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AliExpress Nigeria – How To Buy, Track And Ship Goods To Nigeria

This article is very comprehensive; it is an AliExpress buyers guide that explains how to buy from AliExpress in Nigeria, track AliExpress goods, and ship them to Nigeria.

AliExpress is not new to most online shoppers in Nigeria. Just like other well pronounced e-commerce in Nigeria like Jumia and Konga, AliExpress is not exceptional. In fact, it is among the most robust e-commerce in the whole world, based in China.

Am sure you may want to know what is so special about Ali Express Nigeria.

There are three essential things that every potential buyer need; they are Design, Quality, and Affordability.

  1. Design: One great thing about AliExpress is the lineup of countless vendors with several specifications of products. It created healthy competition among the vendors. They tend to display the best of unique designs of different products just to satisfy the taste of all potential customers.
  2. Quality: The quality of goods always depends on the specific product. But there is no doubt the most good you find on AliExpress is of high quality. To be on the safe side, I advise you always to read customers’ reviews on specific products. Know what those who already purchased the products are saying about it.
  3. Affordability: Cheap pricing is what attracts most people to AliExpress. Most of the products you find on AliExpress are directly from the manufacturers and producers. This means that there is a break in the production chain. Cheap products never mean that the product is inferior as a lot of Nigerians are thinks. The typical chain of production allows goods to move from the Producer >> Wholesalers >> Retailers >> Consumers. Now imagine when the products have bypassed the wholesalers and retailers and all hike in price by them. It’s now directly from the producer to the final consumers. This is the primary reason for the cheap pricing in AliExpress.

How To Shop On AliExpress From Nigeria

1. Choose your preferred shopping platforms

AliExpress provides its customers with two major platforms to access their online shop. You can either download the AliExpress app for free or install it on your device. The app is available in most app stores.

You can also choose to access AliExpress shop by visiting their website at http://aliexpress.com

After opening their application or navigating to their websites, the next thing you have to is to create an account with them for free. Creating an account is a standard protocol on most online stores in the world.

2. Search for the product you need

Sorting or searching for products is a very easy task on Ali Express. You make use of the product category links or search for products using keywords.

The product categories you will find on AliExpress are Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Cellphones & Accessories, Computers, Office, Security, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry & Watches, Home & Garden, Appliances, Bags & Shoes, Toys, Kids & Baby, Sports & Outdoors, Beauty & Health, Hair, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Home Improvement, and Tools.

Under each of these categories, you will find lots of subcategories.

3. Select your product choice

After you have discovered the product you need, make sure you read all the specifications to see if it is what you want.

On every product you select, there is a product tag below the page to choose varieties on that particular product.

4. Available product information

The available product information you will find on each of the products is explained below.

  • Price: The price tag on each selected product is the cost per unit of the product you selected.
  • Discounts and coupons: Discounts may not be available on all products, but when you are given a discount, it means that you will be paying the price below the original price of the product. The amount that displays on the discount bar is what will be paying for the product.
  • Shipping: Some products on AliExpress are on free shipping while on others you will have to pay for the shipping. On the shipping bar, you will see the price you will be charged for the product to be sent to Nigeria. If you need only free shipping products, it is best you filter products by ticking free shipping.
  • Color, Size, and quantity (product option): On this selection, you will choose the preferred color, size, and quantity you want to pay for. You can only select from the available color and size options.
  • Item description: This table shows the information about that product you want to purchase, such as the name, model, material, style, etc.
  • Buyer protection: This shows the conditions that are protecting the buyer of the product.
  • Store info: Here you will get the information about the AliExpress vendor you are buying the selected item from. You can also contact the seller directly from the link or visit the vendor store.
  • Add to Cart or Buy Now: After you have viewed all the necessary information and details. You can then add the product to your shopping cart or Buy it immediately.

5. The credibility of the vendor

Knowing fully well that shops that sell on AliExpress are independent vendors. It will be advisable to do a background check on the vendor you want to buy from – before paying for the goods.

The two major things you have to consider to evaluate the seller are rating and review.

  • Seller’s rating: The rating comes on a 1 to 5-star scale. The higher the star, the higher the seller’s rank. Always buy from vendors with higher stars.
  • Customers review: For every product a customer purchases, they are allowed to drop a review about that product. It is always advisable to view this feedback before buying the product. If the feedback comments are positive, then that means both the product and the seller are great.

6. AliExpress shipping method

Products with free shipping tags always take more time to arrive at their destination. Mostly within 14 days to 21 days, not applicable all the time.
AliExpress free shipping always delivers to the nearest post office where you will have to go and claim the goods sent to you.

7. Check out the product

Click on “BUY NOW” or The ‘Shopping Cart’ Icon to view and pay for all that you ordered. Before this, verify your shipping address, your product details, prices, and seller information. After that, click on “Place Order.”

Next, you will have to choose how you wish to pay from (or other payment methods if available). Complete all the required information and click on “PAY MY ORDER.”

The payment you made will be held by Escrow securely and will be released to the supplier after you confirm receipt of your order.

8. AliExpress Tracking and Delivery

You will be given a tracking number to be able to track the destination of your order. Simply click on Tracking to track your order after the seller has sent your order.

Make sure your email is active because the update of the destination of your order will be sent via email even if you do not make use of the tracking number this email will be sent automatically. Although you can also login to your AliExpress account to the current destination and other information about your order.

9. Received AliExpress order

As explained above, depending on your shipping option, your order will either be delivered to your doorstep or the closest post office of your location.

After you must have received your order and inspected them, if you are satisfied with them, click “Confirm Order Receive” else click Open Dispute.

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