5 Dumb Internet Marketing Strategy Mistakes People Make

Internet marketing mistakes

You must have heard business owners complaining of their internet marketing strategy failure or not working.

When you sit them down to ask them what internet marketing strategies are, they all tell a similar story.

It’s straightforward to realize that when internet marketing is involved, people are prone to making foolish mistakes. Below are the five common mistakes people make in promoting their websites.

The very first internet marketing strategy mistake online marketers make is to place a hundred percent trust in their internet marketing consultant entirely.

Sure, in a healthy business relationship, you have to trust. But you don’t have to trust them to the extent of forgetting what they said they were going to do.

If after they sign the contract, your internet marketing consultant starts relaxing, it may be the right time to find a new internet marketing strategy.

Another serious mistake people make is the mindset that internet marketing SEO will solve all of their advertising needs or problems.

For sure, internet marketing is essential, but forgetting about other traditional means of advertising your products and services is going to keep some people from learning about your business.

If you sell spae computer parts, you can stick to internet marketing, but if you sell household clothes, pizzas, you should as well make use of other forms or mediums of advertising.

The third mistake of an internet marketing strategy is that people don’t keep proper records.

When you are starting any advertising campaign, you should have a baseline – knowing the number of customers you are already bargaining in the amount of profit made, and so on If you are not familiar with these figures before you start your campaign, how will you be able to tell if your internet marketing strategy is actually working?

One ridiculous mistake is putting your internet marketing campaign in place before your website starts functioning.

Sure, the right internet marketing strategies will attract people to your site, but what will they see when they visit?

A site under construction will never bookmark it, and it will never return. Make sure you have a high-quality website that best explains your products and services before starting your internet marketing campaign.

The fifth mistake is the lack of internet marketing strategy. Even if you are a start-up company, you still need one.

If you are not on the internet, you are losing a lot of customers. If you can’t explain what your internet marketing strategy is, you will also stand a chance of being scammed.

You should be able to describe what is going on with your business and what your advertising targets are.

If you are starting up your business, you’re probably excited about the whole process of attracting people to your site and buying your products or services.

Internet marketing strategy is so complex, and people make plenty of mistakes.

The key to any good campaign is first to understand how to get the best for what you are paying.

The pitfalls of the internet marketing strategy in business blogging

Whether you are aware or not, your customers, business associates, competitors, potential clients, and employees are already engaged in business blogging.

They are earnestly conversing about your products and services, news, and developments in your niche.

They discuss when you release a new product to their viewers, Sorry to say if they haven’t spread it already, they will gossip about the customer service blunder and hope you will make amends.

Words travel very fast in the blogosphere. Blogging notices you and references both favorable or unfavorable industry conversations. Business blogging has its benefits as well as its pitfalls.

A well-structured blog can help build your company’s credibility and reputation in your business niche. It is cost-effective and a simple way to communicate with your targeted audience.

It also provides business feedbacks through the comments session. A well-structured blog also can boost search engine rankings that will raise your chances of potential customers clicking on your site and ultimately generate massive sales.

Most importantly, you should take note of the pitfalls of internet marketing strategy in business blogging.

If you have been able to figure out how can work to attract your targeted market, then, you have to start considering the technical pitfalls of creating a blog that befalls you especially newbies in the field of blogging.

Before you venture into blogging, you must read from different blogs to familiarise yourself with specific things in your niche.

Learning from other blogs can help you generate fresh ideas for blogging topics. Not partaking in any form of research will make your writing weak.

You will lack the appropriate questions your audience wants you to answer and what they will like to read from your blog.

Besides, you might not have a clear-cut goal. What is the purpose of your blog? What issues is your blog meant to resolve or gap to fill? If you haven’t decided on all these, it’s obvious you are heading for failure.

You will find it challenging to have good topics to write about your business objectives. Writing with a lack of purpose is as good as not writing at all because it will get you nowhere. It will just bore readers away.

You have to learn how to use your blogging software the right way, in most cases, people produce a non-professional-looking blog.

Blogging software designers go through great pains to make sure your blog looks good, with lots of features like – rich text and HTML code that generates follow web standards.

It is to your business advantage if you correctly understand how the vast and sophisticated blogging software features work.

These features will increase your blog’s chance to be found on the internet easily. Keep in mind that first impressions matter a lot to your readers.

Not optimizing categories, keywords, and subscriptions will make it difficult for your readers to find your blog.

The key to internet marketing strategy for any successful blog is your daily visitors. Search engines, especially the major ones, are a great source of readers.

If you write a blog post that you want people to read, have it in mind that readers will find your blog using keywords entry. Keywords are essential and a top requirement to rank top in search engines. It is equivalent to traffic and traffic is the number of persons reading from your blog.

Categorizing your blog makes it user-friendly and makes your content easy to rank in search engines. Subscribing to the RSS feed makes your readers receive an email alert when you write something fresh on your blog automatically.

If you don’t post on your blog regularly or you are not researching something as fresh as new on your blog, readers will gradually lose interest in your blog as there is nothing new to make them come back. You have to make a regular posting of fresh and creative posts your priority.

The more post you publish, the more reasons your readers will come to read more from your blog.

Now you have sorted out the dumb internet marketing strategy mistakes of the blogging business. It’s not time to relax yet, because there are even more pitfalls with more severe repercussions to consider.

For one, a business that allows misrepresentations – misleading or faulty information can create a public disaster on your blog.

Some business companies require developing one-to-one links with their customers; You can set up a character blog.

A character blog is conceptualized by marketing people who will promote a product or service using a fictitious character.

The nature of character blogs is hazardous as some ardent bloggers see it as an insult to the blogging community at large.

A good example is the Vichy case and part of its marketing launch for a new anti-aging cream; According to Vichy’s advert, her team creates a blog that featured a bogus author named Claire who consistently whined about the travails of aging and used similar wordings as the Vichy print ad.

It created a flurry of adverse reactions all over the blogosphere condemning Vichy for relating off a phony on their turf. Blogging is about passing valid information to real people.

Paying a deaf ear to what the blogging community is saying can be disastrous to a company. Kryptonite, a lock maker company refuse to respond quickly to blog comments, and this along cost them millions of dollars.

Engadget, a highly respected trafficked blog, published a video showing how a Bic ball pen can open a kryptonite lock easily.

Kryptonite took too much time before issuing a statement, and this didn’t go well in the minds of thousands who bout their lock-in good faith.

Bloggers wrote all sorts of articles that lambasted kryptonite and attracted heavy traffic to the Engadget blog site.

Kryptonite later succumbed and gave a replacement of the locks at a staggering cost of about $10 million. You must listen; monitor what people are saying in the blogosphere about your business.

Your blog is an excellent tool for dynamic conversation. You can easily track your image in the blogging society.

Reputations risks can surface at any time if your company pays little or no attention to misleading opinions in the blogosphere.

Business blogging that lacks a proper internet marketing strategy can easily expose your company to legal problems that will severely damage the reputation of your business.

Irresponsible blogging can subject your company to slander, libel, among other harassment lawsuits. Wrong comments may offend your customers.

Disclosure of confidential corporate information and trade secrets will place a company in serious jeopardy.

There are several instances of indiscreet blogging that lead to employee terminations. Ellen Simonetti, A-delta Air Lines employee, was fired for posting inappropriate images of herself wearing a uniform on her blog.

A system administrator at the Manitoba Health Sciences Centre was fired for posting on his blog, “Sitting around and doing nothing for complete three hours while being paid – priceless.”

I think it’s the right time for companies to draw up corporate blogging policies that will clearly state acceptable and unacceptable blogging policies.

Companies should properly educate their employees about the blogging business and the legal risk involved in blogging.

In conclusion, avoid blogging for the sake of owning a blog or being called a blogger. You must realize that your blog reflects your company’s desired image.

Carefully note the implications of the articles you post. Beware of the potential consequences and bear in mind that with blogging, anything that appears online is instantly available to a massive audience globally.

I hope you had an excellent time reading the dumb internet marketing strategy mistakes people make? Please, let’s continue this discussion in the comment session below by letting us know what you think about this article.


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