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How to Enable or Disable Anonymous Comments on Blogger

There nothing is sweeter than getting comments on your blog.

When a blogger drops some great post, and he receives comments from his readers, it is always encouraging, and the blogger will feel appreciated, and even have the zeal to do better.

One major way to get comments is by allowing users to comment anonymously.

Anonymous comments here means that a user can decide not to input his/her name in the comment box and whatever he or she says is not credited to anyone.

For example, if there is an argument on a forum, a user can decide to comment anonymously so that his or her tribe, name, identity, or location cannot be tracked.

Enabling anonymous comments on the blogger platform can help you to get more comments, but sometimes it can lead to a lot of spammy comments.

While some users may not have a Google profile, an Open id, or a website, others can take advantage of this to spam your blog.

Some may drop comments that can ruin the reputation of your blog. Yes, we have seen such happened.

Though it is always advisable to enable comment moderation because this will help you to filter some comments you do not want to see appear on your blog.

Benefits of enabling anonymous comments

There are several reasons why you should allow anonymous commenting on your blog and they include;

1. You will get more comments

Enable or Disable Anonymous Comments on Blogger

If you are the type of blogger who likes to know people’s opinions about your content, then you should give everybody an opportunity to express themselves on your blog.

Enabling anonymous comments means giving an opportunity to more people to comment on your blog.

If you disable anonymous comments, some people will find it very difficult to drop comments on your blog.

2. It helps protects users’ identity

Not everyone would like people to see their name, image, and profile on the internet.

While some are afraid, some are just skeptical about this.

Anonymous comments sometimes help to protect a user’s identity from spam.

3. Enabling anonymous comments will help to keep the conversation going

When everybody can comment, the conversation lasts longer. This is important for forum and tutorial websites.

Anonymous comments can effectively ruin your blog if you do not moderate them, that is why you have to enable comment moderation on your blogger blog.

When comment moderation is enabled, any comment posted on your blog will be sent to your desired email. You can then screen and delete the ones you don’t want to appear on your blog.

The essence of this post is mainly for newbies who find it hard to enable anonymous comments on blogger blog or those who do not know what anonymous comment means.

The default blogger settings do not allow anonymous comments, so you have to do it yourself manually.

You do not need any coding knowledge to do this, all you have to do is to follow the simple guide below;

How to Enable / Disable Anonymous Comments on Blogger

  1. Login to your blogger account and select the desired blog you want to enable/disable Anonymous Comments on.
  2. Locate the Settings tab and select Posts and Comments.
  3. Now, you will see something like this; see the image below;

Anonymous Comments
Select the “Who can Comment” option and set it to “Anyone” or “Registered User” (if you want to enable anonymous comments on your blog) and click on Save.

Selecting registered users or users with Google account will only enable those who have a Google account or those who are registered on your blog to comment.

I hope this information was helpful.


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