to sell
  • Get your unique affiliate link/code
  • Promote the product
  • Get people to buy the product via your affiliate link
  • Get rewarded and WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY!

Reasons Why You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Right Now!

Wondering why you should start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

Consider these:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Programs require low or no Startup Cost: Unlike most online businesses that require huge capital, you don’t need much money to start Affiliate Marketing, the only thing you will spend on is domain name and hosting (for a website), and even if you don’t have any cash on you, you can still kick-start your Affiliate Marketing business by using the social media, YouTube, online forums, etc (Don’t worry, I will teach you how to make cool money using these great tools, just keep reading)
  2. Affiliate Marketing Can Make You a Millionaire: I know you must have heard a lot of people saying Affiliate marketing is poo, it doesn’t work, it can’t fetch you good money. Well, that’s a big misconception! The truth is that Affiliate Marketing is a money-spinning venture; you can earn millions doing it. It boils down to your level of consistency, marketing skill, and the ability to convince people to buy a product, among other crucial factors. Perhaps you still doubt Affiliate marketing, have you heard of Mr. Pascal Okafor, the owner of He won a whopping N1,000,000 as the best affiliate marketer of a few years back. So, what’s stopping you from earning more?
  3. Affiliate Marketing creates additional Sources of Income for you: don’t put all your eggs in a basket as it is popularly said. One of the biggest financial mistakes you can ever make is focusing on a single source of income, what if something happens and you can’t generate enough money from that source anymore? That’s why you need to embrace Affiliate marketing as it serves as an additional source of income for you.
  4. Affiliate Marketing is Free And Easy to Join: Most affiliate programs are free to join and their registration procedure is quite simple for anyone who intends to join.
  5. No Technical knowledge is required: You need no technical knowledge to run your affiliate business successfully

Just follow the simple guidelines provided by your merchant and that’s all. Also, most of the cumbersome tasks, such as affiliate link generation, banner creation, shipping, and customer support are done by your merchant alone.

Your own task is to copy the affiliate link, promote the product, get sales, and get rewarded!

After identifying the reasons you need to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, what are you still waiting for?

21 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Below are my recommended High Paying Referral Programs, their average commission rate, benefits, downsides, and how to register (not only meant for Nigerians alone though)

Please note: While some of the affiliate programs will accept you immediately, some may also take a few days to get back to you.

1. Berush Affiliate Program by SEMRush

SEMRush is a renowned marketing tool used by bloggers and it is the Highest-Paid Referral program, for marketers, and SEO consultants for getting SEO and Adwords-related analytical data such as competitor analysis, keyword research, and analysis, etc.

However, SEMRush also runs an affiliate marketing program (Berush) that rewards members with a 40% commission on every subscription sale they bring in.

Average Commission rate: 40% (recurring)

Why Choose Berush Affiliate Program?

It is one of the High Paying Referral Programs (40% commission)

  • You can withdraw multiple times in a month as long as you reach the minimum threshold
  • You can receive payments via PayPal & wire transfer
  • The sign-up process is very fast with pre-approved all affiliate applications
    -You can receive the commission twice a month once you reach a minimum threshold.
  • The cookie life of this Berush is 10-years.
  • You can easily track your performance via your affiliate dashboard

Cons of Berush Affiliate Program:

  • You only earn money when the person you referred subscribes to their premium plans.

How to Sign up for the Berush Affiliate Program

Register here

2. Kwfinder Affiliate Program

KWFinder is a powerful tool used by marketers, bloggers, and SEO consultants to find hidden, profitable long-tail keywords.

KWFinder is also packed with additional premium features that make blogging and digital marketing easier.

Alongside its SEO products, KWFinder has an affiliate program that offers a 30% recurring commission to all its affiliates for the lifetime, meaning that you will be getting a 30% commission each time your referred user subscribes to a plan.

Average Commission rate: 30% (recurring)

Why Choose the KWFinder Affiliate Program?

  • It is one of the Highest Paid Referral Programs
  • You can easily view your performance via your affiliate dashboard
  • It has a very long cookie duration (30 days)
  • The commission is recurring i.e you will keep getting a 30% commission each time your referred user subscribes to a plan
  • The payout is very fast
  • You can request your own customized coupon code to give extra discounts to your referred users

Cons of the KWFinder Affiliate Program

  • Paypal is the only payment option

How to Sign up for the KWFinder Affiliate Program

Sign Up Here

3. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is a large community where freelancers offer their varied services starting from $5 and are part of the highest referral programs that pay.

However, Fiverr is more than a freelancer market. It has two affiliate programs. One is hosted by them while the other is hosted on the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate network.

The latter is far better because it is promising and does not look confusing like the first one.

Average Commission rate: ($15 to $150) depending on the service purchased by your referred customer.

This is the current commission rate structure:

  • Fiverr PRO Services $150
  • Whiteboard and explainer videos $50
  • WordPress $40
  • Business copywriting $30
  • Articles and blog posts $25
  • All other subcategories $15

Why Choose the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

  • You can easily withdraw your cash once you exceed the minimum threshold of $50
  • It has a 30-day cookie
  • You can earn big if your client purchases a premium service
  • It is operated by two reputable online brands Fiverr and Commission Junction (CJ)

Cons of the Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • It is based on CPA (Cost-Per-Action), meaning that you will only be paid per first-time buyer referred
  • It can be confusing for new users at times
  • The commission varies from each service to the other

How to Sign up for the Fiverr Affiliate Program


4. Flexoffers Affiliate Program

FlexOffers is another High Paying Referral Program. It currently has more than 12000 affiliate programs divided into dozens of broad and hundreds of sub-categories.

You can easily check the performance of your affiliate ads in your dashboard area.

Average Commission rate: 50% (Depends on the advertiser though)

Why Choose Flexoffers Affiliate Program?

  • The approval process is fast
  • Their commission is one of the highest in the industry (50%)
  • It houses thousands of high-quality advertisers on a single platform
  • There are dedicated relationship managers for affiliates

Cons of Flexoffers Affiliate Program

  • PayPal is the only payment option for international affiliates

How to Sign up for Flexoffers Affiliate Program


5. Jvzoo Affiliate Program

JVZOO affiliate program is a credible online platform founded in 2011. It has products from over 200 niches ranging from eCommerce, Software, Finance, Self-Improvement, Health and Fitness, and the likes.

Average Commission rate: 50%

Why Choose the Jvzoo Affiliate Program?

  • It is one of the highest-paying affiliate networks
  • It is packed with lots of products from a wide variety of niches
  • It features powerful tools that can help both vendors and affiliates maximize their earning potential
  • Your affiliate campaign statistics are readily available on your dashboard
  • The dashboard and interface are pretty neat and user-friendly

Cons of the Jvzoo Affiliate Program

  • It does not support Payoneer for payout
  • Not all the products listed on the site are authentic
  • Both vendors and affiliates might be required to pay certain fees when a sale is made
  • You need to seek permission from vendors before promoting their products

How to Sign up for the Jvzoo Affiliate Program

Sign up here

6. Revenuehitz Affiliate Program

RevenueHits is a CPA (Cost-Per-Action) based ad network that allows publishers to earn a commission when the referred user has completed a certain action.

RevenueHits offers three payment methods, which are PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer with their varied minimum threshold.

Average Commission rate: 5-10%

Why Choose the Revenuehitz Affiliate Program?

  • It is easy to Join and operate
  • They deliver excellent customer service with Personal Account Managers
  • They offer good eCPM rates for Tier 1 Countries
  • There are lots of ad options you can choose from
  • You can easily withdraw your money after reaching the threshold of $50

Cons of Revenuehitz Affiliate Program

  • It doesn’t support video ads.
  • It doesn’t have a real-time monitor to analyze your ad performance
  • It offers Less eCPM for lower-tier countries
  • It is not ideal for people with Low Traffic

How to Sign up for the Revenuehitz Affiliate Program

SignUp here

7. Viglink Affiliate Program

VigLink does not have its own affiliate program; rather it brings thousands of merchants and relevant affiliates together.

What Vigilink does is help you find the best merchant with the highest conversion rate and commission.

Some of the big brands featured on the platform are Amazon, AliExpress, etc. Also, part of the Referral Programs That Pay Daily when they click on your blog

Average Commission rate: Depends on the merchant

Why Choose the Viglink Affiliate Program?

  • It allows you to choose from thousands of merchants
  • It saves your time and effort as it provides you with the best merchants with the highest profit and conversion rate
  • The friendly user interface allows you to find the right merchants and products for your niche without any stress

Cons of the Viglink Affiliate Program

  • You might be charged a significant portion of your affiliate income
  • Check and Paypal is the only payment method
  • Despite the fact that your account is already approved, you still need the approval of individual merchants
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis

How to Sign up for the Viglink Affiliate Program

Signup here

Can VigLink work in Nigeria?

Of course, it does!!! But the payment gateway might be an issue but there are ways you can sort things out.

8. Infolinks Affiliate Program

Infolinks is a unique Online Advertising Platform that offers contextual ads for bloggers and website owners to place on their websites and earn money. Some of the ad units include in-text, in-frame, in-screen, etc.

Average Commission rate: NIL

Why Choose Infolinks Affiliate Program?

  • You can use it alongside Adsense on your website
  • There is no minimum visitor requirement for your account to be approved
  • There is a wide range of customizable ad formats
  • It is one of the Referral Programs That Pay Daily
  • The approval process is very fast
  • The website is easy to use, even for a newbie or beginner
  • Their customer support is super-active
  • The Payout Threshold is Low
  • They offer 5 payment methods, which are: Bank Wire Transfers, PayPal, eCheck, Western Union, ACH, and Payoneer.

Cons of Infolinks Affiliate Program

  • One of its Ad types -Inframe Ads may be overlapping and obstructive at times
  • It offers low CPM to low-tier countries

How to Sign up for the Infolinks Affiliate Program

Signup here

9. Yllix Affiliate Program

Yllix, founded in opened in 2012, is one of the fastest-growing advertising networks.

It offers a combination of CPM, CPC, and CPA for publishers to monetize their individual websites. Some of the available ad types include- Banner Ads, Safe HTTPS Banner Ads, Slider Ads, Mobile Redirects, Layer Ads, Pop-up Ads, etc.

Yllix is ideal for any website owner looking for the best ways to monetize his/her website. It is also an excellent alternative to Google Adsense.

Average Commission rate: NIL

Why Choose the Yllix Affiliate Program?

  • It accepts registration from every part of the world
  • The registration process is very simple and straight-forward
  • There are no minimum traffic requirements to join
  • It accepts adult and gambling sites.
  • Fast payment process– It is one of the Referral Programs That pays Daily
  • They offer 5 payment methods, which are: PayPal, Payza, ZCash, Payoneer, and International bank transfer.

Cons of Yllix Affiliate Program

  • The report statistics can be inaccurate at times
  • They have a low engagement rate.

How to Sign up for the Yllix Affiliate Program

Signup here

10. Commission Junction Affiliate Program

The list of High Paying Referral Programs will be incomplete without featuring this great affiliate platform.

Commission Junction (CJ) is a top affiliate company that was founded in 1998.

It has merchants across the board covering thousands of niche markets. The approval process is quite easy, although the website requires pre-approval before you can participate in some of the affiliate programs on its website.

Average Commission rate: 3% to 30%

Why Choose Commission Junction Affiliate Program?

  • It is one of the oldest and most reliable affiliate networks
  • There is a wide range of digital and physical products to promote depending on your audience’s needs
  • Their approval process is very fast
  • It helps affiliates find the right advertisers

Cons of Commission Junction Affiliate Program

  • Its search engine is confusing and not user-friendly
  • You must get an approval from the advertiser before you can start promoting an offer
  • There are delayed approvals and a high rejection rate since advertisers are overwhelmed with applications from affiliates
  • It does not support Paypal yet

How to Sign up for the Commission Junction Affiliate Program

SignUp here

11. Amazon Affiliate Programme

Amazon is an online E-commerce that offers worldwide services; they sell almost anything you can imagine.

Amazon affiliate program pays 6% commission on gift cards, 5% commission on music and movies, 8.5% commission on health, beauty, fashions, kitchen utensils, toys, sports, home items, and 4% on electronics, 10% on gaming, and so on.

12. Bluehost Affiliate Programme

Bluehost is a top-rated web hosting company; recommended by WordPress and is reliable to most people. They offer an affiliate package in which you can build your monthly income. They pay as much as $65 per referral you make.

13. Hostgator Affiliate Programme

Hostgator is a well-known trademark in the web hosting business, known for speed and unlimited packages. Their affiliate program is such everyone will like to take advantage.

14. Envato Affiliate Programme

Envato Affiliate is an amazing one that should be taken advantage of – especially by tech bloggers.

Their product includes web scripts of all types, WordPress themes and plugins, Magento themes, designs, and so on.

It is Envato that manages; Themeforest, Codecanyon, Photodune, 3docean, Videohive, audiojungle, and graphicsriver.

If you sign up for the Envato affiliate program, you will have all products Envato manages under one umbrella.

Their affiliate program gives a commission of 30% of the first deposit every user you refer makes.

Imagine you refer just 500 new users a year – who deposited only $50 to buy items. You will get $15 from each user, making it a total of $7500 a year, fantastic right?

I once came across an Indian man in an online forum who said he made $27,300 from the Envato program in just a year.

Take advantage of the Envato affiliate if any of their product fits in your blogging niche.

15. Konga Affiliate Programme

Konga is Nigeria’s number one online retail store with a wide variety of products.

Their products include; Household items, Consumables, Electronics, Wears, and so on.

Depending on the product you are promoting, Konga pays commissions ranging from 3% to 9%.

16. Jumia Affiliate Programme

Just like Konga, Jumia also is an online retail store with lots of products, flexible enough for bloggers to take advantage of.

17. Travelstart 

Travelstart is involved in flight booking, hotel finding, and renting cars. One great thing about Travelstar is that its system also provides affiliate marketers with API.

With their API, all booking and transactions made it possible on your website or app, without having the users navigate to the original affiliate site.

18. WhoGoHost Affiliate Programme

Whogohost is among the leading web hosting companies in Nigeria. They are excellent at what they do best.

Once you create an account with them while buying a domain or server, then you have automatically signed up for their affiliate program.

19. QServers Affiliate Programme

The QServer affiliate system is my favourite, very similar to that of WhoGoHost; they are also among the leading web hosting company in Nigeria with fantastic service and a high reputation too.

20. Wakanow Affiliate Programme

Wakanow renders travelling services like; Visa Processing, Airline Booking, Hotel reservations, and so on. Wakanow has also had an affiliate program without any restrictions.

21. Bet9ja Affiliate Programme

Bet9ja affiliate program is such an amazing one; they pay 20% monthly profit from all your referral’s net losses.

Because of the nature of Bet9ja business, so many people don’t like to get involved even though they pay very well.

Promoting gambling is against the AdSense policy. Since most bloggers monetize with Google AdSense, it will be a risk on their end, so be warned.



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