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9 Types of Bad Backlinks You Must Try to Avoid

Is your blog not ranking, even after creating several backlinks?

There are some types of backlinks that are unhealthy, which you must try to avoid, they are the reason why you are not ranking. They are all explained in this post.

Backlinks on the internet are links on websites that are pointing to your site or web pages.

That is to say that, when such a link is clicked on, it will take the person to your website. And this is one of the search engine ranking factors.

Since backlinks are metrics search engine use to rank websites, some SEO expert now uses several unhealthy backlinks just to gain more reputation on the search engine.

Just know that backlinks can be vulnerable at times, and you may get penalized when you violate the backlinks guidelines and principles.

Types of Backlinks You Must Avoid

1. Link exchange

The use of this type of link was widespread back in the years. But now if you start exchanging links with other bloggers, you may get caught.

It’s OK to do it with a few sites, but when done with hundreds of sites, it can easily be detected by search engine bots.

You should not try to earn backlinks in such a manner, many had been caught doing this and as well been penalized in the process.

2. Widget backlinks

If you have a plugin, widget, or a badge, which you want people to be able to embed or install on their website. Then you must give them the privilege to choose to give it a link or not to.

If you are caught doing this, you will be violating the backlink guidelines of most search engines. Some highly reputable websites had already been penalized for this single act.

3. Backlinks on sponsored articles

No-follow backlinks are recommended for sponsored articles on sites; you will be violating the guidelines using do-follow backlinks on a sponsored post.

4. Paying for backlinks


Google’s PageRank can only be natural; if you are buying links for this purpose, it will be considered unhealthy.

You are expected to optimize your site via compelling content. If you have potent content on your blog, other blogs will like to reference it, by so – you will be building backlinks naturally.

5. Backlinks on plagiarized content

If you are a copy and paste blogger, substitute backlinks on your copied content just to improve a particular website rank. Be aware that search engine bots can easily detect it.

6. Article directories

Top article directory sites; such as Ezine Articles, Article Base, and so on, are not valued by Google search.

It is because all they do is to provide articles with a no-follow link at the end. Using such an article directory to gain backlinks will not be effective.

7. Hacking into sites

If you are a hacker – you may think of hacking into websites and dropping un-noticeable backlinks using JavaScript.

Just know that search engine bots see when you do this, and may end up blowing the whistle on you. It may be termed a criminal offense or invasion of privacy.

8. Sidebar and footer backlinks

Knowing that the sidebar and footer may appear on all pages of a particular website or blog, therefore is considered to less relevant to search engine. It is almost ineffective.

9. Backlinks from foreign language websites

If your website contents at written in English language but most of your backlinks are coming from the French or German language, this will look suspicious, and it can easily be detected by search engine bots as well.


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