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How to Unban a Banned WhatsApp Number

In this article, we explained how to unban a banned WhatsApp number on both WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp Business.

The WhatsApp ban is becoming so common in recent times, whenever this happens it can be so demoralizing, especially for those who use WhatsApp for business purposes.

WhatsApp has grown to become one of the most used mobile applications in the world.

As of today WhatsApp messenger has over 5 billion downloads in the Google Playstore alone.

While the WhatsApp business version has gotten over 500 million downloads to the same google Playstore.

Now, these downloads don’t include iPhone users, and as well those who downloaded WhatsApp via other app stores, and APK files.

If all the figures are put together, the total number of WhatsApp users will be something you will definitely raise your thumb for.

Since the introduction of WhatsApp, it has become a part of life for many, and they can hardly do without it.

Sometimes ago, WhatsApp was down for some hours, no WhatsApp was able to send or receive WhatsApp messages. This actually was a big agony for many WhatsApp users, as they count their losses, and some users went as far as threatening legal actions against WhatsApp.

That is “by the way” I was only trying to show you how important WhatsApp has become to the world.

With WhatsApp users can keep easy conversations with family and friends, perform business activities, create groups, share pictures, and so on.

In addition, WhatsApp also allows users to make both voice and video call without challenges, all that is required is just having internet data and a strong network.

What then happens when your number gets banned on WhatsApp, this means all your conversations can’t be recovered.

Banned WhatsApp Number


If you have backed up all your WhatsApp conversations, and your number gets banned on WhatsApp, it is not recoverable.

For you to restore your WhatsApp conversations you need the same number that was banned from doing WhatsApp, and that is the biggest challenge.

When my WhatsApp got banned it was a big shock to me, and I saw my business crashing in my face.

I had so many receipts and documents I need to attend to as soon as possible, but I couldn’t get access to them, and I had to look for the fastest way to recover and unban my WhatsApp number.

Here I will show you how I got my WhatsApp account unbanned in less than 2hours.

How to Unban your Number on WhatsApp Messenger

The mode of unbanning WhatsApp messenger is quite different from that of WhatsApp Business.

Follow the steps below to unban your banned WhatsApp number.

  1. Get your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device that is connectable to the internet.
  2. Open any web browser you have, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Operamini, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  3. Visit this link and you will arrive at a page similar to the image shown below. 1
  4. Fill in the details, making sure you enter the correct banned WhatsApp number, and your email address.
  5. Select the device operating system you use your WhatApp on before the ban occurred.
  6. Also, explained what happened to your WhatsApp in the message box.
  7. Click on Next Step.
  8. A new page will open with some frequently asked questions, ignore it and click on the Send message button.
  9. Wait for a couple of hours, you will receive an email from WhatsApp that your WhatsApp has been unbanned, and the reason behind the banned.
  10. If you don’t receive the email, after 48hrs, check if you can still access your WhatsApp. If still banned, repeat the same process again.

How to Unban a Banned WhatsApp Business Number

For WhatsApp business simply send an email to [email protected]. In the email explain the purpose (how the ban happened), at the end of the email make sure to include the banned WhatsApp number (in international format), and your email address.

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  1. Hello whatsapp team,
    Yes, I believe that my account has been banned by mistakely I didn’t
    partake in any activities that violent WhatsApp privacy policies or
    terms of service.
    I request you to respond and restore my whatsapp account as soon as
    In any case, if my account is being banned i need to know why the same
    has been done.
    Please tell me why my account banned
    Now I am not using any third party apps so please release my
    WhatsApp number

  2. Hello WhatsApp support team my name is Prajwal Gowda, recently I have purchase a new sim with mobile number 8867502965 now i try to open WhatsApp account but its not opening due to mobile number ban how its possible with new sim and number please look in to matter and unban this number from WhatsApp


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